Tik Tokin The Matrix - Compilation Of SHOCKING TRUTH IN PLAIN SIGHT Volume Seven UNITE

Tik Tokin The Matrix - Compilation Of SHOCKING TRUTH IN PLAIN SIGHT Volume Seven UNITE HUMANITY TAKE BACK ALL OUR POWER FROM THE 13 Bloodlines That Have Enslaved This Planet

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tik tok still CENSORING Big Time - Amy Love channel shut down she made a new one link below - now she is being shadow banned - we just keep coming with this truth be relentless soldiers of GOD YHWH



Gematria Real Time News Updates

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Biden Is Dead You All

Just Havent Been Told Yet

The Truth Will Shock The


They Thought They Could

Kill The Heavenly Father

Farm His Children And

Take Over Creation

Restore Gifts And Talents

We Have Stored Away From

Achievements In Past Lives

Please Expose All Crimes

Of Joseph Robinette Biden

Jr Holy Spirit In The Here And Now

They Will Not Be Able To

Walk Down The Street

Steven Dishon Opened His

Mouth So I Will Open The

Abyss And Lock Him In There Forever

May God Almighty Y H W H

Strike Down Those Who

Intrude On My Privacy

The Quantum Singularity

Of The Holy All Mighty

Spirit Of Eternal Ever

Present Simplistic

Intrinsic Infinite Love I

Love Thee As A Tree Loves

The Rain As The Bee Loves

The Flower As The Water Fall Love

Its Not Antisemitic To

Connect The Dots And

Realize The Atheist Jews

Have Been Sabotaging

America From Within For

Over A Century

The Judeo Masonic Neocon

Shadow Government Is

Trying To Force America

Into A Social Darwinist

Collapse So They Can Have

Target Practice On The

Starving Poor Stealing Food

Jamal Marcone Cheffin Aka

Mark Alan King




Keep Saying No To The

Poison Vax Humanity Great

Job God Please Render

Judgements On All Serpent

Devils We Pray It Is Done

Lord Gods English Code

444 720 864 876 888 972

1190 9000

Gods English Code 444 720

864 876 888 972 1190 9000

Gods Gematria Code 444

720 864 876 888 972 1190 9000


Results by Jewish Gematria

Death To All Healthcare

Workers Who Do Not

Protect And Preserve

Their Patients Lives

Jimmy The Meat

Risesagaint The Iraqi

Turd And The Shaitan Cntu

The Interior Department

Led By Trump appointed

Ryan Zinke Has Proposed

Radical Changes That

Would Gut The Endangered

Species Act And Drive

Imperiled Animals And

Plants Closer To Extinction

You Want Freedom For

Yourselves But Not For

Women And Children So

Youre All By Definition

Wicked And Evil Period

You Can Easily Discern

Television Lies From

Truth When You Use The

Myth Of Nuclear Weapons

As Your Canary In The Coalmine

Decode Trump Under

Federal Investigations

The Cia Satanic P R O S T

I T U T E Who Tried To

Kill Christ Brings Down

Trump World Wide Scandal Coming

What We See On T V

Presented As Our

Government Is A Sick

Scripted Play Written By

The Rothschild Federal Reserve

Eva Lynn Aka Latonya

Page Do Not Eat Your New

Born Baby Again Like You

Did In The Past The World

Is W A T C H I N G You This Time

Who Is Cia Thief Agent

Pimp Illegal Arms Dealer

Cheater Womanizer Joseph

Abdullah Played For

Oakland Raiders He Tried

To Kill Yeshua Christ

Reborn Tried To Steal

Identity Of M A Rk A L An K I Ng

May God My Father In

Heaven Strike Down All

Those Who Wish Me Dead

And Will Not Stop Until I

Am Dead With Lightning Amen So Be It

Results by English and Simple Gematria

Be Wise As Serpents But

Harmless As Doves Be As

Bold And Courageous As A

Lion But Humble As Sheep

Ready To Defend The Honor