Netflix Messiah Series Was Cancelled For Telling Too Much Truth (Episode 1 part 2 full breakdown)

Updated: Jan 29

Netflix Messiah Series Was Cancelled For Telling Too Much Truth (Episode 1 part 2 full breakdown)

note: each lesson will build of previous lessons please watch this series from the beginning

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Recap Score Card - All the ways Netflix Messiah Told the Truth so far

  1. Christ does not come back in the clouds, nor does humanity go up to meet Yeshua in the clouds

  2. cia and world world governments are gang stalking and tracking Christ every move from the start (using family members who sold out to the cia and cia agent Jamie Abdullah aka Latonya planted Surveillance equipment in my home and cars - I also have dhs agents posing as neighbors with surveillance equipment in on and around their homes and I also think the city I live in have dug up the streets to rewire surveillance equipment into the wiring of my home - the cia and usa government also uses satellites and or high altitude balloons to spy on its citizens and to deploy sonic weapons

  3. Christ is not so called white man, Christ was and still is a Negro man born in the usa

  4. cia gang stalking Messiah show cia agent name is Eva - cia gang stalking agent in real life Gematria database name is Eve she is the reincarnation of Eve from Adam and Eve, I was Adam

  5. so called Messiah in the show is called the devil for trying to help humanity in my real life slanders and blaspheme agents are calling me the devil and satan (there is a much harsher penalty for this according to the numbers) and all type of other names as they are being exposed by the truth of GOD via Gematria

  6. so called Messiah in the show not all believes he is the real Messiah same is in real life even though the Gematria numbers clearly say this and all world governments know and so called elites know I am here and who I am

Netflix Cia Agent Eva Geller

Vacation Offer (GOD encoding Christ second coming)

showing the numbers 810 and 135

Results by Jewish Gematria

God Seventh

Time Is Running Out


Thank You Father

Chief Shepherd David

Corrupt Congressman

Results by English and Simple Gematria

Entering Heaven

Banned From Heaven

Picture Heaven

Hes Finally Here

My Holy Lord

Lord God Himself

Lord Of Christ

People In Heaven

Jacob Rothschild

I Am The Phoenix

Defund The Police

Message From God

God Was Born A Man (GOD YHWH and my energies are merging THIS DOES NOT MEAN I AM GOD YHWH)

Appointed Time

Yahuah Yahusha

You Found God

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Cia Has Been Tracking The Messiah For Years

Results by Jewish Gematria

Sitting Bull Seen By Her Nation (this ties in with this entry from part 1 breakdown)

The House Had A Pink

Countertop In Kitchen And

Pink Tiles In Basement (this entry is from part 1 under a completely different search entry, this is the crime scene description where murder sacrifice happened)

(I was Sitting Bull in a past life and Cheyenne Amber brave aka Shelayne Amber Greaves is from that lifetime and back in this lifetime)(she is the person the cia, jamie abdullah, james shepherd aka steven james dishon, audrey rebecca bashaw, joseph abdullah crucified on a cross because of her connection to me in this lifetime and connection to me in past lifetimes)

New Morning Star

Witness Miracles

Yahveh Is Not God

Cheyenne Brave Karma Of

Results by English and Simple Gematria

Raymond Wisconsin Dec Sag

God Birth Code

Morning Star The Begotten

Son Of God

Alex Jones Eats The

Genitals Of Children

I Asked And Received Help

From Heavens Angels

Ascended Up Before God

Out Of The Angels Hand

Austin Is The Second

Coming Of Christ (fake not true)

Lil Wayne Is Involved In

Child Sacrifice

Natalie Portman Is An

Extreme Sadist

Steven James Dishon The

House Of David (fake not true)

Alien Pleiadians Are

Harvesting Souls (Lying Kent Dunn)

The Second Death Hath No

Power Over Him

Cia License Plate Virginia 12q1256

Results by Jewish Gematria

God Was Born A Man (GOD YHWH is merging his energy with Mark Alan King)

Jails For Congressmen

Dailymotion A Goner Sept Ten (we are heavily censored to say the least)

Elijah Taken On Chariot

Of Fire

All Meddlers Are Wicked

Now Departing

The Unbalanced Negative

Results by English and Simple Gematria

Oppenheimer Rothschild

The Son Of God


Sagittarius All Is Seen

Edward Alexander Crowley

The Two Soul Mates Are

Jesus Christ Miracle Man

The Soul Of Mary Magdalene (Jamie Abdullah Aka Latonya Page)

Gemetria True Prophet

Wonderful Counselor

No More Reincarnations

Your Soul Contract

Super Natural Energy

Hello From The Other Side

Zeus Arrhenotheleus

Show Me The Truth I Need

Cherubim And A Flaming Sword

Jesus Christ Fallen Angel (fake Jesus)

Only A God Can Recognize A God

Son Of The Unknown God

Sagittarius Sixteen

(spoke truth here) Im Here To Tell You To Throw Away Your Assumptions About God Stop Clinging To What You Think You Know In This Hour Mankind Is A Rudderless Boat cling to me (cling to GOD YHWH)

Results by Jewish Gematria

I Believe In An Omnipotentomniscient Omnipresent God Who Is In Control Of Everything All The Time There Is No Such Thing As Coincidence In My Frame Of Reference Why

Would A God Who Is In Control Of Everthing

Christianity Is Ridiculous For Believing That God Would Die So You Could Get Away With Folly

And Sin And That He Loves Everyone He Hates More Than One Thinks

What Is Let Nothing Be Done To Draw Attention To Ourselves For Vain Glory But Rather desire Chosen One To Draw All Souls To Our Lord And Saviour Jesus

Orion Heritage Say Those God Hating Science Loving Atheistic Soothing Sinful Liberals All Souls That Have Sold Out To The Serpent Shall Get Fully Deleted From Existence Man Shall L