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Fake Fraud Non Queen Draco Lizard Is Now Being Exposed World Wide For The Fraud The Non Royals Are


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12 лист. 2021 р.

When it comes to the African slave trade, many of the local African Hamites are also guilty as hell, for they helped the European and Arab slave traders, enslave and ship out as many Israelites out of Africa as possible.

It was never about skin colour but bloodline. Labelling people as 'black' 'white' 'brown' 'yellow' etc is done deliberately to hide the truth, that people are fundamentally split into two. The real humanity and the serpent seeded humanoids (of Cain). Then you have the Israelites from the seed of man who are the most hated and targeted of all.

The most high blessed me with the spirit of discernment so i can often identify reptilian people at a glance now.…

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