Saturn Serpents Exposed part 9 - The Rise And Truth of The Negro Is Happening Now

Updated: May 20

Shet Arzmon = NON prince harry ... The entire so called royal family is ONE HUGE FAKE and FRAUD that has already been exposed but hidden from humanity !

Saturn Serpents Exposed part 9 - The Rise And Truth of The Negro Is Happening Now !

I Have A Shirt That Says Last Son Of Krypton


Many new shows Foreshadowing and predictive programming people of color in positions of power ..... Balance and Justice is coming to humanity

Results by Jewish Gematria

The Chosen Ones Of Messiah Yeshua The Prince Of Peace Are Protected From Satan And he Evil Kingdom Of Darkness

The Trojan Horse Of Socialism Not The Gift It Seems To Be Is The Land Of The Brave And The Home Of The Free

The Holy Spirit Has Been With Me More Than Ever Now

Zachary Thomas Arzmon Proclaims That Babies Are Not Born With Beliefs

Only A Moron Would Trust Satan To Give Them Their Desires

Yhsyk Knows He Is The Root Of David The Living God

Latonya Page Involved In Shelayne Amber Greaves Murder

He Whom Is To Be The First And The Last Lion Mashiach Ben David Has An Androgynous Name

Results by English and Simple Gematria

One Hundred Forty Four Thousand Holy People That Are As Successful As Humans Can Be

They Really Are Cannibals And They Buy Blood And Flesh From Abortion Clinics And Hospitals

And In Thy Seed Shall All The Nations Of The Earth Be Blessed because Thou Hast Obeyed My Voice

People Need To Stop Pouring Their Souls Over Money And Start Loving Once Again

Anyone Who Thinks They Will Receive Love And Mercy From A Sadist Is Sadly Mistaken

Sadist definition is - one characterized by sadism : a person who takes pleasure in inflicting pain, punishment, or humiliation on others

A Call For An Uprising Is Really Going To Be Physically Burned Alive For His Execution

I Refuse To Be Enslaved By Their Blind Servitude To Satan And Will Kill Them All If I Need To

To Be Illuminated Means To Be Lucid Inside Of Saturn Which Is A Subconscious Collective

Zachary Arzmon Can See The Occult Tries To Shift Their Judgement Onto Humanity

The Saturn Matrix Is A Three Dimensional Hexagram With Six Illuminati Pyramids

Shet Arzmon Xesually Gets Off To Turning Women Into Dung And That Is A Beelzebub

Sauds Are Pedophiles They Don't Worship Allah They Worship Little White Girls

Monarchs Are Unlawful Entities That Monopolize Land Resources And Authority

If You Bring Your Dog To South Korea And They Ask If They Can Walk It D O N O T L E T T H E M

All Of Those So Called Goddesses Rpae Murder And Cannibalize Men While They Play The victim

When You're Serpent Possessed Then Saturn Has No Reason To Oppress You

The Black Haired Woman Is Posing As The Holy Queen And Helping A Blonde Imposter To Moshiach

Zach Thomas Arzmon Proclaims That Those Being Persecuted Are The Most Spiritual

Zach Arzmon Proclaims That All The Structures In Society Are Fascist Hierarchies

Jehovah Is Flipping The Script For Black People To Replace White People In Power (this is not my opinion I am reporting the Gematria as they come in real time)

Shet Arzmon Steals Credit For His Cousins Spiritual Works Wait That Devil Non Prince Harry Is My Cousin Also Why God Lol (YASHARAHLA this is what netflix new series Bridgerton is all about ... this is soft disclosure about what is coming in the future... people of color in positions of royalty ... the queen and duke in this show are people of color as well as others)(Daniel 7:18 But the saints of the most High shall take the kingdom, and possess the kingdom for ever, even for ever and ever.)(Shet Arzmon = non prince harry he is stealing my work and pretending to be me on spiritual realms and the physical realm)

It looks like we’re going to get a Black Superman movie after all. There were rumors of a Black Superman movie for a few years, but things became set in stone earlier this year when Warner announced that author Ta-Nehisi Coates was set to write the film, and J.J. Abrams is set to produce. Now, Warner Bros. and DC Comics are reportedly “committed” to finding a Black director to direct the film and have already begun their search.

by Dylan Kemp May 5, 2021

Wonder Woman says ..... Kal El (Superman) remember who you are .... you are the first son of Krypton ......

credits .... Kal-El vs Justice League | Justice League

Kal El (Superman) The Last Son Of Krypton Remember Who You Are

Results by Jewish Gematria

Its Different When You

Think About It Like That Isn't It

I Am The True Vine And My

Father Is The Vine Dresser

For I Know Their Works

And Their Thoughts

Words Create Vibrations

That Change Reality

Obama And Cia Paying

Satanic Reprobates To

Gang Stalk The Elect And

Innocent Messengers Of Yah (entry made by Mark Alan King)

Results by English and Simple Gematria

The Fallen Angels Are The

Ones That Created The Black Nobility

From Vancouver To Geneva

February Twenty Third

Women Are More

Susceptible To The Serpent Within

Prayer Warriors Prepare

The Way For King Yeshua

Shapeshifting Using The

Reptilian Xenomorph Device

The Really Annoying

Gigantic Fly Buzzing Above My Head

The Serpent Possessed

Devils That Are Doomed To Death

I Have A Shirt That Says Last Son Of Krypton

Results by Jewish Gematria

Holy Bride Of The Most

Wedding Gifts Ever

I Will Trust God To Bring

Me The Desires Of My Heart

Lioness Of Almighty God

Trust Your Heart The Lord Sees All

Fake People Have An Image

To Maintain Real People Just Dont Care

Why Did We Go Through All This

I Hope God Is Proud Of

The Way I Try To Help

Lift The Pain In All

Hearts Caused Of Satanic

Artificial Intelligence In The Now

The True Creator Only

Exists Through Our Hearts

Results by English and Simple Gematria

The Nephilim Offspring Of

Primordial Fallen Angels

T I C K Tick Tick Tick

Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick

Of Course Its Not Easy

That's Why Its A Task

Let Brotherly Love

Continue Forever And Ever

Then Shall He Sit Upon

The Throne Of His Glory

I Made Many Mistakes But

I am Just Human Like You

(NON) Prince Harry Gets Orgasms

From Eating Pen Ises

Making Money From Other

Peoples Misfortune