Tik Tokin The Matrix - Compilation Of SHOCKING TRUTH IN PLAIN SIGHT Volume 5 This Is The Turning

Tik Tokin The Matrix - Compilation Of SHOCKING TRUTH IN PLAIN SIGHT Volume 5 This Is The Turning Point Humanity - This Is When We Unite And Take Back What Was Always Ours

credits Auset Speaks - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCstKeeshU7aWWh37xQ5BSEg


Gematria News Post

Bind Saturn Hexagon At

The North Pole That Is

Processing Human

Spiritual Energy Release

The Souls In The Name Of Y E H O W A H

FakeJew Tube still CENSORING Big Time

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Results by Jewish Gematria

A World That Observes Me

Without My Knowledge Or

Permission Then Uses The

Information They Obtain

To Clobber Me In Songs

And Movies Or Make Money

From What Is Immorally Obtained

House Of Judah We Will

Shout With A Voice Of

Triumph And In The Name

Of Our God Emmanuel We

Will Set Up Our Banners

The Lord Will Fulfill All Our Desires

What Is Almighty Power Y

H W H Please Expose All

Crimes Of Cia Agent Jamie

Abdullah And Render Swift

Justice In The Her And

Now And Forevermore In

The Name Of Yeshua

Ladybug Decode Usa

Government Paying Cia

Agents Gang Stalkers

Joseph Abdullah Aka

Lucifer Jezebel Aka Jamie

Abdullah Brother Sister

Making I N C E S T Babies

For Years Joe Wife Audrey

Rebecca Bashaw

Results by English and Simple Gematria

The Spirit Of The Lord

God Is Upon Me Because

The Lord Has Anointed Me

To Preach Good Tidings To

The Poor He Hath Sent Me

To Heal The Brokenhearted

To Proclaim Liberty To

The Captives And The Opening

Lots Of Different Kinds

Of Aliens Some Quite

Friendly To Humans Though

A Bit Afraid Of Us

Perhaps As Well As Afraid

Of The Draco Shape

Shifters Unmasked What Do

They Really Look Like I Am So Incredible

I Do Not Know What

Gematria Is But I Do Know

What The Power Of Jesus

Christ Is And In The Name

Of My Savior Jesus Christ

I Declare This System

Cleansed Washed And To Be

Used To Spread His Legacy

Everyone Has Been Lying

Their Whole Life About Me

And To Me So Lying Is A

Lifestyle That Is

Dangerous Claude Lied

About Everything Even

Stuff That Did Not

Require A Lie I Refuse To

Be Around That

I Know I Have Already

Saved My Soul Only

Because The Lord Our God

Told Me So But I Want To

Stick Around And See If I

Can Help Save Your Soul

Too Because I Used To Be

One Of You And Time Is Short

The Epic Holy Wedding Y H

W H Endorsed King Mark

Alan King With Beloved

Queen Are Joined Together

In True Love There Is Now

Peace Abundance Love

Happiness Righteousness

In All Lands Love For Yhwh

It Is Fkcuing Finished

And If They Dont Pay

Restitution For Stealing

My Property And Violating

My First Second And

Fourth Amendment Rights

They Are All Going To

Godariel Eternally Die

Holy Spirit Y H W H

Please Expose Crimes

Render Justice On All

Entities And People Who

Declared War Upon Yeshua

Mark Alan King And Or

Caused Intentional Harm

To Mark The Elect All In

The Book Of Life

What Is You Should Never

Shame Anyone Ever Period

Not A Child And Not A Pet

Give Them Appropriate

Feedback And Discipline

But Do Not Shame Them

Shame Breaks Their Spirit

Like You All Broke Mine Please

Holy Spirit Please Detach

All Parasitic Energy From

Human People Cleanse And

Purify Our Bodies With

The Holy Spirit Balance

And Harmonize Our Spirits

With Your Loving Light Energy

LIONS OF ISRAEL - https://www.gematrix.org/?word=lions+of+israel

MARK ALAN KING - https://www.gematrix.org/?word=mark+alan+king