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Sarah Grant Advanced Gematria Decodes From 2016 She Was Heavily Gang Stalked And Now Has Disappeared

Updated: Jul 29, 2022

Sarah Grant Advanced Gematria Decodes From 2016 She Was Heavily Gang Stalked And Now Has Disappeared - PART 1

Sarah Grant JEWTUBE Channel is here -

Hey Demon Illuminati Cannibals I See U Trying To Ascend Without Repenting To Abba Yah

Good Luck With That Delusion Duh The Only Way Out Of The Prison Hell Planet Is Thru Faith

In The Lord

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Targeted individuals are Christ's in the flesh 19,744 views on Jan 31, 2017

Sarah Grant JEWTUBE Channel is here -

Canada No Guns Europe No Guns Australia No Guns Get What Mason Trump And

Democrat Kennedy Muslim Are Going To Make This Place Like The Rest Of

The World Masons Can Create Any Face They Want

America Is Being Lied To And R A P E D From Every Direction By The Judeo British Mafia Before They Flee Into Israel

Very Special People Have A Gold Or Silver Aura If You Have One Of These Rare Aura Colors You Are Highly Evolved Spiritually And May Have Recently Achieved Enlightenment

Reparations Will Be Made To The American People For The Horrific Psychological Abuse

Inflicted Upon Us From The Judeo British Anti Christ That Calls Itself Our Government

Satan Is An Old Coward And Michael Steps On His Neck And There Is No Place In Heaven For That Old Serpent Anymore

Americas Pathological Police State Stages Constant Scripted Violent Events Sold As News

Munchausen Syndrome Clowns On The Judeo British Rothschild Payroll


Spiritual Targeted Individual


Steven James Dishon (REAL NAME James Shepherd Jr.)(we grew up in the same neighborhood he knows who I am and tried to steal my identity)(if anything happened to Sarah Grant it can be tracked back to James Shepherd Jr.)

(this is a code crack incredible post in this listing)


Results by Jewish Gematria

Steven James Dishon

The Man That Holds The Key Of David

American Davidic Bloodline Taking Back Gods Kingdom On Earth

Steven J Dishons Adam (he was not Adam - Mark Alan King was Adam

Mighty Work Complete

He Is The Undeniable Proof Of Gematrias Accuracy

I Am Yeshua The Messiah King Of Kings And Lord Of Lords (If you have not figured it out by now Mark Alan King is King David reborn and was Yeshua Christ in the past)(king David and Yeshua are the same soul)

Davidic Bloodline Taking Back Of Gods Kingdom On The Earth

The Root Of David Has Been Hidden From The People

I A M Dealt A Deadly Blow To The Cabal

I Am That I Am Son Of Victory

Christ The Lamb Of God Is Gathering Together The Sons Of Light

The Son Adam David Revealed

Endure Demon Possessed Wife

Wrath Of God The Lord Of Hosts

I Am El Yahshua The Son Adam Ben David

Up Up And Away

Purify My Mind Heart And Soul

Applied Mathematics Of Jesus Christ

Blatant Reprobate Attacks To Defame And Defile His Gematria Database Name

Messiah Lives In United States F B I

Christ The Redeemer Becomes King David Manifest

Lamb A Victim Of Internet Character Defamation

Dragon Slayer Destroyer Of Demons

Angels In Human Form Until The Day Of The Lord (Sarah Grant is Angel in human form)

Murdered By Government (Sarah Grant may have been murdered by jews)

I Have Seen Enough To Choke Ten Horses

The Restrainer Is King David The I A M Alpha And Omega

Angelical Scepter Of Judah Belongs To Shiloh

Manifestation Of The Christ Keeper Of Keys And Kings

Im The Chosen Son Of Man And The Root Of David

The Little Boy That Santa Claus Forgot

He Is The Rightful Heir Of The Old Oak Island Gold Treasure

Sharon Allen Sees The Hidden Name Of Adam The Lord Yeshua

Who Is Ha Ben Adam David (Adam and King David are the same soul)

