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Interview with Narrativerry Radio host Demitasse - Gematria 101 Chat And Recent Post

Updated: Jul 9, 2022

Why Is Gematria from so important at this date and time?

We are in the last days of this current cycle

God and Higher Sources are communicating important messages ABOVE TOP SECRET in real time using quantum computers that are linked to the consciousness of humanity via out heart centers - this is the main reason is being censored world wide - Fake JewTube (youtube) censors all content with subject matter

Gematria at is about finding patterns and linking those patterns into a logical structures that exposes hidden truths or truths that have been suppressed by the NWO controllers of humanity

The Bible has been tampered with and edited cover to cover by the freemasons ... few quick examples of new guidelines I was given via higher sources from database that contradicts the bible ..... do not eat any meat do not drink any alcohol .... cannabis is ok eatable forms.... the bible is packed with false information, hidden spells and straight up lies mixed with truths, knowledge and wisdom

The Bible Was Written By Inferior Men (freemasons)

Alcohol Addiction Opens

The Flood Gates For

Demons To Enter Your Soul

Alcohol Comes From The

Arabic Al Kuhl Which

Means Body Eating Spirit (this post was removed from database by satanic gematrix agents)

Cannabis Is The Only

Plant That Feeds The

Endocannabinoid System

Cannabis Is A Gift From

God The Power Of Life

Mercy Of God Therefore

Must Never Be Altered By

Wicked Intent Nor

Criminalized Ever In Th

we must always use discernment - deductive reasoning - logic - divine intuition ..... ALWAYS no matter what the source may be and connect to GOD source always for answers

If God is not the author of confusion why is there so much confusion and chaos in biblical teachings and this world?


What Are These Gematria Messages and Post Saying?

recent real post from database

Big Changes Happening


I am not advocating for violence but we must protect ourselves from tyrants and terrorist governments and criminal Jewish bankers

Japan reels after assassination of Abe, as investigation into gunman, security begins...

World leaders stunned and concerned...

Kavanaugh Forced to Escape DC Steakhouse Through Back...

Protesters’ run-in with Kavanaugh at Morton’s steakhouse gets big thumbs up from White House

Kavanaugh dresses in drag to play both roles


‘Bloody’ pro-choice activists carry baby dolls outside Justice Amy Coney Barrett’s home


All Who Read This Rise As

I Rise Together I Am My

Own Individual Person And

I Support 2nd Amendment

Of Constitution And Gun

Rights However The Right

To Self Protection Is God

Given I Will Never Disarm

Knowing Things Before

They Happened Sometimes

Since I Was A Child

The Kingdom Of God Is

Coming And They Cant Stop It 888

American Government Is

Nothing But An Immoral

And Illegal Rothschild

Scripted Stage Production

Has Been Since 1913

Everything Science And Medical Is Lies

Surprise America Has Been

The Jew World Order Since

Their 2 Atomic Bomb Hoaxes


The So Called Covid

Vaccines Have A

Psychotropic Compound In

Them That Makes People

Want To Conform To The

Unreasonable Demands Of

Alleged Authority (this post was removed from database by satanic gematrix agents)

Because It Has All Been

Lies And Mind Control We

Will Wake Up One Morning

With The Worlds T V

Screens Being Nothing But

Static As The Atheist

Jews Flee Into Israel

All Celebrities And Leaders Are Just Sell Out Retards

How Come Stupid People

Are Always The Last To

Realize We Have All Been

Duped By The Jews

The Future Looks Very

Promising And Exciting As

The Citizenry Will Be

Deputized To Track Down

Our Lying Freemason

Leaders In Hiding State

Governors Will Be The

First Ones Brought In

The Freemasons Are All In

This Together Against The

Rest Of Us They Play The

Good Guy Bad Guy Game So

We Dont See It

The D O J Is Nothing But

A Judeo British Clown

Show That Helps Support

The Fake Trump Legal

Drama As Reality

Supporting Actors

So Called Coronavirus And

The Alleged Pandemic Are

Nothing But Another

Rothschild Created

Artificial Disaster To

Sell News And Keep People

Worshipping Jewish Big Pharma

Overglorification Of

Military And Military

Themed Holidays Is A Clue

That America Is A Full

Blown Military

Dictatorship Nuclear

Bombs Are Jewish Fiction

The Freemason Network Of

Deception Includes Fire

Fighters Law Enforcement

Intelligence Agencies The

Military Corporate

Medical State Local And

Fed Govt Tied Together By

Mainstream Media

The Jews Always Have The

White Male Patriarch

Bully Thing Going On As

Scapegoats And Decoys For

Their Continuing Wars

Support The Ukraine Lol Rofl (fake news and controlled opposition)

