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Dr. Phil Valentine- The History of The Shadow Government - THE NWO CRIMINALS EXPOSED - ROTHCHILDS

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

Dr. Phil Valentine- The History of The Shadow Government - THE NWO CRIMINALS EXPOSED - ROTHSCHILDS And Top Mafia Crime Syndicate Families

Affirmation - I am Focused On The Truth Within My Spirit Amen Amen Amen No Weapon Against Me Will Prosper Not Now Not Then Not Never So Mote It Be

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All Sinful popes And Cardinals Are Going To Hell That's A Guarantee

From Williamwinswilsonchristno Tmkalikeu You Drank Blood You Ate People And You're

A Bunch Of Liars You Molested Children

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credits blackmagik363 thanks to Mr S

late last night on 1/29/2022 a bunch of post came in about the synagogue of satan fake jews - the devils are done and will soon be exposed world wide for crimes against humanity

Message To The World The

Beginning Of The Ending

Starting Now William

Wilson Heard Many Spirits

Saying This And A New

Beginning For Me And My Family

This Is The End Of The

Evil Ones The Deceivers

The Lovers Of Themselves

And Satan The Truth

Exposes Their Extinction

As A Part Of Human

Spiritual Evolution Towards God

Everything Has Been Judeo

Masonic Lies To Sustain

The Military Industrial

War Culture There Are No

Natural Enemies Of

Humanity And Their

Nations Other Than The

Anti Christ Jews

Fake Ordo Ab Chao

Celebrity Deaths Fill The

Jewish Owned Phony News

Media Brokeback America Rothschilds

Static Across Americas T

V Screens And The

Freemason Actors Troupe

Posing As Our Government

Has Fled Into Israel (this is why the last golden globe award show was not televised)

The Rothschilds

Luciferian Illuminati

Group Are Now Erased

Deleted Extinct

Abracadabra I Manifest As I Speak M Q

Jews Have Been Conducting

A Stealth War On Americas

Men Both Black And White

The White House And The

News Is All A Jewish

Divide And Conquer Show Gas All Jews

Computer Run Program

Final Solution

Completion Of The Plan

Confirmation Thank You

Run Program Final

Solution Eliminate The Jewish Problem

Jews Can Never Be Trusted

To Interpret The Word Of

God Because They Are

Influenced By Satan And

Greed For Power And Wealth

Dancing Israelis Eteam

911 Attacks Mossad Expose

Corrupt Jews Expose

Corrupt Jews Expose

Corrupt Jews Expose

Corrupt Jews Expose

Corrupt Jews Expose

Corrupt Jews Expose

Corrupt Jews

Decode I Believe You Will

Come To Regret Every

Cruel Thing You Have Said

Or Done To Me And That

You Will Be Haunted By

What You Have Said And

Done To Me Synagogue Of

Satan Yes Its The Jews

Spoiler Alert Its The

Jews Its The Jews Its The

Jews Its The Jews Its The

Jews Its The Jews Its The

Jews Its The Jews Its The

Jews Its The Jews Its The

Jews Its The Jews Its The

Jews Its The Jews

Gas The Jews Exposed

Satanic Sacrifice Body

Remains Seabees Bridge

Connecticut Victim

Shelley And Doppelganger

Clone Crucified On Cross

Investigate Cia Agent

Joseph Abdullah Audrey Rebecca Bashaw

Extremely Specific Info

Earths Biggest Problem Is

The Jewish Race Who Supports Satan

Look At Who Owns And

Controls The American

Media It Is The Jews They

Are Taking Over We Need

To Promote Antisemitism

As Fact And Logic Not Racism

Antisemitism Is Not

Racism Against Jews It Is

Cultural Awareness Of The

Jewish Motives

Introducing Jews Into Our

Ecosystem Has Been

Extremely Devastating

Jews Are And Invasive Species

(The satanic gematrix fake jew admins removed this post)

U S Presidents Contact

With Nordic Aliens On

Vancouver Island Make

Contract To Eliminate The

Jewish Problem

Before You Spread

Malicious Gossip And Ruin

A Persons Life You Better

Find Out The Facts From

That Person But If They

Are Jewish You Cant Trust

Anything They Say

Never Trust Anything A

Jewish Person Says

As American Citizens We

Should Demand That The

Supreme Court Either Come

Clean Or They Should All

Be Removed From Office

They Are Polluted And

Corrupted And Protected

Investigate Jewish Subversion

Why Would I Want Anything

To Do With People Who

Have Treated Me This Way

Every Jew Needs Removed

I Could You Know Be A

Hero Im Counting On It I

Will Save The World From

Jewish Oppression

these post came in while preparing this lesson

Results by Jewish Gematria

He Who Has The Key To The


The True Bomb Of Wisdom

Comes From Him That Opened The Book

Draconians Grays

Reptilians Dumbest Races Ever

Stargates Are Intense

Vortexes Or Portals

Psychotronic Warfare Is

Being Used Against Me

Blessings To Those That

Can Hear And Understand Who I Am

Steven Dishon Does Not

Care About Humanity (gang stalker pretending to be me)

Steven Dishon Is A Burden

Upon Humanity

The Tribe Of Judah Is

Being Targeted By The

Dragon And His Demons

People In The Government

Are Greedy Lizards

Results by English and Simple Gematria

You Idiots Im Still The

Same Person

Gods Anointed Does Not

Change Do Not Be Fooled

Use Gematria To See Who

The Fallen Ones Are

I Am Divinely Guided By

My Holy Spirit

All Those Awake In Saturn

Are Serpents

Whoever Is Opposing God

Will Be Broken

Burning Alive The

International Bankers

Steven Dishons Cast Into

The Volcano

Results by Jewish Gematria

The Trumpet Is About To

Sound When We Least Expect It

The Synagogue Of Satan

Pays People To Write Lies

About Me On Gematrix

Steven James Dishon Shall

Go To The Bottomless Pit

Of The Universe

I Exposed That Freemason

Six Six Six Twenty Sixteen

You Are Supposed To Hate

Trump Hes A Jewish Scripted Actor

If Nuclear Weapons Are A

Lie Of The Police State

Why Does The Cia Exist

Results by English and Simple Gematria

The Papal Keys Of The

Vatican Represent The

Keys To Humanitys Prison

The Anagram Y H W H Comes

From The Word Yehowah Not

Yahweh They Are Teaching A Lie

I Am Steven James Dishon

And I Hold The Keys To

Kentucky Fried Chicken And Wal Mart

Facebook Closing

Thousands Of Uk Accounts

To Benefit The Agenda Of A Dictatorship

The False Teachers Preach

Love As The Occult Are

Making Covert War On A Humanity


Two Of The Top Level Ceos Running The Empires Of The 13 Ptolemaic Papal Bloodlines

Ptolemaic Kingdom

The Ptolemaic Kingdom was an Ancient Greek state based in Egypt during the Hellenistic Period.



Physical Blood Sacrifices Are Carried Astrally To The Georgia Guide Stones And To This Day You See Red Stains On Top

credits blackmagik363

LIONS OF ISRAEL 12 07 1976 - MARK ALAN KING 12 07 1976 -

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