Fake Jews Did 9-11 We All Need To Unite Against The Synagogue Of Satan Jews Troublemakers

Updated: Apr 11

Fake Jews Did 911 - Fake Nukes N Covid We All Need To Unite All Ethnic Groups Against The Synagogue Of Satan Jews Troublemakers Of The World And Parasites Of The Planet Who Have Declared War On God People

The Jews Are Satans Chosen Ones Which Means They Were Set Up To Fail Those That Know And Love The Father Son And Holy Spirit Are Gods Chosen Ones And Will Inherit The Earth

The British Rothschilds Bankrolled The Slave Trade And The American Civil War

Ciabfiice Conspiracy To Destroy Messiah Revealed Bloodline Inheritance At Stake (wicked gematrix.org agents removed this post)

An Israeli Supposed Art Team Known As The E Team Lived And Rented Multiple Floors On The World Trade Center To Plant Explosives Prior To The Nine Eleven Attacks

The Jews Have Hyperventilated The American Economy Only For Themselves And The War

Pigs With The Big Lie Of Nuclear Weapons Collapse Is Imminent

All Trafficking Human Organs Are Erased Deleted Extinct M Q

Ciabfiice Conspiracy To Destroy Messiah Revealed Stolen Identity And Inheritance Rich

Bloodline Hidden The Wicked Plans Foiled By Mark Alan King And Abba Yah

I Bet You People Wish Y I Ou Wouldntbeensplitting Up My Birthright And Selling S Now Huh Yeah Cuz I Will Make All Regretit Killeverygoddamn One Of You For It Including The Two Orphans What T

How Long Until We Find Out That The Covid Vaccine Was Itself A Biological Weapon

The Destruction Of The World Trade Center Towers Were Pre Planned By The Jews Look Up Dancing Israelis And The E Team

People That Return To Theaters Of War Over And Over Are Psychopaths Craving Death And


My People Are Destroyed From Lack Of Knowledge B 13 17

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Covid 19 Was Planned Decades Ago As The Hoped For Crisis That Would Have Americans Accept The Jewish Banking New World Order (prophecy alert Higher Sources said over 1 year ago covid would just fade away from news headlines as if it never existed .... that is happening now)

In One Hour Destruction Comes 13 17

All Drinking Human Blood And Paying Homage To Satan Are Erased Deleted Extinct M Q

The Holohoax And The Hiroshima Nagasaki Fairy Tale Were Scripted By The Jews To Stigmatize Christianity

Gods People Are Now Slowly Converging As One M A S S Of The Holy Spirit Surrounding And

Engulfing The Satanic False Reality Makers

Humanity Question Who Is Satanic Witch Audrey Rebecca Bashaw From Mesa Arizona Why Is The Satanic Child Trafficking Child Killing Criminal Mormon Church Terrified Right Now

The So Called L D S Church Is Essentially Nothing But A Bank Owned By The Jews With A False Christian Front They Commandeer Estates Of The Lonely Elderly

The L G B T Q Community Will Burn In H E L L Along With Fallen America

All Hollywood Celebrities Are Part Of The Evil Judeo Masonic Satanic Vatican Distraction

Effort You Are Entertained Within The Matrix Legions Under Church Of Satan

The Fake Shot Changes Dna Sequence Disallowing The Holographic Dna Receptor

To Transmit To The Divine

If Nukes Really Existed Supposed Fallout Shelters Would Not Be Forgotten And Abandoned They Would Be Modernized And Dug Deeper Into The Earth To Match The Alleged Increasing Power Uh Oh The Pandemic (NUKES ARE 100% FAKE)(JEWS ARE LIARS)

Its Common Knowledge Now In 2022 The Jews Conducted The 911 Terror Attacks So They Could Start A War In The Middle East They Control The Us Gov Jews Need To Be Removed To Restore America

Divine Wrath Of The Father Lord Yahweh And The Vengeance Of The Son Lord Yahushua Will Be Known By The Antichrist The Jewish Race For Abominations

Usa Needs To Stop Sending Money To Israel And Kick All The Subversive Jews Out Of Government

The Lavish Lifestyles Of Career Military Families In The U S Steals Food Off Of The Plates Of

Starving Children Worldwide Nuclear Bombs Are A Fabricated False God Of Theft And Wealth

Jews Infiltrate Governments As Parasites Which Explains Why The Usa Wastes So Much Money On Israel

Those That Took That Satanic Leap With The Jews Then When They Imposed The Atomic Bomb Lie On Human Consciousness And Now By Continuing To Support It Will Be Stuck In Hell For Eternity

Donald John Trump Is A Jew For The Rothchilds Bounty Hunters And Mobs God Wills It Jews Did Nine Eleven As A Ritual Coronavirus Is A Hoax Fauci Is A Talmudic Crypto Jew

Obama Trump And Biden Are Preplanned Zionist Installed Fake Presidents To Divide And Demoralize Americans Rise Up The Jews Are Demons


SISOLAK SHAMFULLY CONFRONTED AND HUMILIATED AT A RESTAURANT (bounty hunters are coming for these devils soon)

The Term Jews Should Always Be Remembered For The Nine Eleven Two Thousand And One Terrorist Attacks Upon The United States The Jews Did It To Start A War In The Middle East

Should The Jews Be Executed For Crimes Against Humanity Or Should They Be Exiled For

The One Hundred And Tenth Time For Similar Crimes

What Happens When The Jewish Conspiracy Is Exposed Will The Jews Be Executed Or Exiled

If America Can Ever Be Saved And Become The True America The Jewish Israel Parasites Need To Be Exposed And Removed




