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Anti Semitism Is The Code Word For Jews To Hide Behind For Their Crimes Against Humanity

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

Anti Semitism Is The Code Word For Jews To Hide Behind For Their Crimes Against Humanity No Longer Shall We Allow Criminal Zionist Jews To Control The Narrative With Their Media Monopoly

Most Normal Good Americans Cannot Even Fathom The Level Of Deep Seated Hatred The Anti Christ Jews In America Have For Us And Our Christian Faith

Energy Attracts Like And This Planet Was Purposely Brought Down In Vibration To Attract The Mentally Disabled Khazarian And White Spread Across The Galaxy To Wipe Them Out

When They Are In One Place

Jews Are The U S Shadow Government The Whole Thing Has Been A Show And

G E N O C I D A L Lie Against Trusting Christians

Great Britain And British Israel Should Be Very Worried About The Current Awakening Of The American People We Are Coming For You

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Sarah Grant dealing with gang stalking tips in the video above - older Sarah Grant video is here with links to her youtube channel -

Eddie Bravo ask why no one can speak out on the jews?

Zionist Jews Always Try To Have A Proactive Not Reactive Approach To Targeted Individuals

Meaning They Will Seek Out Potential Threats Early Before The So Called Threats Become A

Larger Problem Later (thus the target is gang stalked by the jew goons squads)

God Is Real He Is In Each One Of Us That Give Him Life The Jews Know Where There Is Fear There Is No Power Of God Those That Lose Their Life For My Sake Shall Find It

The More Faith You Show In God The More Miracles God Shares With You Miracles From God Can Be Very Personal That Words Can Not Describe When You Try To Explain To Other

About Your God Miracles

Doj Is Working Directly With The Cabal At This Point Truth Spoken What Some People Do For Money Because Of Their Jewish Ball And Chain Debt

Anti Semitism And Hate More Broadly Is An Over Simplified Description Of The World In Which The Anti Semite Sees Not A Conflict Of Interests But The Damage An Evil Jewish

Power Causes Society (this post was removed by agents)

When You Deceive And Hurt My Children I Will Come For You And Send You Back To Satan

The Smugness Is Suddenly Running Away From The Faces Of Our Deceivers

All Races Of The World Need To Unite Against The Jewish Puppetmasters Causing Our Cultural Wars Amen The Jews Are The Anti Christ And Want Us To Think They Are A Race

Our Jewish Shadow Government Thought They Could Portray The False Pandemic As Being A White Male Patriarch Created Disaster But We See The Hands Of The Puppet Masters

Selling T Shirts With The Collapsing Twin Towers That Read We Live In A Jewish Created Dystopia

Everyone Knows On Some Level That Nuclear Bombs Are Jewish Fiction Some Just Ignore The Quiet Revelation And Go On Acquiring Status And Things

If They Dont Repent May God Damn The Pentagon 911 Liars And Their Families To Hell

All Blood Drinkers Supply Being Cut Off And Heavens Armies Also Removes Them From Where They Stand So We Dont Have To Burn The Bodies It Must Be A Six Ways To Sunday Type Thing

Judeo British Rothschilds Bankroll The Wars Then The Wars Continue To Make Money For Jewish Hollywood For Decades To Come We Are Expendable Christian Fodder For Their Anti Christ Mission

The Jewish Bankers Defense Contractors And U S Military Are Busted They Knew It Would Come And The Fake Pandemic Is Their Scapegoat For Their Own Demise

The Lying Anti American Jews And Freemasons Will Be Humbled Like Nothing They Have Ever Felt Before God Is Real And They Will Know It

The Anti Christ Jews Are Trying To Put The White Male Patriarch Face On All Of Their Crimes

Against The People Of The United States

The Collective Anti Christ Of Jews And Freemasons Is Whats Wrong With America

America Will Have A Genuine U S President Again And The Words From That Candidates Mouth Will Be Jews And Freemasons Are Anti American And Have Lied To The World About The Existence Of Nuclear Bombs

The Judeo British Rothschild Mafia Runs America They Create And Carry Out Demoralizing Mock Events That Stigmatize American Culture

The Satanic Monarchs Of England Wanted To See America The Experiment In Freedom To Worship God And Jesus Christ Without Interference From The Monarchy Fail

Hey Evil Jews And Globalists Please Explain The Dna Ancestry Data Tests You Are Building A

Database If Bio Weapons Do Not Lie Jews

Notice How The F B I Has A History Of Stigmatizing Christianity By Staging These Standoffs With Role Playing Christian Alpha Males And Their Guns The Jews Want To Demonize



Judeo British Mafia On American Soil Bears False Witness Everyday Against America With Mock Terror Events That Stigmatize American Culture

God Will Utterly Destroy Great Britain Its Banks And Its Illegitimate Child Israel With Shame

I Have Only Lived A Few Decades But Research Shows The Jews Deserve To Be Hung From Lamp Posts And Then Shot This Is Just What Data Shows No Hard Feelings

See How The Historic Lies Of The U S Military Are Tied In With The Judeo British Media Corporations Decades Of Lying And Needless Sacrifices Of Our Treasured Christian Boy (this post was removed by gematrix,org agents

Romans And Jews The Same Satanic Alliance The Tortrured And Murdered The Son Of God Continues Today They Are Scripting Our False Government Reality

The Real U S Government The People Are Now Realizing Theyve Been Robbed And Lied To By The Judeo British Military Industrial Complex Thats Pretending To Be Our Government

God Has Allowed The Anti Christ Jews To Expend All Of Their Evil Energy Over 2000 Years And Now They Will Be Tucked Into Their Forever Beds For Eternity

Freemasons And Agents Who Delete Real Entries On This Database From Divine Sources Will Be Erased

All The Witchcraft And Energy Weapon Attacks Used By Gang Stalkers Has Been Reversed On To Them

Myself And All Other Chosen Ones Of God Will Get Everything Paid Back To Us That Was Stolen From Us With Interest

Arresting Police For High Treason Then Executing Them

Regardless Of What You Believe Might Be The Reason For The Huge

Artificial Cloud Making Campaign One Thing Is Certain We Are Looking At

Multi Trillion Dollar Theft From Taxpayers

All Airline And Aviation Industries Are In On The Chabad Mafia Military Deceptions Against The American People

Anti American Jewish Bankers Have Been Doing The Fake M A S S Sh Oo Ting Thing For A Long Time But Increased Frequency Of These Events Now Defies Probability And Reveals To Us They Are Not Real

LIONS OF ISRAEL 12 07 1976 - MARK ALAN KING 12 07 1976 -

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