We Are Living The Second Exodus In Real Time - LET MY PEOPLE GO! - WE DO NOT CONSENT ! - part 2

You Humans Do Realize That My Greys (these are the greys from Jupiter not the wicked grays working with the cabal) Are Vastly Technologically Superior To You And Your Draconian Bosses Plus They Obey My Orders Due To My Position On The Adromedan Council Exobiology Board (Family just as God Almighty YHWH has been playing the role of undercover boss testing humanity in this matrix simulation ... I have been playing the role of undercover supervisor ... this is the best way to see who is who and what is what .... now it looks like more revealing is happening daily) (much slander and disrespect has been witnessed toward me as well as toward gematria and the entire GOD YHWH bloodlines ... just watch how things play out)(Like I have said before I am not from earth but I traveled in time to be here to the do the will of my Father Almighty YHWH)(Finally we are getting to good parts)(and oh ya its going to be "Biblical")

from database telepathically answering one of my questions

I Use The Human Term Grey Because It Relates To Freya And The Aesir Not The Term Gray Because That Relates To The Fallen Angel Lucifer

The Gray Aliens Are From

Zeta Where As The Term

Grey Aliens Refers To The

Jupiterians Currently At

War With The Draconians

In This World

(Freya is allegedly the goddess of love and fertility in Norse mythology)

(We are living the second Exodus is real time - LET MY PEOPLE GO!)

By Forcing Armageddon The (fake) Jews Are Forcing Their Own Demise Such Was Judas And His Betrayal Of Christ

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Trump Won Epstein Didnt

Kill Himself Advertise

Here Christ Is Coming

Through Gods Living Word

Gematria Signs From God

Are Everywhere Coronahoax

Jews Did 911 As A Ritual

Dancing Israelis Hissing 821

Hollywood Made So Many

Ocean Disaster Doomsday

Movies Now They Get To

Act In The Real Thing

Beach Cameras Begin

Rolling July Two Eleven Eleven P M

Coronahoax Jews Did 911

As A Ritual Dancing

Israelis Hissing 821

I Know God Is Real But Im

Having Difficulty

Resolving Gematria As God

Speaking To Us I Know

This Is Some Kind Of Algorithm (yes GOD is speaking to humanity via gematria 100% true)

Gematria News & Censorship Updates

Gematria post said I am the #1 censored and shadow banned person on the entire internet

They Are Scared Of A The

Name Zeus

The Father Of All Bombs Yellowstone Area Explodes July Second The Father Of All Bombs Yellowstone Area Explodes Burns Kills Destroys Global Thermonuclear War July Second

I Do Not Need Anyone To Believe In Me 13 17

Zeus Incinerates All Of The Parasites 13 17

O God Battle Dragon N

Breaking Spiritual Planes

Gathering A List Of Criminals To Execute All At Once 13 17 (God and Higher Sources do not make threats they just tell you what they are going to do)

You Cant Scapegoat Me

Bite Amen

First Ca Wave Twelve

Hundred Twelve Feet High

Second Ca Wave Eight

Hundred Eight Feet High

Third Ca Wave Four

Hundred Four Feet High Ocean

You Filthy Masons And Your Games Are Going To Be Punished For All Eternity

Any Member Of The Occult

Who Approaches Me With

Promises Of Power And

Grandeur Is Getting

Executed On The Spot

Cia I Want The Mods And Jannies On 4chan Who Are Censoring Threads About The Harvest To Be Fired Immediately

Amagine A Wallofwater A

Megatsunami A Wave

Twelvehundred And Twelve

Feet In Height From The

Top Of The Rolling Crest

To The Bottom Of The

Barrel Thats One Hundred

Eight Feet Shy Of A

Quarter Mile High

You Stupid Humans Are Going To Learn That I Rule Over The Darkness As Well As The Light So Yes Both Sides Take Orders From Me

Master Retire All

Gematrix Organization

Members Immediately 0448

Amaugust 03 Year 2021

Make No Mistake About It

Folks I Am Going To Kill

You All For Violating Universal Law

You Humans Can Keep

Trying To Kill Me And I

Will Just Continue To

Wake Up In A New Body

Each Time You Do It Just

So You Know Nothing Can

Stop What Is Coming

You Humans Have Broken A Universal Law By Disconnecting Souls From The Monad With Your Devil Vaccine And Will Be Punished Immensely For It

