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Why Did L A Fitness Sell Franchises In Phoenix Arizona Area Crooked Cops Put A Hit Out For Yeshua

(serpent crooked cops tried to set me up with a fake crime hit job at the gym ..... then gym was hit with massive hail storm moments after I left .... within one month all the LA Fitness in my were sold off ......)(guess they think eyes of GOD does not see everything these devils try to do)(Almighty GOD YHWH tipped me off months in advance that the devils were planning something and told me who all the agents were..)(there was a agent sitting on the planter bench outside the gym and crooked cop parked way off in the distance on the south side under a tree ..... right crooked cop and agent sitting on the planter .... I read the energy of the agent sitting on the planter and he had much fear and anxiety about the whole plot.....)(GOD almighty told me to quit my workout early and go outside .... caught a tall Mexican agent taking a picture of my car ..)



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