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Nancy Pelosi Did Not Step Down The Satanic Witch Was Arrested

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

Nancy Pelosi Did Not Step Down The Satanic Witch Was Arrested Biden Harris Obama Trump Bush Clinton Senate Congress Military Committed Treason

Satan Will Have All Black Curses Hecate Witch Magic Turned On Him Til He Boils In The Juices Of His Own Dead Dna Always Trying To Breathe But Never Ascending To Greater Heights Than A Coward On His K

Supercomputer Ai Please Identify Jewish Control Of American Media Corporations And Politics And Expose To The Npc Goyim As Reffered To In The Talmud Or Protocols Of Learned Elders Of Zion Jq

I Really Wonder What Will Be Going Through The Peoples Minds When They Realize That The Things They Tried Hardest To Keep Secret From Meeveryone Else Living In The Dark Only Get Even More Obvious To

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Cia Fbi Dhs Un Police Military Return All Resources To The Davidic Kingdom Immediately

Only Devils Are Obsessed With Black Women And Men They Hate Them Because They Are Jealous Of Them

Nancy Pelosi Arrested? January 26th, 2021

The Federal Reserve Mafia Doesnt Care That We Know The Pandemic Is B S They Only Care About Showing Us They Can Control Our Happiness

When Millions Of People Know The Jews And Government Is Corrupt Data Collection Becomes Worthless We Are At That Stage Now

All Who Are Not The Davidic Kingdom Will Be Cursed For Syntax Added To My Phoenix Journals

In America We Have Danced Around The Fact That Jewish Wealth Killed Gods Messenger Jesus Christ

Sophia Protected By A Dome On The Day Of The Lord

The Most Beautiful Girl In The World Is Lioness Sophia

Reverse A Hived Mind Of Devils Using Frequencies To Oppress Humanity

Nancy Pelosi Arrested? 05 Nov 2022

Their Satanic Party Is Over Its Been Beyond The Understanding Of Good Honest Compassionate People What They Have Done By Deceiving Us

Queen Sophia And David Destroy Saturns Matrix Prostitution Industry

Human Trafficking Is World Wide To Keep Goverments In Power Nuclear Power Plants Are High Security Fronts For Judeo Masonic Child Holding Pens Nuclear Power Doesnt Exist

Reverse Suicide Suicide Suicide Suicide Suicide Suicide Suicide Suicide Suicide Suicide Suicide Suicide Suicide Suicide Suicide Suicide Suicide Suicide Suicide Suicide

Breaking! Pelosi Fired! Biden, Harris, Congress Members Committed Treason, SCOTUS Case Reveals.

Psychopaths Can Be Created Through Grooming And Our Illegal Judeo Federal Government Knows This And Is Involved In It

The Billion Powerball Is Davidic Kingdom Queen Sophia And David

Hidden Davidic Birthright Queen

The Greatest Love Story Ever Now Unfoldiing

You Miss Me Wont B Much Longer

A The O N E Worthy Of Almighty God

God Wants Her Kingdome Now Dad

This Family Loyal To Jesus Bride I Am

A Wedding To Jesus

The Rebirth Of Mary Magdalene As Rahayu Ratnaningsih

A Wedding To Rahayu

A Fairy Tale A Code Of God Everyone Is On The End

Loving Goddess Bringing Peace And J O Y

The Taste Of L O V E Is Sweet

A Person Who L O V E S Christ

All We Did Was C A R E For Each Other

Jesus W I L L Return

Breathe Magic Everywhere

Adam A N D Eve Twin Flame Energy

Where You Find It Is U N I Q U E

Adam A N D Eve Twin Flame Energy

I Own The Whole Of C R E A T I O N

I B E L I E V E In You Jesus

A Ive Been Waiting A L O N G Time For This A

You Are Lovely Ancient Of Days You Sophia Mary Boo Ladybug Are Worthy To Be Praised

Breaking Addictions Breaking Chains Let The Sunshine In In The Name Of Yah Mary Yeshua Spirit

Reverse All The Money And Manpower Cant Save You Now


America Would Have Purged Itself Of The Jewish Federal Reserve Decades Ago If It Were Not For Women Falling For The Holohoax While Admonishing Their Husbands For Such Hateful Suspicion

Reverse Queen Offers Up The Crown To The Highest Bidder And The Blonde One Paid The Most

