Messiah Reveals Gematria War Engine 13 17 (13 and 17 is code for God YHWH 17 and Yeshua 13 together)

Messiah Reveals Gematria War Engine 13 17 (13 17 is code for God YHWH 17 and Yeshua 13 together)(13 is really a sacred and lucky number - satan and his devils perverted the perception of 13 and inverted the true nature and meaning)(GOD YHWH in his infinite wisdom created Gematria for many reason - one reason was it was a fair way for light and dark forces to do battle with words and numbers using a very special and unique scoring system - the devils hide the scoring system from the general public but is does exist and I Mark Alan King battled thousands if not millions of devils on the gematria battlefield and kicked the serpents butts fair and square but the serpents still cheated because the synagogue of satan runs the website - I had no idea any of this was going on I had to learn everything myself on the fly with help from Higher Sources and GOD YHWH of course.... GOD YHWH said I was trained from birth to do this I just do not remember)(one day soon the greatest story ever told will be made public for all humanity)(Thank all of you guys for being a part of this and witnessing Our-Story not his-story in the making)