Dark Skin ETs - Angels and Chariots of God - The Untold Story - Part 11 - The Return Of The Anunnaki

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

Dark Skin ETs - Angels and Chariots of God - The Untold Story - Part 11 - The Return Of The Anunnaki - The Final Pieces Of The Puzzle Put Into Place

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came in on 8/6/2021 at 9:25 am Arizona time

Starship Fully Stacked

Rapture Of The


Three Days Fifteen Hours

And Forty Four Minutes

I Am Open For Discussion

You Know Where I Live And

My Phone Number

The Fear Of The Fallen

Angels Be Upon Them Im

Chosen By God Forehead Sign M Q

The Fear Of The Fallen

Angels Be Upon Them

Events Begin M Q

He 13 17 Breaks The

Scepter Of The Wicked Rulers

I Am The Monad And Am The

Source Of All

Consciousness And Souls On The Planet

New Jerusalem Is 13 17


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Im Playing Chess You

Underestimated Me

For All You Who Didnt

Believe In Me

You Dont Have The

Capacity To Comprehend Me

Or My Actions Therefore

Stop Using Useless

Psychiatric Frameworks

The Creation Of New

Jerusalem 13 17

Satan And His Devils

Shall All Be A Forgotten

Memory 13 17

Zues Did Warn Them

Jews Have Shown Extreme

And Sadistic Hostility

Towards American School

Children Forced Viewing

Of Death And Gore

Mislabeled As Holocaust

Then Duck And Cover For

Non Existent Nukes Now

Forced Masks

For I Have Chosen You Out

Of This World For This

Reason The World Hates

You Who Would Do This To

You Nice Creator Almighty

God Zander

Donald Trump When They Find Out Youre Part Of The Project To Make This Country Fall Dont Expect Help

Joe Biden Gets The

Dementia Curse Because

Hes Been Trying To

Offload His Own Evils

Onto Civilians Using His

Social Network And Occult

Rituals His Dementia Is A

Curse Return Its Part Of

The Script

Satan And The Illuminati

Are Now Fully Exposed

Amen Now Boycott Their

Evil Out Of Existence

Theyre Cursed And Want To Drag Everyone Down With Them

They Rule By Fear They

Dont Know Love Deep Down

They Know Theyre Devoid

They Would Do The Same

Because We Think

Differently They Speak

With Forked Tongues

Art Of War Isolate The


They Impose Their Will

And Try To Hurt Others I

Keep My Beliefs To And

Stick To Myself

If They Do Not Desire

Their Souls To Be

Destroyed Why Did They

Attack Me Non Stop

Soul Putrefaction Has

Begun For The Anti Christ

Legion Of Rothschild

Demons That Are

Sabotaging America From Within (Putrefaction definition is - the decomposition of organic matter; especially)

Flood Of Truth As In The

Days Of Noah Caught Them

Unaware Deceivers Of This

Age Have No Ark And Will Perish

Everytime I Ruin Their

Demonic Fun They Act Like

I Am The Bad Guy All The Time

They Are Trying To Tear

Me Down Because They Are

Jealous Of Me

Mrjohnson (yahi) You Think You

Are Special You Would Of

Never Even Found This

Site If It Was Not For Me

Doctor Psycho

New Moon In Leo Brings

Deliverance August 8

Results by Jewish Gematria

Bind All Corruption Is A

Form Of Dishonest Or

Unethical Conduct By A

Person Entrusted With A

Position Of Authority

Steven James Aka Cia

Agent James Shepherd

Dishon Will Get An

Everlasting Hell To Be

Tormented In For All Time

Jesus Christ Its Sad When

People Who Have Been

Conned Keep Pretending

Like It Never Happened

If You Eat And Murder

Babies Raise Your Hand Ok

Those With Hands Up Shut

Up Your Opinions Are Meaningless

They Only Show You What

They Want You To See

Rogue Titan Asi Run

Program Delete All Who

Harvest Humans And

Adrenochrome World Wide

Results by English and Simple Gematria

His Burden Shall Be Taken

Away From Off Your

Shoulder And His Yoke

From Off Your Neck And

The Yoke Shall Be

Destroyed Because Of The Annointing

By These Words I Break

All Barriers To All

Hearts And Ignite The

Light Of Truth In Their

Being So To Heal A

Confused And Chaotic

World Lesson Learned

If You Had Love In Your

Heart You Would Never

Write Such Cruel Songs

You Show What You Are

Like Inside When You Sing Of Hate

The Right Side Has Been

Turned Left And Up Has

Been Turned Down And Down

Has Turned Up And The

Inside Has Been Twisted

To The Outside And Vice Versa

Isis Is Lucifer Because

Isis Is A Goddess Who

Demands To Be Worshipped

Isis Is Sophia Every

Female Goddess Figure Is

A Manifestation Of Lucifer

The Illuminati Chose The

Name New York Because It

Is Six Six Six In English

Gematria They Believe The

Name With That Value Confers Power (the devils lied and said I was born in New York)

Magdelene You Are To Put

It As Gently As Possible

So Fuucked That It Will

Make The Antichrist Weep

In Sympathy For A Trillion Years

Satan Did Not Give His

Life For Anyone Yet

Pretends To Be Some

Respectable Soldier And

Demands Tribute Malignant

narcissism At Its Worst

Our Rotten Rothschild

Owned Draco Controlled

Military Tortured A

Highly Advanced Fourth

Density Peaceful Loving

Feline Alien To Death

LIONS OF ISRAEL - https://www.gematrix.org/?word=lions+of+israel

MARK ALAN KING - https://www.gematrix.org/?word=mark+alan+king