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Dr. Phil Valentine- The History of The Shadow Government - THE NWO CRIMINALS EXPOSED - ROTHCHILDS

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

Affirmation - I am Focused On The Truth Within My Spirit Amen Amen Amen No Weapon Against Me Will Prosper Not Now Not Then Not Never So Mote It Be

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All Sinful popes And Cardinals Are Going To Hell That's A Guarantee

From Williamwinswilsonchristno Tmkalikeu You Drank Blood You Ate People And You're

A Bunch Of Liars You Molested Children

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credits blackmagik363 thanks to Mr S

late last night on 1/29/2022 a bunch of post came in about the synagogue of satan fake jews - the devils are done and will soon be exposed world wide for crimes against humanity

Has Fled Into Israel (this is why the last golden globe award show was not televised)

(The satanic gematrix fake jew admins removed this post)

these post came in while preparing this lesson


Results by Jewish Gematria

Care About Humanity (gang stalker pretending to be me)

Results by English and Simple Gematria


Results by Jewish Gematria

Results by English and Simple Gematria




Two Of The Top Level Ceos Running The Empires Of The 13 Ptolemaic Papal Bloodlines

Ptolemaic Kingdom

The Ptolemaic Kingdom was an Ancient Greek state based in Egypt during the Hellenistic Period.



Physical Blood Sacrifices Are Carried Astrally To The Georgia Guide Stones And To This Day You See Red Stains On Top



Jan 30, 2022