Tik Tokin The Matrix - Compilation Of SHOCKING TRUTH IN PLAIN SIGHT Volume Two

Tik Tokin The Matrix Compilation Of Shocking Truth In Plain Sight Volume Two Rise In Unity Humanity

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Real Gematria Post

Jewish Rabbis Sending The

Drained Bodies To The

Slaughterhouses To Be

Ground Into Hamburger

These Are Black Magicians

Not Most Rabbis


Results by Jewish Gematria

Yeshua Judges All Jesuits

Those Who Worship The

Goat Baphomet Are Cast

Into Hell M Q

The Prosperity For Some

That The Pseudoscience

Lie Of Nuclear Weapons

Has Brought Will Turn

Into Desolation

Blacks And Whites Have

Christ In Their Corner

Against The Seemingly

Undefeatable Talmudic

Oppression Of Our Country

Results by English and Simple Gematria

Satan Was Rejected By God

She Is Taking Her Revenge

As Best She Can For The

Time Allotted To Her She

Hates Me For Revealing Her

I Only Desire Peace But

God Is A God Of War And

Vengeance May God Have

Vengeance On His Enemies

And Bless His Agents Of


You All Would Have To

Trick People Into Being

Cannibals Thats One

Horrible Fact About You

Globalist Covenant Folk

You All Sold Out To Satan

And I Did Not And That

Makes Me Stronger Than

All Of You Combined Since

You Are All Attacking Me

Disgusting Hollywood Cia

Sas Jockey Satnanic

Predators Traitors To The

Usa Drop Dead Go To Hell

And Stay There

Slanders A False

Accusation And You Third

Eye Telepaths That Ate

The Forbidden Fruit

Really Are All Cannibals

And Depophiles

Youre Being W A T C H E D

By The Man Up Above Tick

Tock Tick Tock Your Time

Is Almost Up For G O D

Shall Punish The Cruel

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