The Fathers Host Of The Spirit Of Elijah (Mark Alan King was also Elijah)

Adam King David Awakens

He Revealed Greta T E E Thunberg Deception C I A

The Gospel Of Yeshua Redeemer Lord Of Hosts

I Am From Macro To Micro Believe It Or Not

High Priests House Unmovable

Ancient Of Days Who Is God

A Crown Of Higher Understanding

Sarah Grant did a code crack that happened in the future - meaning she input this code in 2017 and the books and seals were cracked in late 2019 that is why all these listings are in the database now but were not in the database in 2017...... Mark Alan King with GOD YHWH cracked the matrix codes in late 2019 thus flooding the database and this world with truth

Results by English and Simple Gematria

Rays The Lord Calculate Birthdate

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta (Lady Gaga)

Spiritual Targeted Individual

Honest Channeling Of Almighty God

He Who Receives You Receives Me

Benevolent Light Hidden Knowledge

The Light Shines In The Darkness

The Reincarnation Of The Anointed (Adam, Elijah, King David, Yeshua)

Relentless Pursuit Of A Goal

Regal Hand And Bride Of The Triple Eight (888)

Ill Let You Know When Im Cut

You Feel Stronger Every Day

Almighty Gods Wedding Celebration

Christ Fights His Father For Gene

Contributions To Society

Always Trust Your Heart

Gods Deadliest Queen Of The Galaxy

Angel Gabriels Tremendous Burden

Who Is The Husband Of Indianemoon

Doors Shall Be Shut Upon Them

God Showed Me The Way Of The Light

Abominable Military Experiment

Meteor Of Satan On Mecca Shall Speak

You Want Me To Go Without

Jesus Christs Testimony

They Hear Him But Do Not Listen

Both Of My Sons Are So Messy (Trump was Esau and Mark was Jacob)

Almighty Gods Delicate Eternal Child

Jupiterians And Saturnalians

I Have No Agreement With The Satan

The Lord Is Most Protective

If anyone has any news about Sarah Grant disappearance please let know ... thank you Sarah Grant for your gematria decodes and your contributions to humanity

Results by Jewish Gematria

You Are Directly Connected To A Higher Power

Stay Away From Hospitals And Dentists

The Rightful Heir To The Throne Of David Is In The United States

Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

David Icke Is A Disgusting Psychic Xesual Predator

Steven James Dishon Is Of Primordial Ooze

Steven James Dishon Governs Legion

Now Now Now

Hey Girls Thats The Creep E Devil Set For Execution


Satan Edward My Oh My It

Does Seem Like The

Numbers Are Firing Back

At You What An Unexpected

Turn Of Events Sincerely Chloe Mccall

Results by Jewish Gematria

An Ill Mother With Two Children One Of Whom Was Also Ill

It Would Have Been

Terrible To Put Up With

Constant Interference

I Just Wanted To Let Him

Know That Im Tired Of Waiting

The Blond One Admitted To

Being A Human Trafficker

And Thus Admitted To

Being Not Redeemable And

Unforgivable Eternally Saith God Period

Satan Is An Old Coward

And Michael Steps On His

Neck And There Is No

Place In Heaven For That

Old Serpent Anymore

Freemasons Have Inverted

Themselves Within Gods Reality

Nosey Nosey Nosey Is My

Godly Tribute Song To

Yall Not Holy At All Lol

When Serpents Do Not Like

The Message They Attack

The Messenger Cia Losers

You Ruined Her Life Not Me

Want To Play A Game No

But I Won Anyway Lol

They Will Cry Forever

Once Zeus Forsakes Them V

Feds Onboard With Hyping

Coronavirus To

Destabilize U S Economy


Pre Planned Mock M A S S Sh Oo Tings Are Now At Critical M A S S For Revealing Themselves As Defying The Probability That They Are Random Occurrences

Because God Isnt The Author Of Confusion Hes The Author Of Truth And Love

LIONS OF ISRAEL 12 07 1976 - MARK ALAN KING 12 07 1976 -

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