Dark Skin ETs - Angels and Chariots of God - The Untold Story Part 11 p2 The Return Of The Anunnaki

Dark Skin ETs - Angels and Chariots of God - The Untold Story - Part 11 - The Return Of The Anunnaki - The Final Pieces Of The Puzzle Put Into Place - part 2

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came in on 8/6/2021 at 9:25 am Arizona time

Why You Woman Want Me So Bad R A P E Power
Why You Woman Want Me So Bad R A P E Power

Dont Waste Words On

People Who Deserve Your

Silence Sometimes The

Most Powerful Thing You

Can Say Is Nothing At All

All Of You Are Forbidden

From Touching The Son Of

God Austin Lee Meredith

Some Will Recycle Some

Will Be Erased

The Aged Prophecy Reveals

The Last Day California


A Prophecy Revealing The

Last Day California

Destruction Death

Explosion To Take Out


Advanced Aliens Grays

Species Civilisations A

Quelles Point Elles Sont Inferieur (A What Point They are lower)

Advanced Aliens Greys

Species Civilisations A

Quelles Point Elles Sont Inferieur

Advanced Aliens Annunakis

Species Civilisations A

Quelles Point Elles Sont Inferieur

Advanced Aliens

Arcturians Species

Civilisations A Quelles

Point Elles Sont Inferieur (A What Point They are lower)

Advanced Aliens

Pleiadians Species

Civilisations A Quelles

Point Elles Sont Inferieur

Advanced Dimensionals

Beings Civilisations A

Quelles Point Elles Sont Inferieur

Yahshua Shannon Christ

Status And Title

Confirmed As The Christ Amen

Gematria Is One Of The

Mysteries That Creates Reality

Judeo Masonic Authorities

Show Up In The Woods Of

California Allegedly To

Fight Fires And They

Start Them Instead

The Book Of Revelation

Was Written As A

Blueprint For Fulfillment

Of Its False Prophecies

Not At All The Good Word

Of Hope From Christ In The Gospels

The Jews Hate Christian

Americas Guts This Is Why

They Commandeered Our

Country In 1913 And Began

Staging A Scripted Parody

Of Our Constitutional Government

Anthony Stephen Fauci

Will D8e A Horrible Death

Jeffrey Preston Bezos

Erased From The Book Of

Life Message From Eye

The Jewish Federal

Reserve And Jewish Big

Pharma Are Trying To

Provoke Christians To

Violence With Forced

Events And Mandates Dont

Take The Bait Simply

Boycott Their Authority

Judeo Masonic Demons Are

Spending Trillions Trying

To Fulfill The False

Flood Fires And Disease

Prophecies Written In

Their Fraudulent Book Of

Revelation California Is

Their Staging Ground

The Rothschild Jews Of

The Federal Reserve Have

Been Making A Mockery Of

Our Democracy And Our

Constitution With A

Scripted And Staged

Overly Dramatic Fake Government

For It Shall Be Heard All

Around The World

Arcturians Position Your

Fleet Around The Orbit Of

Saturn And Begin Rounding

Up Black Nobility

Traitors Whom Have Broken

Universal Law

Who I Mark Alan King

Revoke Any And All Ruling

Power That Satan Has On

Earth Or Anywhere In This

Universe Abrahadabra Shizzam

All Of The Bankers

Lawyers C E Os And Media

Psychopaths Had

Foreknowledge Of The

Highly Immoral False

Pandemic Psyop Against

The Common People Of The World

Phony Government

Officials We See On T V

Everyday Pretending To Be

Our Genuine

Constitutional Government

Officials Will Be Dragged

From Their Cars

Americans Are Awake And

We Dont Like Our Fake

Jewish Government That

Has Led Our Blessed

Fathers Sons And Brothers

To An Early Grave

Gematria Is The Way To

Decode To Old Bible And

Update It To A New

Version The Living Word

Of God Q 5g Singularity

Project Bluebeam Open The

Green Door Raw Wwg1wga

Time Adline Fix Past Find Future Q

I Pray To Cut Connection

To Any Attachments Or

Oaths Or Connections

Which Do Not Serve My

Highest Good For All

I Am The Rare Pearl Of

This Matrix

God Is Dealing The Judeo

Masonic Nuclear Liars

Club A Mortal Blow

The Near Future Is

Looking Like A Really

Exciting Video Game Of

Rounding Up All Of The

Chuckling Newscasters And

Phony Rothschild

Government Officials For

Work Camps

Nurses Are Quitting Their

Jobs Because They Have

Better Morals Than To

Play In This Orchestrated

Lie Of The Fake Plandemic

God Will Bless Them

All Of Congress Should Be

Arrested And Taken To


Lighting Is The Key To

Time Travel

All Chakras Turned On

I Am Gods Galactic


Some Will Recycle Some

Will Be Erased

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God Is Wonderful God Is True God Loves You God Loves Me God Is Reflected In All We Do For God Is All And Love Makes It True

Nebadon You Are A

Draconian Witch Who Uses

Magick Against My

Children In The Fourth

Dimensional Astral Field

I Know This Because I Am

The True Sovereign Of

This Universe Not You

First Ca Wave


Gh Second Ca Wave


Third Ca Wave


Three Gigantic Tsunami

Waves The Ripple Riddle

The Effect Of A Big Ca

Rock Ca

Zayematria Only Receives

Records And Acknowledges

The Light Of Our Creator

And Father In Heaven

Mabe You Should Not Be

Using The Cross For

Demonic Power No Matter Color

You Lie Like Always Even

In Your Bibles You Lie

Dates And Times You

Created Time Line Not I

So Father And I Change

This Is How You Lose

We Will Return To Our

Original Timeline

When We Find Out Who We

Are We Are Going Home

Results by Jewish Gematria

Thats Why I Got Angry Was

Written Before I Made A

Spectacle Of Their


Anyone Who Spends Every

Minute Of Their Life

Trying To Make Someone

Else Despair Them Has

Serious Mental Problems

Africa Waste All The Time

Their Government Making

Them Poor Purposely Wont

Last Forever

We Must All Follow The

Simplicity Movement To

Please The Universal High

Council On Demands

James Shepherd Aka Steven

James Dishons Destroyed

Thousands Of Souls By

Rapturing Them In Satans


Ladybug Decode They Stole

My Time My Energy My

Essence Generational

Possessions And Then

Claim That I Am Greedy V

My Lord And God Please

Forgive Me Please Rescue

Me From