Netflix Messiah Series Was Cancelled For Telling Too Much Truth (Episode 1 part 3 full breakdown)

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Netflix Messiah Series Was Cancelled For Telling Too Much Truth (Episode 1 part 3 full breakdown)

(Episode 2 part 1 full breakdown cia and netflix tell more truth - coming soon GOD willing)

As you can see fans were upset show was cancelled .......


disclosure could happen any day now - endure and stay prayed up YASHARAHLA

note: each lesson will build on previous lessons please watch this series from the beginning

link to playlist is here -

Recap Score Card - All the ways Netflix Messiah Told the Truth so far

  1. Christ does not come back in the clouds

  2. cia and world world governments are gang stalking and tracking Christ every move from the start (using family members who sold out to the cia and cia agent Jamie Abdullah aka Latonya planted Surveillance equipment in my home and cars - I also have dhs agents posing as neighbors with surveillance equipment in on and around their homes and I also think the city I live in have dug up the streets to rewire surveillance equipment into the wiring of my home - the cia and usa government also uses satellites and or high altitude balloons to spy on its citizens and to deploy sonic weapons

  3. Christ is not so called white man, Christ was and still is a Negro man born in the usa

  4. cia gang stalking Messiah show cia agent name is Eva - cia gang stalking agent in real life Gematria database name is Eve she is the reincarnation of Eve from Adam and Eve, I was Adam

  5. so called Messiah in the show is called the devil for trying to help humanity in my real life slanders and blaspheme agents are calling me the devil and satan (there is a much harsher penalty for this according to the numbers) and all type of other names as they are being exposed by the truth of GOD via Gematria

  6. so called Messiah in the show not all believes he is the real Messiah same is in real life even though the Gematria numbers clearly say this and all world governments know and so called elites know I am here and who I am

cia office with flag in pyramid and mirror symbolism everywhere

Pyramids Are Used to Manipulate (click for Gematria)

Pyramids Are Evil (click for Gematria)

Results by Jewish Gematria

Steven James Dishon Will

Suffer In The Worst

Imaginable Hell There Is (james shepherd aka steven james dishon)

Alison Mccarthy

Sacrificed Her Ex

Boyfriend And Then Ate

His Genitals And Shes

Going To Be Cattle For

Giants On Mars Forever (cia agent jamie abdullah aka latonya page)

They Think They Are Free

But Have Become Full

Slaves To Satans Will

Steven James Dishons Soul

Will Not Be Incarcerated

He Will Be Incinerated

I Need Everyones Help To

Save The World And I Mean

Every One

Theyre Covering Up My

Works With Their


All Those That Slept With

The Holy Bride May Thier

Nose Bleed Until Thier

Life Force Leaves Them

Every Single Soul That

Serves Satan Will Get

Deleted From Existence

The Kingdom Of Heaven

Will Be For Those That

Have Not Deceived Humanity

Crown Of Thorns Mark Alan

King December Fifth

Nineteen Seventy The Lion

Of The Tribe Of Judah

Break All Spells That The

Masons Have Put Onto The

People In The Now In The

Name Of The Holy Spirit

The Whole System Supports

The Jewish Nuke Myth

I Dont Want All Of These

Lies On The Internet

While The Truth Is Being

Suppressed Ariel X

What Say You About The

Satanic Rothschild

Deception Of Nuclear


Lawlessness In Those That

Hold Back Our Heavenly

Father John Christon Bickerstaff

Whosoever Believeth In

Him Should Not Perish But

Have Eternal Life M Q

Results by English and Simple Gematria

Your Enemies Want You To

Love Them So You Are No Threat

Pain Is The Breaking Of

The Shell That Encloses

Our Understanding

The Satanists Better Seek

Their Humanity Before Its

Too Late

People Will Say Anything

To Try To Justify Their Pride

Togetherness Is Being

Connected Through Love

And Understanding

Your Attacks Against Me

Show You Are Fearful And

Without God

The Lord Of Lords And

King Of Kings

Twothousandtwelve Has


Gematrix Slander Agents

Are Abominations That

Causes Desolation

Steven Dishon Is Using

Eva Lynn As His

Instrument Of Evil

Zeus Is More Powerful

Than Satan And All Of His

Minions Combined

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The Clash Of Civilizations Being Read In Diner

