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Who Really Thinks They Run This World? P E D O Satanic Jews Is Who But Abba Yah Is The Real Boss !!

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

The Trump Presidency Is Just A Jewish Scripted Royal Rumble Sold To Suckers As Reality

Jews Are Responsible For Bringing Slavery To America Not Whites

N Y C Has Long Been The Center Of Jew Masonic Theft And Deception Against The Rest Of The Country It Began With The Publishing Houses Supporting The Atomic Bomb Myth As Reality

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Beware The Men That Quote The Book Of Revelation It Is A Fraudulent Talmudic 4th Century Hoax Claiming To Speak For Jesus

So Even If Theres The Remotest Possibility That Jews And Masons Made Up The Nuclear Explosion Myth They Certainly Wouldnt Make Up A Sadistic Fake Pandemic With Government And Corporate Propaganda ( agents removed this post)

The Pandemic Was Fake It Just Went Away From A Reported Extinction Level Biblical Plague To Crickets All Media And Its Personnel Are Dirty Even Your Favorite Chuckling D Js

Wow The Us Military And N O A A Seem To Have A Whole Lot Of Extra Time Pilots And Money On Their Hands To Be Making Our Skies Look Like A Science Fiction Movie Can You Say Taxpayer Theft

Keep Your Knowledge Of The Laws Of God Unto Yourself For They Are Personal Wrong Expose Evil Jews Evil Protocols Of Learned Elders Of Zion Remove The Jews

Look Back And See How The Jews Really Began Tightening The Noose Around Americas Neck After W W I I Vaccination Propaganda Atomic Indoctrination Removing The Bible From Public Schools

Its The Jewish Scripted White Patriarch End Of Days Starring Donald Trump Anthony Fauci Bill

Gates And Joe Biden As The Demented Clown

911 Was Jewish Theater Trump And Giuliani Are Criminal Thespians Its All Judeo Masonic B Grade Drama

Idiot Satanists Are Not Going To Stop The Truth And Awakening Of Humanity By Censorship All They Do Is Dig Themselves Into An Even Deeper Pit

Sarah Silverman says "I would kill Christ again"

This Is The Part Where Mark Alan King Jacob Fully Exposes Donald John Trump Esau As The Zionist Jew Chosen Antichrist

There Really Is No Cure For Stupid Freemason Agents R Expressing Their Anger Frustration In

Gematria Posts Wake Up Dummies I Will Be Held Accountable 4 Every Word Spoken Written Get Rid Of The Jew ( agents removed this post)

LIONS OF ISRAEL 12 07 1976 - MARK ALAN KING 12 07 1976 -

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