Tik Tokin The Matrix - Compilation Of SHOCKING TRUTH IN PLAIN SIGHT Volume 6

Tik Tokin The Matrix - Compilation Of SHOCKING TRUTH IN PLAIN SIGHT Volume 6 - The Rise of Humanity to Greatness with GOD YHWH Almighty

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For Decades Despicable

And Evil Acts Of Abuse

Committed By Clergy And

Vowed Religious Of The

Catholic Church Dwelled

In The Shadows Jews

Control The Narrative

Ladybug Decode The Fake

Royal Lizards Stole

Billions And Gave My

Inheritance To Bill Gates

And Steve Jobs To Create

Technology To Enslave Humanity

The Judeo Masonic Neocon

War Machine Is Behind The

Dysfunctional America

Show Its Sabotage For The

Jew World Order

Its Time To Overthrow

This Judeo Masonic Cabal

That Has Spent Hundreds

Of Years Subverting The

Christian Dream Of America

The Judeo Masonic Demons

That Have Held Us All

Prisoner Within Their

Nuclear Mythology Are

Trying To Set Themselves

Up As Moral Arbiters Of Race Relations

The Well Dressed Wealthy

Liars Cheaters And

Theives Are Putting On An

Incompetent America Stage

Show To Sabotage Our Country

Stop Funding The

Rothschild Stage

Production That Is A

Mockery Of Our

Constitutional Government

tik tok still CENSORING Big Time

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FakeJew Tube still CENSORING Big Time POST WAS REMOVED & BANNED (this is higher sources speaking not me)

You (FAKE) Jews In Israel Are Not The Gods Of This World For In Truth You Are The Children Of The Volcano Demon And Have Been Liars And Murderers From The Beginning



Results by Jewish Gematria

Do You Honestly Think You

Will Have Love In Your

Life After You Have Hated

The God Of Love

Selling Toddlers Is Fine

By Blond Joseph And So Is

Being A Billionaire Who

Steals Everything From A

Man Who Has Nothing But A Crown

May God Grant Kristen J

Stewart Who Has

Merovingian Blood

Protection And Happiness

And Success In Everything She Does

What Is All Those Who

Are Allowed To Practice

Medicine Work Towards

Life True Health And Longevity

Usa Government Trump

Biden Treason Epic

Shocking Disclosures

Markalanking Dot Com

Yeshua Christ Reborn Vs World Lawsuits

The False Pandemic Is

Extremely Hostile And

Diabolical And Serves To

Seperate The Free

Thinkers From The

Lemmings Making The Free

Thinkers Suffer With Job

Loss And The Stigma Of Masked For Life

Results by English and Simple Gematria

All Of You All Seeing Eye

People Are Going To Be

Destroyed After The Twin

Towers Apollo And Uriel

Are Finshed Teaching The

Words Of Hazeus And Phos

I Dont Have Much But What

I Do Have You Steal I Can

Never Let You Near Me And

Now Do You Understand Why

How Can I Trust Those Who Lie And Steal

Being Telepathically

Attacked By Thousands Of

Blood Drunken Devils Does

Not Mean That I Am The

One That Is Drunk And I

Dont Appreciate False Accusations

The Whole Of Nasa Is

Engaged In Human

Trafficking Selling Moon

Technology And Most Of

Them Have Been Cloned Or

Reprogramed By One Country Or Another

I Think Donald Marshals

Stories Are Part Fantasy

Part Truth Nicole Brown

Is Megyn Kelly So Donald

Didnt Help O J With His

Gloves As He Claims

Zeus Has No Money Because

Of Their Constant

Persecution Funded By

Tens Of Billions That Is

Fueld By Extorted Income

Tax And They Him Greedy

The One Percenters Have

No Power Over The Ninety

Nine Percenters And As

For The Pie The People

Will Be Granted What It

Is Rightfully Theirs

The Illuminati Knew Full

Well That The Worship Of

The Golden Calf Like The

One In Front Of Wall

Street Is The Worship Of


Gematri Reveals Rays

Idenity As The The Dawnn

Breaks And The Son Moon

And Stars Bgin To Rise In

The West Thank You Holy Spirit Revelator

When Will Sleepy Eyes

Chuck Todd And Nbcnews

Start Talking About The

Obama Surveillance

Scandal And Stop With The

Fake Trump russia Story

It Doesnt Even Make Sense

To Create Simulations

That Are Not Observed

Therefore It Seems Likely

God Is Paying Attention

To His Creations

Satanic Rothschilds Are

Breaking Down Trust In

America By Staging

Pillar Of The Community

Fall From Grace Stories

Using Freemason Thespians

The World Isnt Ruled By

White Men The World Is

Run By Lizards Lizard

Hybrids And Psycho Trnany

Fake Men Women In Beards

With False Voices

Ladybug Decode The Fake

Royal Lizards Stole

Billions And Gave My

Inheritance To Bill Gates

And Steve Jobs To Create

Technology To Enslave Humanity

And Lets Not Forget The

Royal T R A N N I E S

Meghan Markle You Look

Like A Brother Dude

Married To The Unhairy

Harry Little Ginger A

Roided Up Woman

The Ones Who Gained Their

Wealth Corruptly Will

Hand It Over To The Ones

That They Stole It From

In The Now And Ongoing

Until Completed

The Windsors Stole Our

Crown Please God Almighty

Y H W H Return Our Crown

To The Rightful Heir Of

The King David Dynasty In The Now

Underground Lizards Shall

Get Genetic Diseases That

Make Them Sterile And

Then Suffer A Deadly

Viral Pandemic That Wipes

Out Millions I M A G I N


If There Was Ever A Case

That Warranted A Maximum

Sentence This Is The Case

And I Know That My Family

Is Involved I Want Them

To Know That I Know

You All Thought The Game

Of Thrones Was About Them

Oh No The Game Of

Thrones Is Really About