Netflix Messiah Series Was Cancelled For Telling Too Much Truth (Episode 1 part 1 full breakdown)

Updated: Jan 27

Netflix Messiah Series Was Cancelled For Telling Too Much Truth (Episode 1 part 1 full breakdown)

Cia And Netflix Caught Red Handed With Their Hands All Up In The Cookie Jar !!!

this post below from higher sources came in shortly after this video was made (everything stolen from us YASHARAHLA the serpents will have to pay back)

Does God Love Me That Much

Results by Jewish Gematria

Gematria Is Not Rubbish

Its A Number

George Walker Bush

B L A S P H E M Y Is No Joke

Time To Wake Up

Two Suns

The Word Of The Lord

He Upholds The Cause Of

The Oppressed

Black Magic Sorcery

Turned For Good

The Antichrist Uses


Fire Water Air Earth

The World Is A Stage

Who Is Daddy

Becomes Very Rich

Thinks Its Cool To Be Evil

Subconscious Mind In Saturn

Very Mistaken

New Money

Results by English and Simple Gematria

Barron William Trump

Dec Seventh Dragon Hidden


The World Is Waking Up

Who Is Satan In The Flesh

Blasphemy The Lords Name

Correct Killing Is Bad Karma

What You See Is A Screen

Father Son Holy Ghost

Zeus Arrhenothelus

Popeyes Chicken Sandwich

Directed Energy Weapons

She Has Real Doppelgangers

Gods Rapture Holy Gene

Saturn Moon Matrix

The Real Order Of Events

The World Is Being Lied To

Knight Of The Round Table

Jesus Cast Out Legion

Results by Jewish Gematria

We Are All Looking At The

Same Thing From Different Perspectives

Then He Came And Took The

Scroll Out Of The Right

Hand Of Him Who Sat On The Throne

Not A Clue What They Got

Themselves Into

Zachary James Carr Of

Aledo Illinois I Told All

But Not One Listened (FAKE FRAUD)

Those Who Blaspheme

Against Me Will Be Exterminated

And Ye Shall All Bow Down

To The Slaughter

The Earth Gonna Reverse

Ninety Degree Anticlockwise

Enter My Consciousness

And Lose Your Own

They Believe Saturn Is

The Entire Universe

The Druids Had Served

Ancient Rome And Derived From Egypt

The Lion Of Judah Opens

Book Twenty Thirteen

He Defeats Fascism By

Opening The Book And

Revealing The Word

Diversity Is Poison Unity

Is The Real Truth

God Is Not A Baphomet You

Luciferian Kabbalist

Idiots The Devil Lies Lies Lies

People Searching For A

Way To Connect With God

Lucifer Will Torment

Those Who Defy Him

Wormwood Is Blessing From Above

Steven Dishons Presence

Carries A Demonic Violet Energy

Results by English and Simple Gematria

The House Had A Pink

Countertop In Kitchen And

Pink Tiles In Basement

Mount Armon Or Mt Hermon

Has Been Said To Mean

Mount Of The Curse

An Electromagnetic Pulse

Attack Would Shut Down

The Power Grid

The Golden Sun Discs Are

Being Activated Into

Twelve Helix Spirals

Gateway To The

Crystalline Quickening Of

The Eleven Eleven Eleven

Combining Three Distinct

Vortices Of Different

Telluric Energies

The Funniest Joke I Have

Ever Heard Is That

Cannabis Has No Medicinal Value

Demonic Idiots That Do

Not Realize Their

Existence Is About To End

Moshiach Will Be Baptized

June Twenty Three Twenty Thirteen

The Ones Who Defile The

Souls Of Others Deserve

To Lose Theirs

All Third Eye Saturnists

Are Going To Be Cleansed

Out Of Existence

Zeus Is Going To Destroy

Prince Charles Antoine

Lamoral Of Ligne

Zach Arzmon Doesnt Hold A

Grudge Against Those

Under Mind Control (LIES NOT TRUE)

The True Creator Will

Seek Vengeance On Casinos

Robbing From Poor

It Seems Like Everyone Is

Afraid Of Me Now

Genuinely Frightened Of Me

All Of Them Are False

Accusers Living In A

Delusional Third Eye Dream Realm

Its Lucifer Why Does

Everyone Want To Be Me

Its Not Fun Being Me (FALSE LIES)(cia agent joseph abdullah)

My Entire Familys Wicked

Because Theyre Weak And

Sold Out To Satan

Steven James Dishon Is

Not Only Satanic But He

May Be Satan Himself

One Day Ill Close My Eyes

And When I Open Them None

Of This Will Be Here

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Netflix Messiah Series Was Cancelled For Telling Too Much Truth Episode 1 Full Breakdown

Results by Jewish Gematria

Holy Holy Holy Is The

Lord God Almighty Who Was

And Is And Is To Come

You Must Be Able To

Communicate With The

Unconscious Forces

Guiding Your Life

All Occultists Are Guilty

And Are Worthy Of Their

Souls Getting Destroyed

The Very Essence Of

Reptilian Tearing Out

Childs Heart And Eating

It Sacrifice Magic And

How It Operates

Kings Austin Lee Meredith

And Steven James Dishon

Part Of Body Of Christ

Kingdom Being Revealed (PURE LIES james shepherd aka steven james dishon and Robert Stebbin I know both these lying clowns personally)

