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USA Government USA Military Freemason Firefighters Police Treason Genocide Of Innocent Maui Citizens

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No One Wants To Talk About The Maui Fires Because Deep Down Americans Now Know The U S A Military Has Committed Acts Of Treason And Genocide On Its Own Civilian American Population

Maui Hawaii Is The Last Failed Attempt By The Freemasons Yhwh Willing They Were Totally Taken Down Right Then And There

I Believe Gods Wrath In This Case Is Out Of Context He Will Simply Let Them Destroy Themselves By Their Own Selfish Actions

You Willingly Chose Demonic Possession When You Allowed Your Vices To Rule Over Any Sense Of Virtue Just Because You Saw It On Tiktok Doesnt Mean You Should Do It Did Your Daddy Eat Too Many Tide Pods

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With Yhwh Blessing The Real White Hat Soldiers Did Their Job And Removed All The Treasonous Freemason Satanist Parasites They Were Also Helped By Bounty Hunters At The Latter Stages

There Are Gang Stalking Staff Members And Fake Customers In Grocery Stores They Study My Purchasing Habits Then Either Hide Those Items Buy Them Before I Do Or Poison The Food They Have Paid For It

Michelle Obama Really A Man Michael Lavaughn Robinson

We Have Been Given Signs Sight And Warnings

Reverse The Curse Of The American Flag To Pure Love For All

Every Scoundrel In Hawaii That Deliberately Blockaded Maui Preventing Victims From Escaping Or Allowing Essential Supplies To Reach Them Have Been Sentenced For Crimes Against Humanity

All Firefighters Police Little Boys At The Pentagon Jew Media And Jet Pilots Are Bound By Freemasonry This Is How They Deceived Us With Their Nine Eleven Stage Production The Truth Hurts

Big Pharma And Jewish Shadow Government Trying To Induce Depression And Anxiety In The American People For Profit And Control Of The Population Start The Conversation

Woman Speaks Truth On The Governments Response To Maui Fires (click below for video)

The Harder The Jews And Masons Fight To Cover Their Long Running Theft And Deception Against The People The More They Implicate Themselves

One Of The Reasons Why There Are So Many Controlled Opposition Agents Is Because They Act As An Insurance Policy They Think They Can Remain In Power By Leading The Resistance Against Themselves Haha

When They Knew Satans Defeat Was Guaranteed Some Freemasons Went Into Hiding While Others Tried To Jump To The Side Of Yhwh But In An Insincere Way With No Real Repentance They Were Exposed

When God Says He Will Make A Table For His Children In Front Of Their And His Enemies He Means Our Wicked Fake Family Friends Work Colleagues Etc Will Be Present To Watch Us Thrive

There Were Too Many Freemasons Who Refused To Openly Admit The Were Masons Especially To Gods Children During Satans Rule But When It Ended They Were All Fully Exposed Each And Every Single One

Basically The United States Of America Has Been Reduced Down To A Society Of Exterminating People As An Entertainment Venue Show For Jews And Freemason Psychopaths


The post in red below came into database one day after my last video about controlled opposition agents was made ..... Yes YHWH and higher sources are communicating with humanity in real time via database ..... humanity is clueless and distracted with freemason Controlled Opposition agents and deceivers ....

All Controlled Opposition Freemason Agents Deliberately Deceiving Awakening Humanity By Mixing Truth And Lies Were Exposed And Dealt With Appropriately By The Most High Yhwh

Synagogue Of Satan Was Held Accountable For All The Evil They Did And Refused To Repent For By Yhwh

Americas Historic Blemishes Have The Hidden Judeo British Hand Upon Them The Bank Of England Initiated And Funded Slavery In The U S To Instigate War Rebellion And Division

All Criminals Involved In The Nine Eleven Crime Have Been Exposed And Dealt With By Yhwh The World Could No Longer Dismiss It As A Conspiracy Theory Either Regarding The Real Culprits

No More Homelessness For Gods Children In This New Five D Earth Even The Criminal Freemasons Have Their Own Concentrations Camps To Live Inside

Having Jesus Christ Put To Death Would Probably Qualify As A Collective Evil Spirit Known As The Anti Christ That Lives On In The Hearts Of Atheist Jews

Death Penalties And Life In Prison Sentences Given To All Freemasons Involved In Arson And Energy Weapon Attacks In The Name Of Climate Change Hoax By Yhwh

The Satanic Underground Bases In Hawaii That Was Used For All Sorts Of Evil Like Child Sacrifice Have Been Exposed To Humanity And Destroyed By Yhwh All Praises

The Serpent Seeds Of Cain Come Looking Like All Races To Cover This Up They Create False Racial Classifications Like White Black Brown Yellow So They Can Remain Hidden

Lions of Israel Forum

Lions of Israel Telegram Group

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