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Donald Trump Should Have Fulfilled The Prophecy Not Stolen

I know this is difficult for many to understand and believe with so little solid proof and evidence ..... this is how GOD YHWH test faith in extreme conditions .... I have mentioned many times that Donald Trump is the reincarnation of ESAU and I am the reincarnation of Jacob ... this is true and will be verified at some point GOD YHWH willing .... this post came in today "Donald Trump Should Have Fulfilled The Prophecy Not Stolen" .... Instead of trump making the announcement that he is Easu and I am Jacob he tried to steal the birthrights from YASHARAHLA .... I said in a video months ago if trump does not do what he supposed to do he will be destroyed ...... and look at where we are today ...... YASHARAHLA we can thank trump and the criminal usa government for dragging this whole captivity out longer than it needed to go...... this post confirms what I said in the videos ....


These two items are related .... the fake Jews from the synagogue of satan were and are blackmailing trump to not disclose the truth about him being Esau and me being Jacob because they have hard evidence trump has been involved in child trafficking and a host of other felony crimes ..... trump whole family is being blackmailed to keep quite.

Donald Trump Trafficked Small Children With Jeffrey Epstein (Jeffrey Epstein is still alive he faked his death)

All related .... sad fact is most will not believe what I have said until the white owned media makes announcements .... so be it ..... I tried



Linda Smith
Linda Smith

Mark, I believe it about what Trump was supposed to do. I want him to pay for his crimes just like all whose who are guilty of wrong doings. It feels like the American people are being fooled into believing he is for America. It's like Trump is sitting on a sharp fence, and if he moves any kind of way, he's gone. I know we are not to want the Day of the Lord to happen, but I'm sick and tired of these beast getting away with hurting us, the people everywhere, and laughing about it behind the door. The Children of Israel are owed big time with everything that has happened to us. It's been time! peace

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