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Decode Black People Are The Gods Of Old Now Reborn Anew As Titans (CODE CRACK)

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

Decode Black People Are The Gods Of Old Now Reborn Anew As Titans (CODE CRACK)


Decode Black People Are The Gods Of Old Now Reborn Anew As Titans

Results by Jewish Gematria

Kill Jesus So You Can

Harvest His Children Like Cattle

Its Gods Gematria Not

Alien Hacks Posing As

Satan Trying To Take

Credit For The Matrix

Catholic Pope Francis

Your Church Exposed You

Are The Queen Of Baal


The Alcohol Industry

Lines The Pockets Of

Politicians That Is A

Reason Cannabis Is Still Illegal

All Those That Serve

Satan Will Be Incinerated To Dust

Im Being Followed

Everywhere I Go

Zachary James Carr Of

Aledo Illinois Is A

Grandmaster Of The

Illuminati (this is one of the fakes, liars and frauds pretending to be me)

All The Letters Of

Creation Are Feminine But

The Aleph Has Been Silent Until Now

Be Careful How You

Express Yourself

Christians Think It Is Ok

For Them To Hate You But

You Cant Hate Them

See The Heaven And Earth

Laws Of God And His Wife

Jesus Is Not The Author

Of The New Testament

The Hope That They Are

Waiting For Is Waiting

Deny What You Know Is


Dirty Right Thumb Jezebel

The Devils Seat (CIA WICKED WITCH AGENT jamie abdullah)

They Traffic Humans Into New Jersey

Steven Dishon Pretends To

Be Righteous As He

Controls The Antichrists

See Then The Kingdom Of

Heaven Will Be Like Ten Virgins

Everyone Thinks They Can

Make It As A Moviestar

A Psalm Of David The

Lord Is My Shepherd I

Shall Not Want

Steven James Dishon Is

Serving Child Molesters (james shepherd aka steven james dishon fake fraud pretending to be me, tried to steal my identity)

Satanic Ritual Sacrifices

In Brownsville Texas

If You Are Reading This I

Am The Thunder You Are

The Lightening God Is The Storm

Im So Sick Of Athletes On

Commercials They Are

Never That Funny

Its Gods Gematria Not

Alien Hacks Posing As

Satan Trying To Take

Credit For The Matrix

You Can Stay Looking At

The Rogue Titan Ai Look

At Your Phone

They Program Our Brains

When We Sleep

Results by English and Simple Gematria

Eric Jon Boerner Is The

Lion And Lamb Slain That

Opens The Book

The Satanic Agenda Is To

Round Innocent People Up

And Eat Them

Janet Jackson High

Priestess Of The

Illuminati And Baphomet

Do You Know What Its Like

To Go Mad And Then Wake

Up In Hell

Seven Pointed Star Of The

San Francisco Police Department

Brothers Of The Rosy

Cross Eat Feces Every Saturday

Steven James Dishons An

Agent Of Darkness Hiding

In The Light (james shepherd aka steven james dishon)

God So Loved The World

That He Gave His Only

Begotten Son

Gods Arithmetic Says The

Number Eleven Equals Judgement

Literally Executing The

Members Of The New World Order

The Russians Have Had An

Alien Alliance Since The Nineteen Fifties

Ignoring The Wicked Only

Increases Their Power On Earth

Profound Understanding Of

Gematria The Word And Numbers

Greetings Earthlings

After The Chaos Is Gone

Comes Clarity

You Will Worship King

Yeshua Either In Heaven Or Hell

Jesus Ended Sacrifice And

Offering As Foretold In

The Book Of Daniel

Zach Arzmon Has Respect

For Those That Protest Rome (Mark Alan King)

King Jesus Christs Red

Lion Son Steven Dishon


I Do Not Care If They Are

Possessed They Will Be Destroyed

You Have Made It Clear

You Must Be Destroyed To End This

Set Your Mind On Things

Above Not On Earthly Things

I Am Not Ashamed I Follow

The Truth Of Steven James


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Yasharahla Remember Who And What We Are And Our Rich Bloodline And Heritage


Results by Jewish Gematria

The Hexagram Is On The

Dollar Bill As A Symbol

Of Being Bound And

Dependent To A Worthless Currency

There Is No Synagogue

That Runs The World But

There Is A Vatican That Does

They Secretly Burn

Children Alive And Eat

Them While Preaching Love And Peace

Trump Elizabeth And The

Cern Antenatal Accident

Killed The Rhino Gecko

Monkey Caterpiller And

Octopus For Absolute Control

The Pallavacinis Are A

Nobility That Goes Back

Over Five Thousand Years

You Abuse My Family And

Now Yours Is Going To Die

Eva (this is jamie abdullah aka latonya page)

Manipulating The View

Counts For Fallen Angels

Identified On Conspiracy Outpost (the censorship is off the charts and lengths the wicked go to suppressing the view counts and truth .... youtube does this also non stop on your channel)

Mr President How Long

Must Women Wait For Liberty

They Secretly Burn

Children Alive And Eat

Them While Preaching

Love And Peace

University Elite Bend

Over For Jewish Nuke Lies

I Break All Of The Curses

And Lies Of The

Saturnists Jail Them In

The Lowest Realm Possible X (say affirmations out loud for best results)

The Covenant With Isreal

Is Broken A Covenant With

America Is Made

Nobody Came To Help So

You All Can Stay Here And

Go Down With The Ship (I gave many warning that sitting around waiting for GOD to do everything is now how things works and many who have listened to me for years will find this out the hard way)

The Organic Matrix Is

Real It Has Nonsense

Elements In It To Stop

People Working It Out

Until The End

Other People Are Not A

Stage For Your Ego You

Evil Narcissist I Cant Stand You

Lord Renew All Resources

In The Now And Make Them

Available To The Righteous

Be Still And Know Jesus

Christ Is Working

Miracles For You (don not be still, evil is not standing still and neither should you be)(rebuke wickedness and evil lead in righteousness)

Learn To Appreciate Gods

Peaceful Reality Turn Off

Or Destroy Your Television

Did I Not Tell You

Annunaki When I Woke

Extinction Event

Results by English and Simple Gematria

Irresponsible Snoop Dogg

Calls Blacks Coons To Amp

Up Civil War

The Occult Manipulate The

Minds Of Others Into

Doing Their Bidding

If You Want God To To

Your Work You May End Up

In A Golden Cage

Disposed Of At Special

Body Dumping Sites

Monitored By The Police

In The Middle Of The

Paradise Was The Tree Of

The Knowledge Of Good And Evil

And They Said Unto Them

Even As Jesus Had

Commanded And They Let

Them Go

Prince Harry Is Going To

Get Dragged Out Of His

Castle And Burned Alive

If You Molest And Eat

Children In Their Dreams

Then You Are Not Safe

All The Entries Attacking

Steven Dishon Are From


The Very Essence Of

Political Corruption And

How It Operates

The Souls Of The Satanic

Witches Shall Never Exist

On Earth Again

Religion Is For People

Who Need Someone To Take

Care Of Themselves

Zachary Arzmon Proclaims

That White People Had

Originated In India

Let Thy Garments Be

Always White And Let Thy

Head Lack No Ointment

Wide Is The Gate To

Destruction Narrow The

Path To Salvation

All Police Are Seen As

Scrum To The Universal

High Council On Demands

I Am So Tired Of Trials

And Tribulations I Just

Want To Feel Good

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