Updated: Dec 22, 2021

Sell Out Donald John Trump Is Now Pushing The Covid Booster Jabs Former Supporter Says F * C K Donald Trump What Now Trump Tards

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New Gematria Database Entries About Trump

Trump And Biden Are Fakes

They Are Both Part Of The

Rothschilds Ordo Ab Chao Mission

Anyone That Cant See The

Trump And Biden Clown

Show As A Rothschild

Mockery Of White Male

Patriarchs Is Willfully Blind

R Trump Was Not Elected

He Was Asked Then Placed

Trump Biden Kamala Fauci

Gates Soros Giuliani All

Of Them Are Character

Actors In The Rothschilds

Ordo Ab Chao 33 Brokeback America Show

Trump Is To Be Executed

Today For Running A Scam

Against The Goddess Sophia

El Elyon Hashem Kill The

Trump Family For Crimes

Against Yeshua

Order Of Melchizedeck

Murder Donald Trump For

Crimes Against The Only

Real Yeshua

Aldobrandini Family

Murder Trump And His

Family Tonight

Israel Murder Donald

Trump Tonight

Israel Whipped Off The

Face Of The Map World

Health Organization

California Gone World

Health Organization

Donald Trump Is Not

Yeshua He Is A Con Artist

Only Michael Jamison

Cramer Is The Real Male Yeshua

The Misery And Death Of

The Judeo Masonic

Military Trump Psyops

Will Return To The

Perpetrators 100 Fold

Amen Ordo Ab Chao Is

Eternal Death For These Losers

The Rothschild Federal

Reserve Has Americans

Bent Over A Stump With A

Fake Pandemic Climate

Change And Staged Racial

Injustice Events Cleaning

Us Out As They Drive It Home

Ja Trump Won Epstein