SATURN SERPENTS EXPOSED part 2- THE FAKE CROWN OF ENGLAND - PRINCESS DIANA FAKES HER DEATH - Mark Alan King is King David Reborn and Dirty Diana knows this

Dirty Diana Transgender Music Video

PRINCESS DIANA FAKES HER DEATH and Changed her gender - she is now David James Furnish

PHOTO With so called Princess Diana with guy NAMED MARK KING !!! This is a satanic ceremony photo

All of this was discover with Gematria and of course the Holy Spirit and Almighty GOD YHWH !

Results by Jewish Gematria

Super Bowl Liv

Apocalypse Divine Interpretation

You Can Run But You Cant Hide

The Divine Twins Of God

To The Pure Flame That Fills To The Heavens

God Is Not The Author Of Women Beaten

Nobody Cares Enough About Me To Break The Stalemate

The Thirteen Illuminati Families The Thirteen Illuminati Families

K E E P The C H A N G E K E E P The C H A N G E K E E P The C H A N G E K E E P The C H A N G E K E E P The C H A N G E K E E P The C H A N G E K E E P The C H A N G E K E E P The C H A N G E K E E P

Results by English and Simple Gematria

It Only Takes One Person To Change The World

Arrival Of The Holy Spirit Before Apocalypse

The Lion Of The Tribe Of Judah That Opens The Book

Phoenix Is Born Again Hidden In Plain Sight Signs

These Beings Have Telekinetic And Psychic Abilities

Lilith Is A Satanic Witch And Iblis A Satanic Warlock

The Government Pays People To Spy On Him

I Wouldnt Trust Him With A Ten Foot Pole

Alex Jones Secretly Knows Gematria Reveals

Zachary Arzmon Kills The Children Of Darkness


Mark Alan King Is King David Reborn And Dirty Diana Knows This

Results by Jewish Gematria

Its What He Wanted Is For People To Think That He Is Me (satan was attempting to switch identities with me using his serpent devils)

Love Will Not Remove The Seeds Of Satan

Should America Wash Her Hands Of Her Dictator And Get Rid Of The Annoying Ant

I Knew It Then And I Know It Now

What Is A M E R I C A Without L O V E

Enoch Walked With Yhwh

What Is The Purpose Of The Pharmaceutical Industry

David Icke Is Claiming That He Decieves People When He Did Not (David Icke is lying and his forum is run by a bunch of satanist)

Yeshua Says Do Not Persecute Or Touch My Chosen Ones

I Do Not Care If They Are Being Threatened With Torment To Torment Me

The Devil Will Lose To The Word Of God

There Is Nowhere They Can Hide Or Run From Zeus

Henry Charles Albert David Windsor Horsemen Satan

He That Is Greatest Among You Shall Be Your Servant

I Will Be A Wall Of Fire Around Her Says The Lord

What You Think You Become In Heaven

Results by English and Simple Gematria

The Colonna Family Are The Ancient Roman Julio Claudian Family

His Faithful Promises Are Your Armor And Protection

All Their Efforts To Keep God Away Are About To Crush Them

How Can I Guide If They Dont Want To Hear A Different Story

An Illuminati Puppet Bent On Impregnating Many Women (cia agent pimp child trafficker who also tried to steal my identity joseph abdullah)

I Will Forsake All These Devils Including My Own Mother

I Am Required To Tell You This You Are All Going To Hell

The Anunnaki Occupy Planet X This Planet Is Called Nibiru

The Serpent Shall Relinquish Its Control To The Man

Who Is Deleting Other Peoples Entries From This Site

Steven James Dishons Tartarus And Prince Harrys Ares

The Illuminati Dont Have Parietal Lobes Which Is Jupiter

Steven James Dishon Thinks Its Fun Being Destructive

The Fact Is That You Are All Parasites And Have No Real Power

His Only Pleasure Is Causing Suffering Onto Others

Extraterrestrials Visit Earth At Various Times


Dirty Diana T R A N S G E N D E R Music Video

Results by Jewish Gematria

Discovered With Gematria

I Am Master Of My Own Creations

Neodymium Magnets Destroy Chip Implants

I Warned You Already

He Who Has Found The Secrets Of Creation

Holy Bride Of Jesus Christ In The Flesh

A Two Edged Sword

They Use Airplanes To Create Paths For Their Dark Magic

Your Plans Will Succeed

Saved In Jesus Christ Amen

So You Think That Its Over

You Have An Incredible Luck Potential

Results by English and Simple Gematria

I Make Full Proof Of Math Ministry

I Am The Lion That They Want To Kill

Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life

Plasma Charge Affects Electromagnetic Field

His Immortal Majesty Ophiuchus

He Is The Christ And He Is Alive Among Us

Big Dipper And The Secret Of Revelation

Holy Spirit Symbol Apocalypse

He Is A Huge Piece Of The Jigsaw Puzzle

Jesus Is Coming To Save His People

Mother Of Children Whos Father Is God

I Guess Its Time To Move Forward

Many Have Used Him For Their Own Gain

The Sign Given Of The Prophet Jonas

The Feast Of The Immaculate Conception

Offspring Quickens Reincarnation

Magdalene Children Is Sinful Adultery

Ability To Change The World Divine Gene