Serpents Exposed The Disclosure part 1 - WOW WOW and WOW

Updated: Jan 22

Serpents Exposed The Disclosure part 1 - WOW WOW and WOW



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Results by Jewish Gematria

I Know Telling You The

Way Would Make It Easy

But Then Maybe Nothing

Would Change

If You Believe Gematria

Is The Only Truth Maybe

You Have To Learn A

Lesson Or Again Who Knows

Americans Excoriate North

Korea For Its Policies

Yet You Think Nothing Of

Supporting Hilary

Clintons Run For

President After The

Benghazi Atrocity

I Swear To You God Will

Make Isis Pay For Its

Sins God Will Break You

Evil Devils

You Christians Wear That

Cross On You Neck As Some

Death Cult Charm

Reminescent Of The Cult

Of Mithras Now Cut That

Crap Out

We Will Not Live In A

False Grid Anymore The

Matrix Womb Of Sophia

Will Be Unveiled

Guess What Black People

There Is A White Guy Who

Knows How All Of You Think

No Not Going To

Individually Forgive And

Have Mercy While You

Continue To Demonize The True God

Heavenly Father Comfort

Those In This Hour That

Has Lost Loved Ones Moms

And Dads Brothers And

Sisters Aunts And Uncles

Nieces And Nephews

I Spread The Truth About

Their Lies They Fear Me

And Yeah That I Am

Against Myself In Book Of

Revelations Satan Denies

Reincarnation And Claims

People Are Heirs Of Their

Former Incarnations

Ladybug Decode Does James

Shepherd Aka Steven James

Dishon Telepathically

Controls Worms To Do The Worm Dance

They Say They Foiled Me

Well The Son Of Man Is A

Prophet But Also A

Preacher I Am Just Giving

You All A Chance To

Repent Before The End

God Did Not Put Us In A

Simulation Some Devils

Did And We Are Bout To

Blow This Lolipop Stand

And The Truth Shall Set

You Free

Isaiah Thirteen Three I

Have Commanded My

Sanctified Ones I Have

Also Called My Mighty

Ones For Mine Anger Even

them That Rejoice In My


Being Lonely When I Am

Alone But Being Stalked

And Crowded When I Am Out

This Is Horrible But

Soon God Is Sending

Meteorites For All You

The Serpent Of Eden May

Also Be Identified With

Satana The Feminine

Aspect Of Satanas This In

Turn Corresponds To The

Kundalini Serpent Power

Of Indian Tantric Lore

Results by English and Simple Gematria

Confront Chornozon To

Destroy Ego And Achieve


And All Beings On All

Levels On All Dimensions

Ascended Into One Big Joy

In The Final Stages Of

Activating The One Four

Four Crystal Grid

Receive With Simplicity

Everything That Happens

To You

The Saturnists Shall

Descend To The Bottom Of

The Universe

All The Going Ups Will Go

Down And All The Going

Downs Will Go Up

We Currently Live In The

Commerce System Of The

Anti Christ

His Bloodline Is

Connected To Both The

Greek Zeus And Galilean Jesus

Those Pretending To Be On

Christs Side Are Doing

Nothing To Help

Let Us Break Their Bands

Asunder And Cast Away

Their Cords From Us

The Epic Of Gilgamesh Of

Ancient Sumer Includes A

Mention Of Zombies

God Designed Me To Speak

In Gematria And Yet You

Will Not Believe It