Tik Tokin The Matrix - Compilation Of SHOCKING TRUTH IN PLAIN SIGHT Volume 4 Take Back Your Power

Updated: Jul 20

Tik Tokin The Matrix - Compilation Of SHOCKING TRUTH IN PLAIN SIGHT Volume 4 Take Back Your Power Humanity - Unite With The Power Of Yehovah YHWH

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The Saturnists Have No

Effect On The Outcome Of

Our Story Nobody Will

Enter The Higher Realms

Without Proper Guidance

Of The Heart Yhsyk Jwsk

The Agency Charged With

Fighting Domestic

Terrorism In The United

States Is Responsible For

Instigating The Vast

Majority Of Domestic

Terrorism In The United States

I Will Disarm All Weapons

Systems You Have Oh

Israel Who Called

Themselves My People When

You Murdered Millions

Revelation Chapter Eight

Verse Eight Gematria

Coding Reveals Hidden

Messages In Numbers The

Date And Time Of

Californias Apocolyptic

Asteroid Earthquake And Sunami

Results by Jewish Gematria

Unless Jehovah Of Armies

Had Left Us A Few

Survivors We Should Have

Become Just Like Sodom

And We Should Have

Resembled Gomorrah

Bind All Of Those Who Are

Stealing My Work

Knowingly Negating My

Work Or Changing And

Deleting My Words Or

Stalking Me Or Speaking

Of Me With Pure Hatred In Their Hearts

I Wish That I Could

Travel And Share What I

Have Learned Without

Boundries Without

Strongholds With

Plentitude To Share With The Meek

James Comey Is A Disgrace

To The Fbi Will Go Down

As The Worst Director In

Its Long And Once Proud

History He Brought The

Fbi Down Almost All

Republicans Democrats

Thought He Should Be Fired But The

What Is Holy Spirit

Almighty Power Y H W H

Reverse The Greatest

Brainwashing Ever Who

Really Owns This Planet

Hello My Dear Children As

Yall All Know By Now I

Deborah Marie Pinkston Is

God Floating Goat Not

Evil Mean Ms Bridget She

Should Be Punished

Severely Hurting My Sweet Loves

Results by English and Simple Gematria

A True Prophet Believes

And Preaches The

Incarnation Of Jesus

Christ He Will Preach

Jesus As God Who Came To

Earth And Put On Humanity

In Order To Redeem Us All

They Are Coming After Me

Because Of My Connection

To Jesus Christ And All I

Have To Say Is It Has

Been A Long Time Coming

Bring It On So You Can

Experience Your Death

Attention To The Cia And

All Illuminati Members

Excellent Job Playing

Real Life Characters In A

Matrix Version Of The

Walking Dead And The

Sequel Of The Doomed And The Damned

For Many Deceivers Have

Gone Out Into The World

Those Who Do Not Confess

The Coming Of Jesus

Christ In The Flesh Such

A One Is The Deceiver And The Antichrist

Jehovah God Is Literally

My Father The Only Reason

He Allows Me To Continue

Going On Gematrix Is To

Try And Help The Sinners

On Here Making Defiled Entries

The Third Eyers Really

Are Going To Get

Obliterated From

Existence For Plotting

Against Life Oh Boy

Maureen Lipman Jewess The

Really Do Have It In For You

The Divine Wrath Of

Father Yahweh And

Vengeance Of Yahushua His

Son Will Be Known To

England And Prince

William Windsor The

Antichrist For His Sins Against God

We Are Seeing Fake


Conversations On Fake

Book By People With Fake

Names And Fake Accounts

Most Of The Time They

Want To Control The Conversation

I Hate How They Lied To

Us For Decades About What

They Really Are I Really

Hate Being Deceived

Especially Esxually They

Wanted Us To L U S T

After These Deceivers

The Fools Thought

Gematria Was The Perfect

Cipher For Their Criminal

Enterprises When It Is A

Trap And A Snare You Bind

Your Crimes To Gods Spirit Realm

LIONS OF ISRAEL - https://www.gematrix.org/?word=lions+of+israel