Double Edge Dagger Quick Hitter #20 - USA FOUNDED ON FRAUD - Gov. Bowing To Satan - Human Rights


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This Country Was Founded By Frauds As All Countries Have Been Founded By Defining Frauds Generally


And The Illuminati Are A Jesuit Faction Meaning Catholic Tell Us About That Bible Some More


Every Single Faction Of The Irs Is About To Lose A Lot Of Power


Our Government Is Literally Bowing Down To The One Civilization Authorities That Create All These Disasters


Theyre Trying To Stript The Human Rights Of Every Individual


Austin Aka Mark Alan King Is 8yrs Ahead Of Humanity Thinking Capacity And A Light Year And A Half Ahead Of The Usa (it is ok if you do not understand gematria at this time - more understanding will come at a later time)


Hi Intelligence Agencies My Name Is Yeshua And You Cannot Prosecute Me Because I Own The Entire Planet (Yeshua with the help of YHWH started this matrix we call earth)(The Synagogue of satan is trying to play GOD YHWH and fool humanity - They do not want this information out to humanity - YOU are not GOD Synagogue of satan fake Jews you are lying scam artist devil serpents who are now being fully exposed for who and what you are)