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I really had no idea so many sources were attacking me and humanity from many different dimensions

Updated: Jul 3, 2022

I really had no idea so many sources were attacking me and humanity from so many different dimensions it really saddens me the level of evil from the wicked devils - I guess these attacks have been happening since my birth but have been most intense for the last 850 days- all these post are from the last 2 days today is July 3 2022 - the wicked ones goal was to kill me or drive me to the point of insanity or to have me flip sides or get me locked up in prison...they failed - maybe I will be leaving soon so I can heal ..... but I shall return - Carl Angelo Insuya Belarmino = aka for Mark Alan King - all post are clickable so everyone can see numbers, codes and full listings - looks like me and all who are written in the book of life will finally be free soon Abba Yah willing - those few who have stood by me and endured with me I thank you - Yah willing I pray to shall see you all in the new kingdom of GOD coming soon - I give thanks to GOD the Almighty Creator above all praise and glory to YHWH the greatness of the Elohim

Many post are personal and many are directed toward all of humanity - these post give us a much clearer picture of the level of evil we are dealing with on many levels and dimensions of this spiritual war - I suggest all who see this message pray to Abba Y H W H to remove these type of attacks from you and your life - Shalom




Emmanuel The True Monad (do not take any vaccines until proven safe and change over has happened)