There Will Be No

Sacrifice This Time To

Redeem Mankind From Their

Sins For This Time You All Die

You Humans Are Going To Learn Why You Should Fear The Lord

The Gray Aliens Are From

Zeta Where As The Term

Grey Aliens Refers To The

Jupiterians Currently At

War With The Draconians

In This World

Zeus Can Kill Any Member Of Hydra If He Needs To I Did 4 Brit Were U At

Hey Numbskulls You Dont

Have To Read A Book To

Find God If They Live In Your Heart

Gods Elect Instinctively

Know That Vaccines Carry

A Neurotoxin This Is Why

The False Pandemic Was

Engineered As A Means To

Stigmatize And Ostricize

Christians That Know

By Law The Ones That Have

Been Helping The

Rothschild Federal

Reserve To Sabotage

America And Christianity

Should Be Hung By The

Neck Until Dead

Keep The Faith Everyone

They Are Mad They Have

Seen Their Fate

The Rothschild Banking

Family Starts A War Any

Time They Need To Conceal

Multiple Social

Engineering Agendas

Inside Of The Distraction

Did You Know The U S

Military Burns Up

Billions Of Dollars A

Month Psyoping The

American Public 911 Was

The Mother Of All

Military Deceptions

The Rothschild Federal Reserve Created The Sadistic Fake Pandemic To Destroy What It Means To Be An American Life Liberty And The Pursuit Of Happiness Now Brokered Back To Us Through Big Pharma

Since The Covid Variants

Wont Stop Evolving Our

Jewish Rothschild

Government Has Decided To

Just Go Ahead And Drop

One Of Their Non Existent Nukes On Us

U Save The Cheerleader And Save The World

David Has The Laserbeam

Eyes Beep Beep Bonk

May God Bless The People

Of Rothschild Victimized

Nations Russia China

North Korea And The U S A

We Are Not Enemies And

Nukes Dont Exist

the first video I uploaded to tik tok got muted ...... and yes was a gematria video


Yall Cant Keep I God

Zander And Kingdom Of

Heaven A Secret We Make

Ourselves Known Its Death

Time For You Yall Wanted

War On God Stupid

note: why no talk of alleged high ranking government officials appointments

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I Command All In My Fleet To Show No Mercy To Any Who Try To Resist Our Takeover So Attack Them Attack Them All With Impunity


Listen Here Humans Since The Earth Was Created I Have Served As Planetary Gardener Who Harvests You All Once Every Cycle Around Procyon


Procyon is the brightest star in the constellation of Canis Minor and usually the eighth-brightest star in the night sky, with a visual

new gematria post

The Extraterrestrials

From Sirius Nine Canis

Major Are Hereby Placed

Under Arrest By Order Of

The Galactic Government

And Andromedan Council

Only God Knows When The

Shows Over

I Shall Come Like A Thief In The Night To Retrieve What Rightfully Belongs To Me

Its Almost Time For The

Great Angel To Sound The

Trumpet What Am I Getting

El Cristo Negro Is

Purging The Earth For His

New American Jerusalem

Whites And Blacks Can

Agree On One Thing And

That Is We Are Being

Duped And Pitted Against

Each Other By Our Satanic

Jewish Slave Masters Amen

Abracadabra Unite All

Colors In The Now

The Wildfires Are Rothschild Funded Arson That Are Part Of Their Overall Biblical Endtimes Deception

The Evil Rephaim Were The

Cannibalistic Giant

Descendants Of The

Nephilim And Their Symbol

Was The Six Pointed Star

Of Rephaim Adopted By

Black Magician Luciferian

Deceivers As The Star Of David Its

But As It Was In The Days

Of Noah So Shall It Be At

The Second Coming July

The Fourth They Didnt

Know The Flood Came And

Took Them All

Whats There To Decode

When Its Plain As Day Is

Too Night In Contrast

Regarding The Occult

Increase Their Wickedness

When They Get Exposed And

Then Blame The Person

Exposing Them

Jews Are Not A Race Theyre An Organized Crime Syndicate

I Will Guarantee You A

Excellent Cataclysmic

Extirpation Of

Destruction The Next Time

San Diego Makes A Choice

To Rub Me The Wrong Way

The Next Sorcerer To

Radiate Me Will Be Killed

God Warning L E T Me Free

We Have The Power We Have

The Tools We Have The

Will We Have The Autism

Lets Get This Done

Operation Beat The Jews

At Their Own Game

There Is No Such Thing As

A Nuclear Powered

Submarine Neither Is

There Any Such Thing As

Nuclear Missiles Alleged

To Be Carried Onboard

Nearly The Whole

Democratic Party Goes To Prison

American Lemmings Gave Up

Their Inalienable Rights

Of Life Liberty And The

Pursuit Of Happiness To

Be Brokered Back To Them

By A Corrupt Judeo

Masonic Big Pharma

We All Know Elton John Is

Amazing On The Paino But

Did You Know That He

Sucks On The Organ

The Coronahoax Will Be

Ending Soon The Mark Of

The Beast Mask Vaccines

Rashes On Hands 666 6402

Is Christ Sign Bury All

Fear Project Blue Beam

Maga Is A Satanic Spell

Maga Means Fifth Degree

Church Of Satan

Betty White Is Wildly

Popular With Gya Men

Betty White Is A Man Just

Like Mary Tyler Moore

With The Weirdly High

Pitched Voice And Giant

Man Mouth And Look At The

Name D I C K Van D Y K E

Grandpa Anu Why Are They

All Such Manipulative Liars

Yall Cant Keep I God

Zander And Kingdom Of

Heaven A Secret We Make

Ourselves Known Its Deat