The Lounge Lizard Fake Non Queen Of England Who Has No Rights To The Throne Fake Death Plans

Updated: Nov 23

The Lounge Lizard Fake Non Queen Of England Who Has No Rights To The Throne Was Planning On Faking Her Death (I have been telling Yall the truth the NON Royals of England stole the throne from the King David bloodline and they never had any rights to the throne in the first place) (they know they are caught red handed looking for a way out of their web of lies, theft and deceptions)

She may be already dead

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The People Ignored Noah

The End Of Corrupt Law

Enforcement Is Now

The End Of Tracking My

Location Happens Now

Racist Police Will


Jim Parsons The Dhs Gang

Stalker Who Lives Next

Door Thinks It Is Cool To

Track My Every Move

The Magnetosphere Is

Being Removed So That We

Can Have Access To The

Heavens The Living Waters

Like We Were Supposed To

In The Omniverse

Hawaiian Monster

Megatsunami Large Crest

Measures An Astonishing

Thirteen Hundred And

Twenty Feet In Height As

It Crushes The Islands

I Wonder What Happens If

All Of The People

Containing Dragon Energy

Joined Forces And Stopped

Working Stopped

Worshipping Materialism

Stopped Respecting Time

And Stopped The Buying

Into The Media

Illuminati Recruiting And

Influencing Dragons To Do

Their Bidding Because

People With Dragon Energy

Hold The Energetical Keys

To This Planet Thos 3d

Plane And Mamy Parts Of

The Universe A

My Brother Betrayed Me

Before I Was Even Awake

Everybody On Gematria

Pray For The Destruction

Of Satan And His Fallen

Angels They Are Trying To

Destroy All Of Mankind

None Of You Have Access To The Sun And Moon Program Anymore Because I Have Closed And Sealed All Portals

Gematria Is Coding Of God

Gods Language Is Numbers

Youre Only Mad Because I

Wont Take Your Bribes

Moloch Is Erased Deleted

Extinct M Q

Defeat The Liars Once And

For All Dont Chase After

Their False Social

Justice Distraction

Causes Expose Their Grand

Master Lie Of Nuclear


Steven James Dishon

Aka James Shepherd And

Jamie Abdullah Aka

Latonya Page Murdered My

Twinflame Shelayne In

Cold Blood And Cia And

Trump Is Part Of Felony

Murder Plot Please

Justice Now Y H W H

Full Control Of Moon And

The Royal Immanuel Family

Of Heaven Have Seized

Control Of This Entire

System Now You Evil Ones

Will Pay And Sun Portals

Shut Down You Devils Are


Big Mistake Fallen Angels

And Satan You Are Not

Mans God There Is Only

One Living God Over Man

You Have Condemned


The Greys Are Not In

Charge Anymore My Dad Is

On The Moon Right Now

Killing Those Who Serve

The Beast

Satan And His Fallen

Angels Curse And Are

Being Cursed Double

Because Of The Curses

They Send Out Instant


Satan And His Fallen

Angels Blame Man For His

Evil Deeds He Shall Pay

The Full Price Of Eternal

Death At The Hands Of A

Righteous Living God

Pandemic Or No Pandemic

Civilians Cannot Be

Placed In So Called

Lockdown Thats A Military

Practice The Fake

Pandemic Is Immoral And


Those Who Have Spied On Me Will Lose All Traces Of Data

My Internet Connection

Will No Longer Be


Us Military Begin

Arresting Freemasonic

Forces Who Are Actively

Subverting Our Nation

Gangstalking The Use Of

Spying Theft And

Poisoning To Pridefully

Attack The Downcast In A

Manner Of Using All Wickedness

I Plan To Continue

Killing Your Politicians

Until They All Resign And

Not Trouble My America Any Longer

The Swiss Bankers Vatican

The Sanhedrin And The

Saudi Arabian Royals Are

Guilty Of Treason Against

The Royal Family Of

Heaven And Will Be

Destroyed Due To Their

Arrogant Hubris

I Told All Of You That I

Will Account For Every

Penny And I Was Not Even

Remotely Kidding

The Us Treasury Stole 90

Trillion From Me And It

Must Be Returned

Wall Street Scammed 100

Trillion In Derivatives

From My Markets And They

Must Pay Back What They Stole

10 Trillion Of The 28

Trillion Debt Was

Laundered Into Swiss Bank

Accounts And Must Be Paid Back

The Remaining 18 Trillion

In Debt Is Null And Void

Due To The 9 Percent

Interest Rate I Charge

All Of You For Illegally

Stealing My 200 Trillion Dollars

Youre Getting Paid

I guess if Trump was the fake queen .... who did this man?????