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D H S Gang Stalker Of King David Reborn Is The Coward Jim Parsons Litchfield Park Arizona Jackrabbit

Updated: May 28, 2022

D H S Gang Stalker Of King David Reborn Is The Coward Jim Parsons Litchfield Park Arizona Jackrabbit Trail And Pierson St 3rd House On The Right This Area Is Packed With DHS Agents

LOOK WHO IS MOVING NOW - Another Gang Stalker Thinks he Can Run And Hide

These Are The Words Of The Holy One The True One He Who Has The Key To The House Of David

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The Top Thug Crooked Cop In Phoenix Arizona Jeri W I L L I A M S Steps Down Due To Gang Stalking Corruption And The Fake Jew Media Censors The Story

What You All Think Im Crazy Right Why Would They Need A Cop For Wire Work They Never Use The Popo For That

N It Might Be More Than 40 Oh Really Just On L Ine Not About The 40 Police Who Been Here

Tryna Murder Me N Say Im Crazya Targeted Individual Of O N L I N E Character Defamation

Mark Alan King Will Make A New Video Today On May 7th 2022 Calling Out The Gang Stalking Thugs Crooked Cops They Are A Disgrace To Humanity Go To Markalanking Com For More Info

Jeworld Order Fabricated Bad News Being Used As Psychological Warfare On Americans

Jews Only Ever Worshipped Satan

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recent gematria database entries

All Of Your Career

Military Neighbors And

Intelligence Alphabet

Clowns Got Their

Prestigious Positions

Through Selling Out To

Our Illegal Rothschild

Government But They Fly

The U S Flag Everyday

That Obama Devil Said He

Would Deceive The

Christians And He Has

Done It And He Is Going

To Be Destroyed By The Living God

The Lord Almighty Has A

Day In Store Men Will

Panic And Flee To Caves

In The Rocks And Holes In

The Ground When He Rises

To Shake All The Earth Tick Tick Boom

The Lord Almighty Has A

Date Of Terror In Store

All Men Will Panic And

Flee To Caves In The

Rocks And Holes In The

Ground When He Rises To

Shake And Flood The Earth

Racist Pretend To Worship

The God Of Love But Love

Does Not Have Hate For

Gods Creation And God Is Love

Sumpin Big Is Habenning

Folks This Is

Unprecedented Buckle Up

Klaus Schwab Is Dead And

So Is The Great Reset

My Blood Boils My Lord

When I See What They Are

Doing And They Mock Us

And They Ridicule Us

While They Eat Their

Children And Cast Spells

On Us We Need You My Lord

Yeshua Reborn Is Herewhere

Hillary Rodham Clinton I

Know Youre One Of The

Wardens Of This Hell You

Know Youre A Liar I Am

The Boss William Winston

Wilson Christ And Im

Going To Hurt You Old Woman

God Loves His Creation

And His Plan All Along

Has Been To Remove The

Evil Ones From Among His

Children The Unrepentant

Jews Atheists And Masons Are The Tares

Got Bad News For You

Everybody Is Fake Lol Not

The People Only The Jews

Hollywood Freaks And The

Judeo Masonic Military Industrial Complex

All Of Our Supposed News

Over The Decades Has All

Been A Slow And Gradual

Process Of Demoralizing

The American People For

The Judeo British Global Order

Vaccines Have A

Supposedly Inert

Ingredient Called Mercury

That Eventually Causes

Neurological Dysfunction Of Some Kind

The Pandemic Illusion

Backfired On The Judeo

British Mafia Exposing

Them As Our Illegal

Government Pandemic What

Pandemic Variant What Variant

The Monarchs Of Europe

The Pope And The Jesuits

Are Planning To Destroy America

Catholic Priests Consume

Adrenocrome From Children

Hollywood Consumes

Adrenocrome From Children

6788 X X X X X X Andy

Knode Cartoons Comics And

Coffee The Bizarre Pair

Baby Doll And Killer Croc

In Love Is Croc Batman

Title On Yt Coffee Equals Adrenochrome

6788 Royal Family Linked

To More Than Just Jimmy

Savile They Are Linked To

Lots Of Paedophiles Such

As The Numberphiles And

Computerphiles Belonging

To The Royal Institution

And Royal Society

I Saw The World Fall

Apart It Began With

Injustice It Sloshed The

Waters And Broke Up The

Earth The Sun Didnt Shine

And No Singing From The Birds

Sad Thing Is You Guys Who

Go Too Hell Get Tormented

Here N Then Get Tormented In Hell For Eternity

A World Without Reward Is

A World That Fails On

Every Level Of Creation Forevermore (meaning the fake jews have sucked all life from this world)

Youre Dead I Am Americas

Native Son And Gods Son

You Are Going To Regret

Everything Youve Done By

My Hand The Holy Creator

Told Me To Destroy You So It Shall Be

All Praises To The Most

High Almighty Power For

Beloved Ministering

Angels And Ancestral

Spirits Responsible For

Handling Gangstalkers And

Criminals Against Humanity

The Piscean Gate Closing

And The Aquarian Gate

Opening Love One Another

My God My Lord My

Destination Unity Beyond

Humanity In Kingdom Of God

LIONS OF ISRAEL 12 07 1976 - MARK ALAN KING 12 07 1976 -

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