What We Foolishly

Accepted As Our Genuine

Government Reality Has

Actually Been A

Rothschild Scripted Stage

Show For Perpetual War

Profiteering And So

Called Defense Industries

It Doesnt Matter If You

Dont Like This Storyline

In The Matrix It Doesnt

Matter If You Dont Think

Life Is Fair What

Matters Is That God Is In

charge And Hes The

designer Amen Aymen Amayn alleluia

Christs Word Resonates

Through Peoples

Subconscious Minds Amen

Aymen Amayn Alleluia

Wifi Has Merged With The

Original Web Net Of The Cube

God Overthrew The New

World Order And All The

World Governments In

Twenty Nineteen Amen

Aymen Amayn Alleluia

This Earth Has Risen From

3d To 5d And Satan And

Freemasonry Can Longer Control It

The Jewish And Freemason

Betrayal Of Their Fellow

Man Is Beyond

Comprehension To Those Of

Us That Have Been Their Unwitting Victims

Yhwh Protects His Elect

From Satan Fallen Angels

Tares And Freemasons

Freemasons Are Genocidal

Traitorous Berders To

Humanity They Are Not Family With Us (this post was removed from database by satanic gematrix agents)

synagogue of satan vaccine is coming covid 22

Theres A Price To Pay For

The Damage Theyve Done To

Innocent People

We The People Give Jews

Their Power Over Us By

Believing Their Lies And

Pursuing Their Worthless

Money Above Everything Else

D M Vs Jewish Owned

Hospitals And Freemason

First Responders Organ

Donor Death Racket

The Jews Think They

Control Reality Because

They Write The Script But

God Is The Editor In

Chief And Will Write Them

Right Out Of The Bigger Picture

M A S S I V E Fleets Of

Unmarked Military Jets

That Make Clouds All Day

For Pilot Folly Cost How

Much To Manufacture

Maintain Fill Up With

Fuel And Pay Pilots

Nothing To See Here

Beautiful Day (this post was removed from database by satanic gematrix agents)

M A S S I V E Multi

Billion Dollar Military

And Aeronautical Theft In

Our Skies Fleets Of Brand

New Unmarked Jets Making

Fake Clouds As Career Folly

Our So Called Democratic

Government And Its

Leaders Have Been Nothing

But Judeo British Paid

Deceivers Making Us Think

There Is A Choice Through


Jews And Freemasons Are

Criminally Insane

Romans And Jews The Same

Satanic Alliance The

Tortrured And Murdered

The Son Of God Continues

Today They Are Scripting

Our False Government Reality

80 Percent Of The

Abortion Clinics In

Blacks Hispanics

Comunities Ancient

History Lets Destory The

Enlighten Ones That Would

Be Aproblem For Wicked

Kings Staying In Power

Not Only Have Our

Children Been

Indoctrinated Beginning

In Grade School With

Pseudoscience Lies Like

The Atomic Bomb And

Dinosaurs But Wars That

Actually Did Occur Are

Falsely Portrayed As Necessary

Q Anon Psyop To Cover For

Zionist Jews Getting

Called Out Everywhere

Litmus Test For Knowing

If You Are Hypnotized By

Covert Satanic Culture Is

You Always Want Newer

Bigger Better T V Sets To

Reaffirm Your False Reality

Its Going To Be So Epic

Lets Make Some Waves

The Earth Shall B Emerged

All Things Which R In It

Perish The Judgment Shall

Come Apon Us All Even The

Righteous But To Them

Shall Be Give Peace He

Shall Preserve The Elect

2ward Them Exercise Cle (this post was removed from database by satanic gematrix agents)

