So Called Prince William Was Being Groomed As The NWO Satanic King Who Stole The Birthrights

Updated: Aug 25

So Called Prince William Was Being Groomed As The NWO Satanic King Who Stole The Birthrights From The Nation Of YASHARAHLA Who Has Now Been Fully Exposed By Mark Alan King and GOD YHWH CHECKMATE

Hosea 4:6 - My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge; because you have rejected knowledge, I reject you from being a priest to me. And since you have forgotten the law of your God, I also will forget your children.

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After I used this channel content their channel was shut down by tik tok the devils did not want this information out - well we got it out - and I am telling humanity the truth - I am who I say I am - and these devils are still trying to steal the birthrights from GOD YHWH nations of real humans


Saturn Serpents Exposed part 2 - The Fake Crown of England - Princess Diana Fakes Her Death Come

Results by Jewish Gematria

Let No Man Beguile You Of

Your Reward In A

Voluntary Humility And

Worshipping Of The Fallen

Angels Intruding Into

Those Things Which He

Hath Not Seen Vainly

Puffed Up By His Fleshly Mind

At The Name Of Jesus

Every Knee Will Bow Of

Those In Heaven On Earth

And Those Under The Earth

And Every Tongue Will

Confess That Jesus Christ

Is Lord To The Glory Of God The Father

By The Two Edge Sword Of

My Mouth Write Uriel Send

Thy Light And Flame To

All Captive Children In

The Earth Open Eyes Of

People Were Are Keep In

Secret For Pleasure Of

Evil Burn Wicked Men Amen

Results by English and Simple Gematria

Pray For The Child

Victims Of The

Cannibalistic Psycho P E

D O Predators Satanic

Kabbalists Of Freemasonry

And Other Secret

Societies Trafficked By

The Millions To Their

Deaths Every Year

Imagine Gods Pain At

Being Rejected By His

Chosen People The Saying

Hell Hath No Fury As A

Woman Scorned Is Untrue

Hell Hath No Fury As A

God Scorned By His Chosen

People Who She Died For

In The Flesh

Let All Those Who Would

Take Away My Light From

Me Utterly Lack Their

Power Let Them Face About

Unto The Chaos And Become

Powerless Who Would Take

Away My Light From Me Utterly

Christmas Is A Go To Hell

Gift From Satan Santa

Claus And His Demon Elves

Hebrew Historians

Establish The Date Of

Birth For Yeshua The

Messiah To Be On

September Eleven In The Third Century Bc

You Adulteresses Do You

Not Know That Friendship

With The World Is

Hostility Toward God

Therefore Whoever Chooses

To Be A Friend Of The

World Renders Himself An Enemy Of God

Now Awakened From

Slumbering By Gematria N

Rising Loveray Sonlight N

His Lovely N Beautiful

Full Harvest Moonlight

Have Their Beautiful

Bright Starlights Shining

Around Them

The Time Has Come For The

Rich To Become Poor And

The Poor To Become Rich

From The Elites Illicitly

Made Wealth Initiate

Hacker Program Project

Financial Mayhem Bank

Deposits To Those In Need From All

What Is Holy Word Of The

Torah Blessed Is He Whose

Help Is The God Of Jacob

Whose Hope Is In The Lord

His God The Maker Of

Heaven And Earth The Sea

And Everything In Them

The Lord Who Remains Faithful

General Petraeus Shape

Shifter Video John Mccain

Deeply Suddenly Shocked

He Couldnt Believe His

Eyes The Behavior Proves

It The Other Officers

Swarmed To Protect And

Block The View Weird

What Is Beyonce And

Taylor Swift And Katy

Perry Want To Be

Christine But They Cannot

Be Because They Worship

Satan And Yet You Worship

Them While Denying Me

Now You Get Them

The Devil Has Deceived

The Entire Population Of

The Earth Into Thinking

And Believing Jesus Is

Coming In The Clouds When

Hes Already Here As An