Tik Tokin The Matrix - Compilation Of SHOCKING TRUTH IN PLAIN SIGHT Volume Eight - GOD and Higher

Updated: Nov 23

Tik Tokin The Matrix - Compilation Of SHOCKING TRUTH IN PLAIN SIGHT Volume Eight - GOD Y H W H and Higher Sources Are Speaking To Humanity In Real Time Via Gematrix.Org

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GOD Almighty YHWH and higher sources will just keep hammering the same messages OVER AND OVER and they are relentless in the database with certain messages

The Thirteen Richest

Families Are The Antichrists

Wireless Interfacing With

Organic Computers Is

Capable Thanks To 5g The

Tech Is Operational And

Currently Being

Implemented You Can

Observe This By Having A

Clear And Deliberate

Thought About A Prod

Vaccine Is Injection Of

Magnetic Particles

Capable Of Crossing The

Blood Brain Barrier And

Remaining Suspended In

Brain Matter This Makes

It Easy To Program A

Person With An Mritype


The Book Of Revelation

Was Added On To The Bible

By Talmudic Jews And

Freemasons To Serve As

False Prophecy Deceiving

The Followers Of Christ

Revelation Chapter Five

Verse Five Is A Sealed

Book His Gematria Codex

Decode Opens The Book The

Code Number Is Seven Two

Seven Two

Revelation 5:5

Then one of the elders said to me, “Do not weep! See, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, has triumphed. He is able to open the scroll and its seven seals.”

Darken chicran Exposes The

Royal Lizards (aka for Mark Alan King)

Kamala Is A Lizard Witch

Forced Vacinations Is

Actually What Commies Do

Mengel Also Injected

People With Strange

Experimental Substances

That Killed Them The

Heaviest Flak Is Directly

Over The Target You Know Exactly

Apple Cider Vinegar With

The Mother Cures Vaccine

Illnesses Now

I Find It Funny That The

Moment People Suspected

5g Is Causing Sickness

The News And Marketing

Campaigns Attacked It

Hard Goes To Show That

The Truth Is Probably

Closer Than We Think

The Collapse Of Vatican

And Rome Is Coming Soon

714 1098 183

Fox News Must Cover The

Protests Now Or Go


Thats Why I Need To Be

Sober Because Nobody Will

Believe Me Otherwise I

Need To Represent The Lord Well

Sadly The Jews Have Made

Their Entire Purpose For

Living A Mission To

Destroy The Teachings And

Legacy Of Jesus Christ

Results by Jewish Gematria

The Matrix Is Like A Maze

And Test To See Who Will

Find The Way Back To The

Creator Source The

Almighty I Am That I Am

Anyone Who Thinks That

They Are God And Can

Commit Atrocious Acts Of

Evil With Impunity Is An Invalid

Know That Nothing Will

Oppose Your Will The

Force Will Be With You

Trump And Kushner Allow

The Poor To Live In Filth

Regardless Of Color They

Are Not Racist Just Cowards

Steven James Dishon

Reveals The Jesuit

Vatican Worships The

Divine Serpent (this is one of many who attempted to steal my identity)

How To Stop Military

Witcher Sxe Black Magic

The Wicked Are Not

Getting Left Behind

Instead They Are Going To Be Destroyed

I Hope You Figure Out

What I Wanted Soon

Because I Seriously Dont

Plan On Being Here Living

Like This Too Much Longer

He Was Exceptionally Calm

When He Realized Gematrix

Was Speaking To Him As An

Advanced Form Of

Mathematical Intelligence

Were Taking Back Our

Freedom Our Battle Has

Been Won We Have Been

Liberated Back From The

Dead Weve Come

Hey You Can Pretend Its

Not True But The Federal

Government Is The Jewish

Mafia That Pulled The

Atomic Bomb Hoax On Us

The Good Hearted Person

Will Come To Paradise The

Wicked People Hurting

John Christon Bickerstaff

Stay Here Screaming On

Fire For Eternity (John Christon Bickerstaff aka Mark Alan King)

They Are All Acting

Righteous Even As A God

Plans To Sweep Them Off

They Earth An Entomb Them

In Their Tunnels And

Caves V

Always Billions And

Trillions Sent To Divine

Gene King David Bloodline

Forever Endless Abundance

In God Y H W H Name

What Is Jamie Abdullah

Aka Latonya Page Aka

Marylin Monroes Ego On

Top Of Her Wickedness

Makes Her Exceptionally Evil (this satanic witch works with Steven James Dishon and both were working to steal my identity and kill Mark Alan King)

For A Lifeless Worthless

Soulless Piece Of Paper

We Sure Do Treat One

Another Horrible Our Own

Flesh And Blood Homeless

For A Piece Of Paper

Jesus Will You Be My Best

Friend I Already Was And

Will Always Be

Results by English and Simple Gematria

2476 The Quarantine Is A

Time Of Testing Trial

Probation And Transition