Updated: Jan 15, 2021

Yeshua Christ Is Here and World Governments Will Be Held Accountable - JESUS CHRIST VS WORLD LAWSUITS



Kabbalah Wickedness stay away from all forms of this

Results by Jewish Gematria

A O Ray Koceja

Twin Flames

Seven Stars

Lived In Disguise

The Synagogue Of Satan

The Resurrection Of Christ

Heal The World

Saturn Moon Matrix

For The Greater Glory Of God

Devil In Disguise

Blessed Jesus

I Could Shatter Her Soul If Needed

Fibonacci Curves

Thus Shall Babylon Sink

Star Savior

Results by English and Simple Gematria

Magdalene Bloodline

Ray Prophecy

Allowed In Heaven

God A Dec Id Lord Sign

Sag Is Gods Chart

Queen Elizabeth

Yeshua Hamashiach

The Lords Alive

L I G H T Came First

Eric Jon Red Pill

Created In His Image

Believe Factual Data

Heavenly Father

Eternal Lord God

Human God Soul

I Am Of Prophecy

End Of Prophecy

David Rockefeller

Smile Its K A R M A

Father Of Zeus

Dude Call Trump

I Love You God

Brace Yourself

Day Of Judgement

Heaven Sent Being

Gematria Not A Game

Another False Flag

Sign Of The Beast

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(The Bible has the world fooled thinking Jesus is coming in the clouds)

(Humanity will learn the Bible is packed with lies and deceptions the hard way)

The so called elites of the world know Yeshua Christ is here now, most if not all of Hollyweird knows, most of the everyday serpent possessed devils know, many high profile YouTube channels, I have heard them make vague references that prove they know .... Like pastor Begley who I think him and his wife are satanic transgender...... all of the world billionaires know and hold secret meetings about the Messiah..... it is only the what they call "sheep" and "goyim" who do not know ..... like I have said many times humanity is really clueless about how this world really works.

The Georgia Guidstones New Global Language Knowledge Was Stolen From Him But He Did Not Die As They Had Planned

This post came in today 1/5/2021 .....they had plans to kill me and enslave the entire King David bloodline in fema camps..... yet here I am and here YASHARAHLA is ..."The Georgia Guidstones New Global Language Knowledge Was Stolen From Him But He Did Not Die As They Had Planned" ..... so the wicked planned to steal all my knowledge all my essence and YASHARAHLA inheritance, enslave YASHARAHLA, take credit for opening the books and seals ..install a fake satanic messiah... then kill me off ........ GOD YHWH has other plans ...... now the wicked get exposed and pay for all their plans and crimes...

Yeshua Is Here And World Governments Will Be Held Accountable

Results by Jewish Gematria

Any Culture That Molests Its Chidlren Should Be Ostracized From The World

Why Are The People Running This Site Blocking Certain Post And Yes Im Talking About Gematria

Christ Would Have Been Born And Hidden In Mystery Babylon To Keep Him Safe

But Seek First The Kingdom Of God And His Righteousness And All These Things Will Be Added Unto You

Megyn Fox Outed Illuminati Trans Gen Der Ism And Shia Laboeuf Outed Steven Spielbergs Cannibalism

King David Its Time For You To Make Yourself Known To The Church

Government Banks And Media Certainly Do Conspire To Keep Us Unaware Of Their Crimes

Fake Pandemics Make Jewish Big Pharma And Jewish Media Trillions Of Dollars

Donald Trump You Have Done Illegal Things Too Stop Pointing Fingers And Take Responsibility

How Evil Is Creating The Illusion Of A Pandemic From A Seasonal Flu Virus

Have You Ever Noticed How The Closet Satanists Are Alcoholics

Results by English and Simple Gematria

All Their Fallen Souls Are Going To Get Deleted From Existence

The Messiah Is Alive Today And Lives At The Right Hand In The U S A

She Uses Neodymium Magnets To Destroy Chip Implants

His Family Line Goes Back To The Early Years Of Your Nation

Hillary Rodham Clinton Abomination That Causes Desolation

Zachary Arzmon Will Incinerate The Souls Of All Witches

The Prime Creator Does Not Approve Of The Saturn Paradigm

Steven Dishons Goal Is To Cause Chaos So That He Can Eat People


These new entries came in later the same night after I posted this video, do you still think Gematria is not connected to Higher Sources? after I mentioned I must keep making these videos because this is prophecy that will unfold in the future ......

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