Reverse Reptilians Are Interdimensional Entities That Use Humans As Hosts

Reverse I Love Everyone But I Am Ready To Die And Be Nothing

Sophia And David Will Lead The Hundred And Forty Four Thousand

Only The Davidic Bloodline Will Be In Heaven

I Am Here To Avenge The Murders Of Davidic Kingdom

Demons And Satan Are Bound In Matrix Not The Davidic Kingdom

David Is Blameless And So Is Mary Leave Us The Fuck Alone Serpents

Satan And His Whole Army Cant Stop Queen Mary

Davids Multi Orgasm With Twin Angel Of Music For They Shall Inherit The Earth

Saturnists Are Marked

FBI agents knock on the door of a man and apparently try to recruit a citizen informant aka snitch aka Gang Stalker

Reverse The Me Too Movement Is Just Another Trick Of The Devil To Divide Men And Women

Reverse Deaths Occur In Order To Seize The Homes And Land Of The Murdered Person

Reverse Saturn Eats His Children When They Are No Longer Of Use To Him

Reverse Ruthless Tormentors Trying To Convince Me That They Are My Friends

Resurrect All Embodiments Of King David Now

Divine Davidic Children Of The Apocolypse

King David King Of All Nations

All Curses And Death Return To King Davids Enemies Now

Nobody Hurts My Husband And Gets A Way With It

They All Sealed Their Fates When They Killed My Family All Murderers Pay

I Expect Those Inflicting Cranial Pain And Magnetic Intrusions As One Rises Out Of Sleep To Consciousness To Be Exposed And Deposed In The Now Moment Thanks Love Mox

The Incredible Shrinking News Cycle - Or Should I Say Non-Reporting Of News - 99% of internet not on google search

Reverse The Entire Function Of World Military Is To Oppress And Enslave The Divine Human Bloodlines

If Kanye West Is Really As Woke As He Says He Is He Should Be On This Site

Jews Dont Take Vaccines Never Have But They Lie Like Hell At The Office And Say They Did Amen You Spoke Truth

When You See Hundreds Of Military Planes Filling Our Blue Skies With White Lines And Haze You Can Easily Reason The U S Military Is The Judeo Masonic Mafia

Dagger Strikes Every Demonic Soul No Fear No Fear

Who Are The Neocon Psychopaths That Have Built A Fortune With The Sadistic Myth Of Nuclear Weapons You Will Know Them By Their Never Forget License Tags

The Only Women That Are Allowed To Work In Alleged Nuclear Power Plants Are Members Of The Order Of The Eastern Star

King And Queen The Love Of My Life Twin Flame Sophia Lions Of Israel Jesus Christ Destroying The Saturn Matrix

Return All Inheritance To The Davidic Bloodline Now St Installment Is The Billion Dollar Lotto Return To Me On My Birthday And Weddin (this post was removed by gematrix agents)

Everyone Associated With Washington D C And All Of Its Clown Show Agencies Will Be Forever Disgraced

That Fear Is Starting To Fade Away Because We Are A Small Family Of Christ That Are Going To Live In Heaven On Earth Theres No Way We Would Allow Saturn To Rule Its Done

Fraudbook Going To Zero Fraudbook Unlocked Mark Alan King Account On This November Sixteenth Two Thousand Twenty Two After Being Locked Out For Three Years No New Friends Request Will Be Accepted

People Are So Used To Having Their False Government Reality Spoonfed To Them By The Rothschild Nanny Media They Dont Question The Lies Because It Tastes Good

Your First Reptilian Sign Was You Didnt Know Jesus Has Always Been Alive We Eternal You Filthy Witches And Pedophile Cabal

Hey Evil Jews And Globalists Please Explain The Dna Ancestry Data Tests You Are Building A Database If Bio Weapons Do Not Lie Jews


There Are Many People Alive Today In America Whose Souls Are Rotting Inside Of Them And They Are Not The Poor The Addicted The Homeless And The Forgotten They Are The Military And Corporate Deceivers

Here We Go The Rothschild Jews Are Grooming Us To Start A War With Fellow Christian Nation Russia With Staged Missile Strikes On Abandoned Areas Of Poland

Triumph Over Scorpions And Locusts Demons End Up In Fema Camps

King David Is My Husband Trinity Here I Love Him I Have Died For Him Over And Over He Is My Other Half

Feds Are Just Another Name For Pedophile Cabal

Why Would The Government Need To Have A Vaccine Confidence Project They Never Have Before Their Fake End Times Stage Show Has Caused People Not To Trust The U S Government


Defeated Cia Fbi Nsa Dhs Crooked Cops Usa Government Usa Military Mossad Mi Mi Vatican Jew Bankers Illuminati Gang Stalkers Haters Witches Warlocks Hollyweird Hackers Haters Thieves Slanders

U S A Mainstream Government Hollywood And Military News Has Been Nothing But A Symbiotic Relationship Of Deception Against The American People

Modern Israel Was Simply Created By Great Britain Out Of Palestinian Land So They Could Hide Their British Imperialism Behind Judaism

