Saturn Serpents Exposed Part Eight Cia Agent Jamie Abdullah Calls Me King David

Updated: Jan 16

Saturn Serpents Exposed Part Eight Cia Agent Jamie Abdullah Calls Me King David

Saturn Serpents Exposed Part 8 Cia Agent Jamie Abdullah Calls Me King David

Results by Jewish Gematria

We Already Know How Its

Going To End

God Is Supreme And Will

Always Be And He Hides

No Truths

The Two Become One Is

The Joining Of The

Pituitary Gland And The

Pineal Gland

Marylin Monroe (aka Jamie Abdullah) Desecrates

The Souls Of Children To

Parasite Off Their

Corrupted Energy

And They Will Cry To

Mountains Fall On Us And

Hide Us From The Face Of


They Shall Know Him By

His Crown Of Rose And


Steven Dishon Can Dish It

Out But Cant Take It When

Someone Fights Back

Please Allow The Popes

Post Arrest Confession To

Benefit All Living Beings

The Police May Have The

Sound And Light Show But

I Got The Aliens

The Orsini Family And

Rosicrucians Were Behind

The Ebola Virus

Joseph Aloisius

Ratzingers Souls Going To

Get Deleted From


I Am Going To Kill Your

Whole Crew Ratzinger

They Torment And

Cannibalize People As

They Claim They Are


Zeus Is Going To Destroy

The Soul Of George Walker


I Wont Tolerate This

Unlawfulness Anymore

From Handsome Down To

Decent Looking And Back

Up To Handsome And Then

Up To Drop Dead Gorgeous

Zach Arzmon Had

Completely Destroyed

Peter Hans Kolvenbach

Steven James Dishon Is

Subhuman And Insecure So

He Feels The Need To Make

Himself God

Pure Wicked And Lying

Hypocritical False

Accusing Psychopaths

It Will Not Be An

Illusion As I Throw

Satans Soul In Helios

You Were All Brought Into

This A World To Learn

The Wicked Convinced That

They Can Do No Wrong

Results by English and Simple Gematria

The Fallen Never Thought

I Would Try Communicating

Through Gematria

Her Son Locked Her Out

Trashed Her Bedroom And

Broke Her Laptop Then

Left Home

Gods Will Is Hidden In

Gematria We Can Do His

Bidding Through Direct


All Those Involved In

Satanic Sacrifices Are

Under Criminal


All You Did Was Get Me

More Set On Incinerating

You Steven James Dishon

O Lord You Will Keep Us

Safe And Protect Us From

Such People Forever

Jamie Cahill Bailey Is To

Get Burned Alive For

Murdering And

Cannibalizing Children

A Warning To You Who The

King Of Kings Is Before

You Blaspheme His Name


Theres Two Enemies Now

Those Of The False Light

And Those Of The Darkness

Queen Elizabeth Will

Relinquish Unto Him The

Throne Of His Father


The Bloodline Of King

David Is At The Right

Hand Where The Waters

Come Together

Zion Is The Lawless

Prison Matrix Within

Saturn Created By Satan

Unless Come To The Lord

As A Child We Will Not

Enter Into The Kingdom Of


Believe Not The Lies Of

The False Prophets Who

Error In Search Of Truth

Steven Dishon Threatens

To Kill Those That Refuse

To Worship Him


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