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Shalom....the Vatican and freemasons did major edits to the Bible

Shalom.... there will come a day GOD YHWH willing soon when the world will fully understand GOD YHWH and higher sources are communicating with us via Gematria.....this day is coming......the Vatican and freemasons did major edits to the Bible so we just have to wait until the real truth is revealed......humanity just does not understand the amount of tampering that has been done to the Bible.....this is the main reason why what I am saying via Gematria seems so strange to many......the serpents had one major goal and that was to totally enslave the bloodline of King David in fema camps for food source.....and the Bible was their #1 tool to get this job done.....when I with GOD YHWH cracked the seals and books via Gematria the serpents wicked plans were fully exposed ...... this is the real reason for the world wide lockdowns ..... this truth shall be revealed to world soon GOD YHWH willing....



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