David Mayer De Rothschild Is Another One Who Was Planning On Stealing The Birthrights From Mark Alan

Tik Tokin The Matrix Gematria Series Episode six David Mayer De Rothschild Is Another One Who Was Planning On Stealing The Birthrights From Mark Alan King

David Mayer De Rothschild Is Another One Who Was Planning On Stealing The Birthrights From Mark Alan King (and from the entire nations of Yasharahla)(Notice how they name him DAVID - They were planning on stealing the birthright and throne of King David from the jump)

They always have this satanic devil David Mayer De Rothschild looking like the fake image of Christ Cesare Borgia - one of the few Rothschilds with long hair and beard - (YOU DEVILS ARE NOT FOOLING ANYONE)

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Results by Jewish Gematria

The So Called Common Man

Is Now Too Evolved To

Believe The Increasing

Lies From Satanic Rothschilds

Almighty Father Y H W H

Please Raise Your People

Up Out Of This Captivity

Do Not Fall For The

Hegelian Dialectic Chaos

And Apparent Breakdown Of

Society This Is A Long

Planned Rothschild Ploy

To Destroy America

So Much Wealth And Undue

Prestige Created For

Those That Created And

Support The Lie Of

Nuclear Weapons

I Dont Want To Loose My

Brothers And Sisters But

It Looks Like They

Allready Have Choosen

You Can Spend The Rest Of

Your Life Thinking About

Me But You Will Never See

Me Again

Many Songs That Were

Written For Me Have Been

Appropriated For Other Purposes (the wicked music industry wrote songs to mock and curse me)

He Has Brought Down

Powerful Men From Thrones

And Has Exalted Lowly


I Hope Rapists And

Murders Incarnate As

Their Victims And

Experience Their Own


End Is One Forty Four

Gods And Goddesses Are

Going Back To Hyperborea

Back In One Piece Forty

Nine Days From November First

Results by English and Simple Gematria

The Adversary Will Try To

Sway You Away From

Gematria Because They

Know It Will Expose Them

He Will Strike The Earth

With The Rod Of His Mouth

And Put The Wicked To

Death With The Breath Of

His Lips

Yeah Keep Praying To The

Image Of Cesare Borgia

While Calling Yahushua

Jesus You Midwestern

Redneck Freaks

With All The Money Spent

On Your Elaborate Mahgic

Tricks You Could Have Fed

Every Homeless Person

Zach Arzmon Proclaims The

Serpents And Scorpions

Pierce Into Souls And

Infect Them With Poison

Please Restore All Human

D N A To Full

Functionality In The Now

Moment Sincerely And With

Love Mox

Be Celibate And Pure My

Gya And Straight Sisters

And Brothers God Has Made

A Home In Heaven For You

For The Pure


Tik Tokin The Matrix Gematria Series Episode Six David Mayer De Rothschild Is Another One Who Was Planning On Stealing The Birthrights From Mark Alan King


Results by Jewish Gematria

Please Please Turn Back

To God Ask For And

Forgiviness Repent And

Praise God And Never

Relent Stand Firm With

Our Lord He Is The

Surprmese Ulitimate Being

Of All Of The Land

The Wealthy And Arrogant

Judeo Masonic Alliance

Have Made Their Nuclear

Bed Of Lies Now They Must

Lie Down In It

Withdraw Yourselves From

Every Brother And Sister

That Walketh Disorderly

Decode Mark Alan King Who

Is Re Incarnation Of

Sitting Bull You Did Not

Deserve To Die Like That

Guess Who Is Back Fake Jews

Because I Have Awakened

And Repented In Time And

Accepted Yeshua As

Saviour And King I Will

Receive My Soul Redemeption

Results by English and Simple Gematria

Son I Will Show Wonders

In Heaven And Signs In

Earth Blood And Fire And

Vapor The Shall Be Turned

Into Darkness And The

Moon Into Blood Before

The Coming Of The Lord

May The Worthless Moronic

Dumb Smelly Army Of Evil

Be Consumed By Their Own

Anger And Hatred Toward

The Entity Causing Their

Pain Which Is Themselves

Black Haired Witch Thinks

Its Okay To Torture And

Enslave Women And

Children And Eat A

Christian Child As Long

As She Likes Your

Children And You Have Enough Money (Jamie Abdullah Aka Latonya Page)

The Divine Wrath Of

Father Yahweh And

Vengeance Of Yahushua His

Son Will Be Known To

House Of Prince William

And Catherine Middleton

Windsor For Abominations

I Defeated The Wicked As

The Savior Archetype In

Every Religious Myth In

Every Race Since The

Beginning Of Human

History You Cannot Defeat

Me So Give Up Now

I Am The Keeper Of The

Knowledge Of The Souls Of

Men He Who Knows The

Whole Truth Of Israel You

Are A Liar And Not As

Real As I Me I Have

Realized I Have Removed

The Veil

Please Jehovah God I Pray

That The Days Be

Shortened For The Coming

Day Of The Lord The Good

And Faithful Have Waited

Earnestly For It Thy Will

Be Done In Jesuss Name

The Spirit Of The Lord Is

Upon Me Because The Lord

Has Anointed Me To Preach

Good News To The Humble

He Has Sent Me To Heal

The Broken Hearted To Ser

The Captives Free

The Lord Jesus Christ Is

Mighty And A Terror To

His Enemies My Tormentors

Will Stumble And Fall

Backwards They Shall Be

Driven Into Everlasting


And The Lord Said To His

Angels In Heaven This Is

The Part Where She Doesnt

Get Its Her Birthday But

Just Wait There Will Be

The Tears And The Joy In

The Moment

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