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Double Edge Dagger Quick Hitter # 14 Kamala Lies – Right Hand of God – Nuke Lies illegals Plots

Double Edge Dagger Quick Hitter # 14 Kamala Lies – Right Hand of God – Nuke Lies illegals Plots – God Love – Protect Children


Double Edge Dagger Quick Hitter # 14 - Introduction Quick Chat

Double Edge Dagger Quick Hitter # 14

Results by Jewish Gematria

Wonderful Counselor

They Pierced My Hands And

My Feet (this is confirmed by GOD YHWH and higher sources Yeshua was crucified on a cross and died on the cross)

Great Harvest Prophecy

All Will Be Explained In

Due Time

I Didnt Really Get Their

Humor It Made No Sense

The Word Of God Using


Floods All Of New

Hampshire Us

Eve Is A Forgotten Memory (jamie abdullah aka latonya page)

Want To Marry God

All The Religious

Doctrines Have Lies

The Eternal Dimension Is

In Jupiter

Results by English and Simple Gematria

Preach To All Nations

Dead In Christ Rise First

There Are No Coincidences

Born Again Sign And Wonder

The King Of Kings A Star

Is Born A Sign And A Wonder

Jupiter And Saturn Come

Together A December 21st

The Leader Of The Angels

A Supreme Messenger Of God

A Fourth Dimension Chosen

Messenger Of The God

The True Birthday Of The

Jesus Christ Dec 21st

The Real Birth Day Of The

Jesus Christ Is Dec 21st

The Undeniable Proof The

Americans Come Together

Gemantria Is An Intuitive

Training Program

Apocalypse Warriors

Chosen Of Almighty God

Hidden Instruction

Complete Dedication To God

Only The Idiot Blasphemes

The Holy Spirit

Illuminati Your Project

Already Exposed

The Greatest Weapon Satan

Uses Is Deception

If At First You Dont

Succeed Try Try Again

I Never Want To Work For

The Machine Ever Again

Judgemental Serpents Get

Eternal Torment

The Thief Comes To But

Kill Steal And Destroy

This Person Dishonors Me

With Her Hands (jamie abdullah aka latonya page)

Gematria Requires The

Codex And Holy Spirit

Jesus Christ The The Lamb

Of God The Lion Of Judah

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