Double Edge Dagger Quick Hitter #12

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

Double Edge Dagger Quick Hitter #12 Cannibal Judgment – God Truths Unlocked

Fake Nukes – 911 Mafia – Military Crimes

Results by Jewish Gematria

Only Worship Yahuah Our Eloah Do Not Worship Idols (this includes books and the Bible the freemasons did major tampering with the word of GOD YHWH)

The Only Thing I Am Getting Is A Bruised Heel When Your Damn Head Comes Flying Off satan

I Am The Root Of David And My Parents Have Hidden The Truth From Me My Entire Life (I spoke about this video here (

I Expect To Be Told That My Bank Account Now Has Unlimited Funds In All Currencies (this is the reparations for building the nation of YASHARAHLA....THIS IS COMING GOD YHWH WILLING!)(The wicked serpents stole billions from a trust fund GOD YHWH set up for me and

YASHARAHLA at birth)

God Will Use The Tech For Eternal Life But You Must Have A Good Heart

Jesus The Nazarene The Liar That God Warned About In The Old Testament (there are two different so called Jesus in the Bible)

It Would Be Nice If Satan And His Flock Would But The Hell Out Of My Life

It Is Righteous To Hate Evil It Is The Oppposite Of Righteous To Not Hate Evil

Like Trump Einstein Was A Prop For The Jewish Illusion

America Is Under Hostile British Rule At This Very Moment And Trump Is Their Frontman

Results by English and Simple Gematria

Anyone Who Blasphems Christs Name By Calling Him Satan To Be Thrown In Lake Of Fire For All Etenity

But Speaking The Truth In Love May Grow Up Into Him In All Things Which Is The Head Even Christ

You Are A Fraud Taking Their Poison Instead Of Shouting Your Message So They Will Listen

Jeremiah Prophesied Of The Descendent Who Would Bring Salvation And Confirm His Covenant With All

The Egyptians Suffered The Wrath Of God May You All Experience His Wrath For The Years Of Abuse

This Is All Happening In Order To Make Me Fully Justified In Killing Both Body And Soul Of The Wicked

Psychotic Liars That Call Human Flesh Pizza For A Code And Then Claim Eating Actual Pizza Is Cannibalism

They Are Scorpions Because They Pierce Into Subconscious Minds And Infect Them With Poison

Germany Won The War And America Is Under Covert Occupation Sorry You Had To Find Out On Here

Satan Always Mixes Shining Truth With Fatal Lies Like A Poisoned Bauble Glittering In The


God Says You Are Not Welcome In His Heavenly Home Because Liars Are Not Welcome But I Will Be There

Will The Christians And Government Please Stop Hacking This Site Based On Spiritual Growth