Results by Jewish Gematria

Gods Word Confirmed By


Youre Not Ever Going To

See Me Again

Dont Fear Karma But

Respect It Because It Exists

To All My Enemies I

Cannot Fathom Your Hatred

Results by English and Simple Gematria

God Is On Earth Quentin

Still Cant See It (Donald John Trump)

Nothing Can Stop What Is

Coming Nothing

He Holds The Sceptre Of

Judah In His Right Hand

The Ones That Have

Awakened To Defeat The


Shapeshifters Eyes Are

Out Of Alignment


Mirror Symbolism On Cia Directors Gold Necklace

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cia and the crime syndicate usa government have spent billions if not trillions gang stalking me and the elect

Results by Jewish Gematria

Zachary Arzmon Declares

That John The Baptist Was

The Antichrist

Zach Arzmon Proclaims

That Battling The

Antichrist Kings Is Like

Fighting With Little

Sadistic Children

Zach Arzmon Proclaims

That The Heart Produces

The Strongest


Frequencies In The Body

Shet Michael Arzmon Is

Poseidon The Fish God And

Why The Pope Wears The

Dagon Fish Hat

They Consider Their

Perceptions From A

Holographic Matrix

Controlled By A Liar

Above The Physical

The Saturn Matrix Hides

The Truth From Followers

And Provides False


The Men She Is Supporting

Are Murderers Of Children

And She Is Protecting

Them From Being Searched

In Exchange For Wealth

They Need Millions Funded

By Tens Of Billions Of

Dollars To Make War On Zach Arzmon

In His Power The Word Of

Divine Poetry Has Been Given

Steven James Dishon Had

Rose Up From The Abyss

One Thousand Years Ago In Palestine

I Have Zero Mercy For Any

Of You Intrusive


Shet Michael Arzmon

Alison Mccarthy Senatro

And Robert Fitzgerald

Diggs All Work Together

They Invade The Brain To

Have Their Thoughts In

The Targeted Individuals Brain

Zachary Arzmon Has Every

Right To Destroy His


A Call For An Uprising Is

An Astral Projecting

Fgagot That Spiritually

Drinks Peoples Seaman To

Bind Himself To Them

They Murdered My Uncle

Are Intoxicated On His

Blood And Are Now

Telepathically Attacking Me

The Mother Of Zeus Had

Told The Police That They

Would Need An Entire Army

To Take Him On

All The Psychic Meddlers

Are Going To Eternally

Die No Matter What And

Thats Now Final

The Sorcerers Bewitching

Humanity Are Lying And

Claiming They Are Bewitched

Results by English and Simple Gematria

When Are People Going To

Realize That Steven James

Dishon Is The Root Of

David And True Heir To

The Throne

Beware Of False Prophets

Which Come To You In

Sheeps Clothing But

Inwardly They Are

Ravening Wolves

God Is Wiping Me Clean He

Will Restore My Factory

Settings So There Will Be

Nothing For You To Access

Africa Has A Lot Of

Hidden Raw Material Worth

More Than All The Money

The Trick Is They Keep

Their People Poor

Why Are These Men Not

Being Held To Account For

The Pure Wickedness

Theyve Done In Their

Lives Why Not

You Have Now Entered The

Deepest Rabbit Hole Maybe

Just Hold Onto Love And

Dont Let The Drama Drag

You Down

Zachary Arzmon Proclaims

That Satan Has Created A

False Construct Of God

And Satan Or Good And

Evil In Saturn

Monsanto Is The

Manifestation And

Incarnation Of The

Antichrist Within The

Industrial Structure

Personal Insults Dont

Work On Me I Have No Ego

Whatsoever So Self Esteem

Is Totally Irrelevant

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cia and usa government are gang stalking innocent civilians who have committed no crimes

so called messiah fleeing war ravaged area to Israel

Invasion of Illegal Aliens Worsens - America (Hypocrisy)

so called Messiah is treated as violent terrorist

so called Messiah is interrogated by mossad fake jews who lives on stolen land from State of Palestine the irony

the fake jews have stole almost all of Palestine - we pray for justice, liberty and balance to be restored in all lands Almighty power YHWH

so called Messiah is put into isolation a common cia and mossad tactic

cia director Gina Cheri Walker Haspel

cia, nsa, dhs chad and hope Wolf, fbi trump, biden and usa government, rnc, dnc world governments