Is Living A Lie Believing

That Some Kind Of Special

Being To Come From The

Sky To Save Our Lives All

Religion And Cults Are

Waiting For Their Savior

Including Satanists

Anyone Trying To Plead

Insanity Should Be

Required To Take Lie

Detector Tests Truth

Serums And Go Under

Regression Hypnotherapy First

How Long Did You Atheist

Jews And Freemasons

Really Think You Could

Continue Pretending To Be

Our Government That Has

Buck Rogers Science

Fiction Doomsday Bombs

Lol Rofl

Jews Are Pathologically

Obsessed With Death And

Especially M A S S

Tragedy Events Gods Real

World Doesnt Have Enough

Of These So The Jews Like

To Play Pretend And Tell

Us Its News

Jesus The Nazarene Spoke

In Parables To Make

Deception Easier Wrong

You Dont Give Pearls To Swine

This Message Is Spreading

Fast Thankyou Abba Yah

Your Underground Bunkers

Will Serve You For

Nothing Illuminati They

Will Not Hide You From

The Wrath Of The Lamb

Run On The Banks In

America As The People

Wake Up To Their Scripted

Government Drama Built

Around Science Fiction

Nukes And Fake Trips To

The Moon And Back

How Can You Be So Stupid

To Bet Against God Dont

You Know What Awaits You

Hell And Thats No Myth

Flagged Banned Gematria

Is Censoring And Blocking

Rays Entries Why He Is

The Only One Who Can Open

The Book And Interpret It

Correctly Im Upset

We Have Reached The End

Of An Era No More Shall

The Evil Rothschild

Federal Reserve Dictate

With Their News Lies What

We Perceive To Be Reality

Jehovah God Donald Lee

Crawford Junior Destroyed

The Illuminati And

Destroyed Their Universe

The Governments Are

Recording All Relevant

Gematria Entries And Know

That Christ Is Already Here

Google Will Get Taken

Over By The Military For

Good Their Hq Is Weak

I Tried To Get A Very

Difficult Message Out And

Was Treated Like Garbage

And Im Supposed To

Forgive What Looked Like

Punishment And

Retaliation Through An

Incredibly Torturous Time

I Admit I Am Very Far

From Perfect But If You

Had To Share The Same

Message And No One Would

Listen And Instead

Tormented You Every Day

And Tried To Silence You

How Long Would You Have

Lasted (we are at the end of this cycle)