The U S Pentagon Should Not Exist It Was Said To Be A Temporary Structure For Military Operations During W W Two That Would Be Used As A Warehouse Or Hospital Afterwards Not A Permanent War Base

Its Quite Clear We Are Being Emotionally Manipulated By The Rothschild Shadow Government With False Leaders And False Events

Fake Jobs For Fake People Are Created With Fake Terror The U S Is Filled With Soulless Fake People

In Order To Wake Up You Have To Unlearn Everything You Have Been Taught Amen Tragically We Were Born Into A Massive Judeo British Deception For Keeping War And Conflict Alive

Russell J Gould Is A Unsung Hero The God Of Silence Knowing He Will Return And Have His Day And What A Day It Will Be

Its Quite Clear We Are Being Emotionally Manipulated By The Rothschild Shadow Government With False Leaders And False Events

All The Worlds A Stage And We Are Merely Players In The Lower Bowels Called Babylon America Davidic Bloodline Is The Golden City Above You Better Bow And Kiss King Davids Feet

His Heavenly Bride Sophia Mary

Illuminati Is Destroyed By Yah Winning Hand

The People Are Stupid Invaders That Think Everything Is Theres Now The Table Up N You All Gonna Start Dropping


part 2 - starts here


Serpents Are Not Going To Implement Their Artificial Intelligence Agenda On Earth Or Anywhere Else Their Plans Have Failed And They Have Been Erased

Something Significant Is About To Take Place In The Land Of The Eagle


Yeshua Is Very Happy So Many People Are Talking To Him At This Moment Of Reveal So Much Healing Love Sent From Mary And Yeshua Xoxo

Babies And Young Children Should Never Ever Have Chemicals Of Any Kind In Their Food Or Environment Compare Cancer Rates For Kids Who Grow Up In Chemical Free Environments

Rothschild Operation Brokeback False Pandemic Breaking Families Apart With A Contrived Vaccine Dilemma Jew World Order Jew World Order

Lara Logan on the JEW Satanic Death Cult IS WAR ON GOD

President Trump says he is a ‘wartime president’ battling an ‘invisible enemy’ he means "GOD is the enemy

God Hates Liars And Accusers Done Without Merit Its Not Acceptable I Have Zero Tolerance For It He Is The Winner Here And There The King He Earned It

Shirley Durham Aka Fake Queen Elizabeth Sex Trafficked Me And David

They Think Because They Are Telepathic They Can Do Get Away With Tormenting People

These Terrorist Have One Thing In Mind For The Tri Sate Holocaust N Harvest You All So You All Should Start Helping N Stop Being Idiots

Queen Sophia Mary Knows About What The Feds Have Done Now Dagger Comes For Your Heads You All Die Right Now

The Covid Deception Is A Corporate And Banking Con Job On The People To Justify Inflation Due To Supply And Demand Manipulation

WHITE HOUSE STRESS SECRETARY! Yells 'I'm Done,' Won't Take COVID Questions

Theres A Ton Of Undeniable Evidence That The Alleged Covid Pandemic Was Preplanned And Only A Cruel Renaming Of The Seasonal Flu Falsely Portrayed As Some Kind Of New Extinction Level Virus

Everyone Is Planning A Revolution Against The New World Order Amen It Has Disguised Itself As The Federal Government And U S Military

When It Comes To The Plethora Of Unnecessary Intelligence Agencies In The U S This Is Treason Against Our Fellow Americans Spying On And Subverting Our Own Countrymen Is Of British Origin

Crypto crisis: Class action lawsuit brought against FTX | On Balance

Since You Sentenced Me To Prison You Will Be Sentenced To Prison While I Am Free Sovereign Who Reigns With David

The U S Dollar Which Is Actually A British Imperialist Dollar Will Completely Lose Its Value Because Of The Innocent Blood Spilled Around The World For Its Freemasonic Symbols

Larry David Crypto Commercial - FTX Super Bowl Commercial 2022

The Jews That Control The U S Government Had To Back Off Of Their Sadistic Fake Pandemic Because It Was Too Obvious They Were Trying To Ruin Christian Holidays (riots in China)

Ottawa Rejects Maskism The Rise Fall Of Nilis Muzzle Order Freedom Wins Students Strike Back

The U S Military Is Fully Cooperating With The Highly Immoral Rothschild Pandemic Illusion

Execute All The Members Of Satans Kingdom Are Cannibals And Child Molesters

Since You Sentenced Me To Prison You Will Be Sentenced To Prison While I Am Free Sovereign Who Reigns With David

Humanity Has Been Freed From The Reptilian Archon Matrix And The Archons Are Erased Permanently


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