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Donald John Trump hands the US over to the UN and All Powers to F.E.M.A - TRUMP & BIDEN SOLD OUT

Donald John Trump Hands The Us Over To The Un And All Powers To F.E.M.A

When The President Declare National Emergency The President Request Fema To Engaged

President Reliefing His Powers To Rule The United States Is This What Biden Want To Do

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Tried To Warn Them That He Is The Deceiver That Brings His Followers Destruction Trumpery

Fraud Deceit Insurrection Warning

The Jews And Masons Had To Know This Day Would Come But Their Greed Wouldnt Allow Them To Stop The Jews Tricked The U S Military Into Betraying God And Country

The People Are Openly Mocking The Fake Elites On Social Media 4 Beibg The Idiots That They Are The Holy Spirit Truth Has Indeed Set Hunabiry Free From Fake Jew Satanic

Mkultra Programming All Praises

Paid Shills Can Laugh All They Like But I Allready Seen The Miracle Will Come (this post was removed by agents)

The Last Laugh Is On The Fake Jews Rothschild You Have Cognitive Dissonance At The Realty Of Pending Judgment Yet You Called Gods Sheep Weak No Correction U Who Plot

From The Shadows R The Cowards (this post was removed by agents)

Dont Ever Try To Touch My Mind Or You Will See Lake Of Fire Hell Death

Lets Talk About Stalkers And Surveillance Three Different Law Enforcement Agencies Proud Boys Dc Insurrectionists Trumpers They All Know Me By Name Stalk Me Threaten My


LIONS OF ISRAEL 12 07 1976 - MARK ALAN KING 12 07 1976 -

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