The World Trade Center Towers Were Built Specifically To Be Destroyed In Jewish Masonic Ritual On September Eleventh Two Thousand And One


The Book Of Revelation

Was Written In The 4th

Century To Serve As

Talmudic False Prophecy

Hoping To Overshadow The

Genuine Prophecy Of Jesus

Christ Called The Beatitudes (the freemason took from other books like the book of Enoch)

Mark Alan King Says Get

Out Of My Castles Lizards

And Get Off My Land

Squatters Lizards In The

Uk And Around The World

You Devils Are Done Abba

Yehowah Y H W H Please

Render Judgment On These Devils

Myk Hyn Codes Ra Raw

Ronald 5gisq This Life Is

Nothing But A Test Where

God Puts Us In A Virtual

No Win Situation That We

Need To Overcome And We

Create Our Own Individual

Realities By Our Choices

Dear God Please

Exterminate All Who

Oppose You Thank You Aman

Amen So Mote It Be

Abracadabra I Manifest As I Speak

They Are Staging End Of

World Events As A Scare

Tactic To Maintain

Control 022580 Please

Stop These Events Abba

Yah And Remove All Devils

Who Are Doing This In The

Now And Forevermore Amen

They Are Staging End Of

World Events As A Scare

Tactic To Maintain

Control 022580 Please

Stop These Events Abba

Yah And Remove All Devils

Who Are Doing This In The

Now And Forevermore Amen So Mote It

They Will Regret Ever

Messing With You You

Wicked Devils Should Have

Mind Your Business And

Left Mark Alan King Alone

Greedy Billionaires

Calling Me Worthless For

Exposing Their Wickedness 13 17

In The Name Of The Father

And Of The Son And Of The

Holy Spirit 13 17

Do They Really Think I

Will Show Them Mercy

After All That 13 17

Failure To Recognize

Telling Lies Tricks The

Mind Good Liars Have To

Believe Their Lies But

Through These Lies It

Infects Their Unconscious

And The Subconscious

Accounts For 95 Percent Of The Brain

Fake Jews Did 911 We All

Need To Unite Against The

Synagogue Of Satan Jews

Troublemakers And

Parasites Liars And

Deceivers Scam Artist

They Are The Virus And

Poison Cancer To This Planet

Do They Really Think I

Will Show Them Mercy

After All That 13 17 I

Pray For No Mercy And

Judgements Many Fold

Worse Than Before For

Dragging This All Out

Longer Than Needed Amen

For Our Struggle Is Not

Against Flesh And Blood

Contending Only With

Physical Opponents But

Against The Rulers

Against The Powers

Against The World Forces

Of This Present Darkness

He Has A Name Written On

Him That No One Know But

He Himself 13 17

Against The Spiritual

Forces Of Wickedness In

The Heavenly Supernatural Places

Nine Eleven Was An Inside Job Orchestrated By A Very Top Secret Group In The Us Government Jews Dancing Israelis E Team Jews Did It

A Everyone Who Crssd Me

And Did Me Dirty Will

Know Who I Am By Years

End Including The Ex

Girlfriends Set Up A (time frame reference)

The Vatican Can Stop

Their Time Warps Now Or

Legion Goes N Rams Them With A Tank

Weed Only Gets You So Far

Meanwhile You Are Dumbing

Yourself Down But Thats

What Big Brother Wants So Smoke On

Ignore The Fake Pandemic

And Start Asking Why A

Rothschild Owned

Corporation Deceptively

Called The Federal

Reserve Has Been

Scripting All Of Our Govt Drama

Theres Nothing Unique

About How Covid Has Been

Reported On Death Certs

Hospitals Are Just Doing

What They Always Do

Fauci As The Co Creator

Of Covid Who Has Been

Caught Lying At Every

Stage He Is A Criminal He

Belongs On Trial Under

The Nuremberg Laws And He

Knows It He Would Not Be

Lonely On Death Row

Donald Trump And The

Entire Usa Government All

World Governments Will

Recognize And Make

Announcement Full

Disclosure Of True Real

King David Mark Alan King

In The Here And Now

Jamal Marcone Cheffin

Needs All Humans To

Repent Because The Flood

Gates Are Opening Soon

And The Fallen Ones With

No Hope Of Return Are

Prepared To Fight They

Will Take Advantage Of You

Greedy Billionaires

Calling Me Worthless For

Exposing Their Wickedness

13 17 As The 300 Banking

Families Meet In Secret

As To How To Handle King

David Reborn Retuned In The Flesh (incredible collection of entries under this entry click here to read)

New Jerusalem Command

Center The Witnesses Not Deceived 13 17

And The Great Dragon Was

Cast Out

Spirit And Angels Hit

Squads Are Coming For You

Tonight 30000 Dropped All

Over The World May

Almighty Father Please

Make Sure Slanders And

Blasphemers Are At The

Top Of The Hit List I Pray

New Push For Slavery

Reparations Commission In

Congress Oh Usa Time To

Pay Up Now For The

Rothschild Bankrolled

Slave Trade Across The World

Reparations Checks Being

Cut Right Now By The

Rothschilds And The U S

Military For Damages And

Theft Done To The People

With Nuclear Bomb Mythology

I Rebuke And Break Your

Black Magic In The Name

Of Yeshua We Father

The Swift Destruction Of

The Wicked Swift End

God Won Creation Event

And All Of This Is For

Holy Spirit Sistah

September Eleventh Two Thousand And One Was The New Pearl Harbor That The Jews And American Government Pre Planned To Start A Fake Global War On Terror

You Are Paying Taxes To An Illegal Defacto Government That Is Actually A Jewish Corporation



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