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Targeted Individuals Gangstalking & Narcissism Go Hand In Hand - we are in the Woody Hayes Stage now

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

Targeted Individuals Gang stalking And Narcissism Go Hand In Hand We Are In The Woody Hayes Stage Now The Serpent Possessed Demons know they have lost and are lashing out and acting a damn fool

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We Are In The Woody Hayes Stage Now The Serpent Possessed Demons Know They Lave Lost And Are Lashing Out And Are Acting A Damn Fool


Recent Gematria Post

Its Hard To Corrupt A Man

That Doesnt Crave Money

Power And Women Amen

These Are The Elect The

Sinners That Have Been

Touched By The Holy Spirit And Repented

Two Jewish Banks Hiding

Behind Christianity Are

The L D S Church And The

Jehovas Witness

Elon Musk Just Another

Persona Within The Judeo

British Rothschild False Reality

Anyone With A U S Navy Or

U S A F Background Should

Not Be Allowed In Public

Education Or Allowed To

Lead Christian Churches

They Are Tares Planted By

The Jews To Uphold The Nuclear Illusion

Jews Have To Be Working

For Satan Because They

Oppose Everything

Wholesome And Promote

Satanic Degenerecy In

Everything They Touch

Amen Be Blessed For This Truth

The Entire Jewish

Scripted Clown Show Is

Shutting Down Desperate

Hollywood Satanists

Making Final Dirty Money

With Fake Lawsuits And

Slap A Doodle Spectacles

Wheres Our Reparations

For 2000 Years Of Wars

And Mind Slavery Under

The Judeo British Satanists

Their Bodies Are Vessels

For Wandering Spirits Not

Holy Spirits So Of Course

They Dont See How

Everything Has Matched Up

Against Them

The Jews Have Conditioned

Humanity To Have Too Much

Respect For Earthly

Authority This Is How

They Have Deceived And

Stolen From Us For So Long

My Lord And God Please

Help Me I Pray Please

Help Ja Imagine Worlds Of

Wonder Love Justice And

Glory All In Honor To You

Lord And That These

Better Worlds That I

Dream That They Manifest O Please Lord


We Need To Start Exposing

The Jewish Conspiracy To

Control America And Take

Over From Within

Angelic Anunnaki Are Like

Human Deer Hunters And

Human Bull Fighters With

A Focus On The Jewish Variant

America Was Always Great

Until The Jews Used

Subversion To Take

Control Of Media Politics

Corporations And

Government Jews Destroyed America

Pastor Paul Begley Will

Be Judged And Sentenced

To H E L L By Officer

Crawford El Cristo Negro Satanas

When Christ Returns The

Jews Will Go Down With

Electronic Technology And Money

El Cristo Negro Officer

Crawfords Chosen Black

Hebrew Israelites Will

Rule The Gentiles With A

Rod Of I R O N

LIONS OF ISRAEL 12 07 1976 - MARK ALAN KING 12 07 1976 -

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