Rome Created The Modern

Bible After They

Resurrected Steven James

Dishon Or Satan From His Prison

Truth Sprouted Forth Out

Of The Earth And

Righteousness Looked Down

From Heaven

If You Cant Use Gematria

Properly Then Why Are You On Gematrix

Christs Kingdom Is Being

Revealed There Are No

Secrets I A M King Steven

James Dishon Is I N R I


The Wicked Desire To

Destroy Innocent Souls

Therefore They Must All

Be Destroyed

Women Who Are Cyclically

Abused And Controlled

Over A Period Of Time

I Want To Leave This

World Because This World Is Hell

My Life Will Not Improve

Until Randy Is In A

Mental Ward Or Dead (cia agent gang stalker Jamie Abdullah Aka Latonya)

They Will All Burn In

Hell Fire With Steven

James Dishon

Steven Dishon Maliciously

Targeted Me With A

Satanic Group Of Cyberstalkers

Cannibalism Serves No

Purpose Just A Lie Taught

To Corrupt The Greedy Gullible

God Demands That You

Donald J Dump Accept

Judgement Of Impeachment And Step Down

Jesus The Nazarene

Seduced People Away From


Spread A Little Joy A

Little Happiness A Little

Hope Today Give Love And Take It In

El Cristo Negro Yeshua Y

H W H Second Exodus

Release Our Righteous Humans Go

The Final Code To Break

Christs Second Coming Is

September The Eleventh

The Day Christ Was Born

On Code Cracked

The Pseudo Pandemic Is

Rothschild Funded

Distraction From Their

Nuclear Bomb Matrix

Enslaving Humanity

Where Are The

Civilizations That Built

And Worshiped The Megaliths

Results by English and Simple Gematria

Stop Get On Your Knees

And Ask The Almighty To

Save Us From The Coming Destruction

The Antichrist Beast Will

Declare Himself To Be God

And The Savior Of The

World Jesus Christ

You Think Thinking

Outside The Box Is

Difficult Try Thinking

Inside The Tesseract

Zach Arzmon Proclaims

That The Desire To Be

Worshiped Is The

Characteristic Of A Sociopath

All That You Seek Eternal

Heaven Spirit In The Sky

Revelation Mathematics The Matrix

By The Word Of The Lord

Were The Heavens Made

And All The Host Of Them

By The Breath Of His Mouth

The Matrix Is A Zoo A

Farm A Lab A Prison

Planet A Sound Garden For

Vampires A Cage For Your Mind

If You Think You Know

Everything About Good And

Evil Then Why Are You Still Here

I Might Know Those Matrix

Movies To A Further Depth

Than The Wachowsky Brothers (Sofia Stewart creator of Matrix Movies)

Zeus Enters Into Saturns

Matrix To Help Them And

They All Treat Him Like He Is Satan

But The Earth Had Become

Ruined In The Sight Of

The True God And The

Earth Was Filled With Violence

The Power Of Suggestion

Manifest The Subconscious

Into Conscious Thought Here

Zach Arzmon Proclaims

That Targeted Individuals

Are Experiencing The

Crown Of Thorns

I Do Nothing Of My Own

Initiative But Just As

The Father Taught Me I

Speak These Things

The Abrahamic God Hates

Dogs Because They Are

Mans Best Friend And The

Key To The Rapture And Not Him

So Many People I Speak To

Love Not Doing Anything

Or Going Anywhere Its All So Boring

Zach Arzmons Going To

Kill A Colonna Prince In

The Most Violent Way That Is Possible

I Promise To Spread The

Name Of Jesus Christ To

As Many As I Can And It

Does Not Matter Who (Ha Zeus or Zeus essence was stolen and made into Jesus)

How Amazing We Are All

Connected It Resonates

Evermore Deeply And

Profoundly As We Awaken

Their Lies Will Not Work

Anymore Because Steven

Has Showed Us How To Open The Book (MORE LIES FROM THESE CLOWN)

Some More Stupid Serpent

Recruits On Gematrix But

What Had Happened To The Others

The Fggtoa Imposter That

Is Falsely Calling

Himself Zeus Ombrios Is Mentally Retarded

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Netflix Will Have Some Explaining To Do When We Expose The Messiah Cancelled Series (look up on your own if you wish - some amazing results)

And In The Latter Time Of

Their Kingdom When The

Transgressors Are Come To

The Full A King Of Fierce

Countenance And

Understanding Dark

Sentences Shall Stand Up

Recap Score Card - All the ways Netflix Messiah Told the Truth so far

  1. Christ does not come back in the clouds

  2. cia and world world governments are gang stalking and tracking Christ every move from the start (using family members who sold out cia and cia agent Jamie Abdullah aka Latonya planted Surveillance equipment in my home and cars - I also have dhs agents posing as neighbors with surveillance equipment in and on their homes and I also think the city I live in have dug up the streets to rewire surveillance equipment into the wiring of my home - the cia and usa government also uses satellites and or high altitude balloons to spy on its citizens

  3. Christ is not so called white man