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Sarah Grant Advanced Gematria Decodes From 2016 She Was Heavily Gang Stalked And Now Has Disappeared

Updated: Jul 29, 2022

Sarah Grant JEWTUBE Channel is here -

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Targeted individuals are Christ's in the flesh 19,744 views on Jan 31, 2017

Sarah Grant JEWTUBE Channel is here -


Spiritual Targeted Individual


Steven James Dishon (REAL NAME James Shepherd Jr.)(we grew up in the same neighborhood he knows who I am and tried to steal my identity)(if anything happened to Sarah Grant it can be tracked back to James Shepherd Jr.)

(this is a code crack incredible post in this listing)


Results by Jewish Gematria

Steven J Dishons Adam (he was not Adam - Mark Alan King was Adam

I Am Yeshua The Messiah King Of Kings And Lord Of Lords (If you have not figured it out by now Mark Alan King is King David reborn and was Yeshua Christ in the past)(king David and Yeshua are the same soul)

Angels In Human Form Until The Day Of The Lord (Sarah Grant is Angel in human form)

Murdered By Government (Sarah Grant may have been murdered by jews)

Who Is Ha Ben Adam David (Adam and King David are the same soul)

The Fathers Host Of The Spirit Of Elijah (Mark Alan King was also Elijah)

Sarah Grant did a code crack that happened in the future - meaning she input this code in 2017 and the books and seals were cracked in late 2019 that is why all these listings are in the database now but were not in the database in 2017...... Mark Alan King with GOD YHWH cracked the matrix codes in late 2019 thus flooding the database and this world with truth

Results by English and Simple Gematria

The Reincarnation Of The Anointed (Adam, Elijah, King David, Yeshua)

Both Of My Sons Are So Messy (Trump was Esau and Mark was Jacob)

If anyone has any news about Sarah Grant disappearance please let know ... thank you Sarah Grant for your gematria decodes and your contributions to humanity

Results by Jewish Gematria


Results by Jewish Gematria




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