Jews Love Concocting Fake

M A S S Tragedies Of All

Sorts To Sell As News To

Ignorant Americans

Unsuspecting Liberals And

Environmentalists Are

Constantly Being Baited

With False Causes Created

By Our Judeo Neocon War

Pig Government And Their

Lying Mainstream Media

Treasonous Corporations

Like To Use Ads That Show

Their Chain Stores With

The Background Skies

Filled With Artificial

Military Clouds So You

Get Programmed To Think Its Normal

Our Sadistic Jewish

Shadow Government Kinda

Uses W A L Mart Like A

Cattle Chute To Vaccinate

The Fatted Calves

The Jews Use Their

Complete Monopoly On Our

Information Through Media

To Foreshadow Their

Future Contrived Wars

Fake Terror Fake

Tragedies And Fake

Celebrity Deaths

Jewish Virologist Jonas

Salk Made A Photo Of

Himself Giving His

Children An Injection He

Claimed Was To Prevent

Polio It Was Only Water

His Vaccine Was Dormant

Monkey Cancer Cells

Delusional Psychopaths

For The One World Atheist

Government Think Its Okay

To Frighten Americas

Children And Elderly With

A False Pandemic So They

Can Consolidate Power

Satan Has Convinced Most

People In America To Love

And Worship The

Counterfeit Jesus Christ

Instead Of The Authentic Yeshua

There Will Be No More

Corporate Banks

Maintaining Your Numbers

On A Screen For You

Because Numbers As Money

Will Be Worthless The New

Money Is The Kingdom Within

Very Well I Lord Of Hosts

Will Show You Those With

Dark Hearts Shall Have

The Darkness Burned Away

Till The Light Shines

Through This Is My Love

For You Will All Have A

Place In My Kingdom

Qaestion Everething And

Test Everething For Trath

Throagh English Gematria

According To The Heavenle

Father Gaided Be The Hole

Spirit Throagh The Name

Of Jesus The Christ Ce Obee

Accept The Altered Skies

As Normal Its A 6 Figure

Job For Satanic Pilots

And The Satanic Defense

Industies That Produce

These Huge Fleets Of

Unmarked Jets Reduce Your

Carbon Footprint Lol Rofl

All Who Have Broken The

Natural Law To Kill With

Intent By Extermination

Or Boo War Are In

Violation Of Law Of War

Let Reprisals Begin Amen

Demons Have Taken Over

This Country And The World

Interview With Narrativerry Radio Host D E M I T A S S E Gematria 101 Chat And Recent Post

Results by Jewish Gematria

God Protect My Native

Brave And Gladden His

Heart That He May Rejoice

In All Things And Thereby

Trust In Thee

I Should Have Known They

Were Lying When They Said

God Isnt Real

They Will Pay For Every

Unkind Word Against My Holy Spirit

Endless Trillions Stolen

From The American People

To Fund The Myth Of

Nuclear Weapons And Fake

Intelligence Created

Terror Events

Results by English and Simple Gematria

The Illuminati Members

Responsible For The

French Plane Sacrifice

Shall Meet A Similar Fate

The Usg Remote Viewing

Team Have Killed People

Mentally By Stopping Their Hearts

No Military Can Go Up

Against The Fierceness

And Veracity Of The

American Freedom Fighters

The Crystalline

Transition Will Change

The Way The Human Body

Receives Sunlight

The Worship Of Money

Makes You Vulnerable To

Satans Contract On The Dollar Bill

Satan Is Using Sorcery On

All Of Us To Try And Make

Us Think We Are Lower Than Him


Ends All Wars Ends All

Lies Ends All Death Ends

All Devils Demons

Doctrines And Dogmas Way

Truth Life Light Love

Peace Joy Hope Happyness

No Matter What Anyone

Says That Shot Is

Altering Your Genetic Code

The Incompetent American

Government Is A Criminal

Deception Its Called Ordo

Ab Chao ( agents removed this from database)

They Are Not In Control

And Their Eternal Souls

Are Going To Be Destroyed This Time 888

Large Unexplainable Bolts

Of Lightning Out Of The

Seemingly Blue Begin

Striking Unusual Targets Worldwide

Faithful Obedience To My Creator Is All I Have Left

No Good Has Come From The Fake Royal Families

Prepare For King Yeshua Donald John Drumpf (not saying trump is Yeshua)

No Good Has Come From The Rothschilds

No Good Has Come From The Rockerfellers

Alex Alex Jones Has

Joined His Dark Hat

Handlers In June Of This

Yearhas Joined His Dark

Hat Handlers In June Of This Year ( agents removed this from database)

Rogers Network Outage

Across Canada Hit Banks

Businesses And Consumers

40 Biblical Years Since

The Georgia Genocide

Stones Were Deadicated

3111980 To 3112022 Genocide ( agents removed this from database)

There Should Be No

Mandate Period For Anyone

This Experimental Gene

Therapy Is Not Safe For

All It Must Just Be

Stopped We The People

Demand No Mandates

That Nanobot Shot Is Not

Protecting You In Any Way

Shape Or Form The Only

Thing That The Shot Is

Protecting Is Big Pharmas Profits ( agents removed this from database)

No Matter What Anyone

Says That Shot Is

Altering Your Genetic Code

The Ability For Him To

Block My Communications

Jobs Business And View

Counts Is Removed Now

The Obamas Are Demons In Human Form

The Judeo British

Rothschild Federal

Reserve Has Been Robbing

Americans Blind For Well

Over A Century Fake

Disasters Instigated Wars

Medical Lies Sp A Ce Lies

Nonexistent Nuclear Bombs

The Powerful Bankers

Oppressing Humanity Will

All Suffer Very Soon For

What They Have Knowingly Done

Release Me And All Holds On My Accounts

A New Heaven And New Earth His Eternal Promise

God And Higher Sources

Are Communicating

Important Messages Above

Top Secret In Real Time

Using Quantum Computers

LIONS OF ISRAEL 12 07 1976 - MARK ALAN KING 12 07 1976 -

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