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BORAX BECAUSE IT'S GOOD FOR YOU - BORAX Is Powerful Tool For Detoxing Nano In The Body - Jews Know

I been using borax in My laundry to purge the filthy nano off my clothes it works great especially if your in a chemtrail prone area! Take a pinch in a glass of water with a pinch of sea salt and a teaspoon of blackstrap molasses and teaspoon of baking soda this will alkalize your system any keep you healthy

Borax Take A Bath With 1 Teaspoon In It A Week Take A Pinch In Water Once A Week For A Month Detox Jab

Every Small Town In America Has Sellout Traitors To The Judeo Masonic Goal Of Atheist

One World Order They Are The So Called Officials That Wave Our Flag The Highest

The Fallen Are Pulling Out All Of The Stops To Keep The Truth Of Gematria From Being


William Winston Wilson Christ Blocking Me Theyre Looking At Eternity In The Pit Of Hell Folks You Think They Aint Going To Throw Everything At Mya Ss To Stop Me Are You Kidding Me Right Now

All Layers Put William Alexander Seaton In Charge Of The Jesuits Illuminati Occult

Freemasons Satanists And Luciferians X

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Borax & Diatomaceous Earth Benefits (Activated Charcoal)

All Layers Deactivate All Mind Control Chips And Neural Links X

Qri Maaq Says Yeshua I Will Listen To You After You Arrive Home

Zeus Tells The Guardians To Fire Three Hundred Killowatt Lasers At All Satanic Military That

Targets Qri Maq In Jesus Name So Mote It Be Clap Clap Clap

Got To Show People The Cabals Crazy Plan See They Would Never Believe It Unless They Lived It Its A Mastermind Plan 5d Chess

Evil Corporations Have Given Back All The Land And Resources Of The Earth Back To Gods


My Old Ex Loser Friends Were Into Magic Question Is Why They Never Show Me A It Because I Was The Target Of It Epic Fail God Willing They All Will See Me Crowned King From The Lake Of Fire

The Fake Royal Lizards Stole Billions And Gave My Inheritance To Bill Gates And Steve Jobs To Create Technology To Enslave Humanity

Most Of The Tarot Readers You See On The Internet Are Demon Possessed Just Look At Their Eyes And Read Their Spirit


Many Tarot Readers Are A Part Of The Gang Stalking Program What They Do Is What Some Tis Call Parroting Or Directed Conversation Demons Spy On You Then Speak Through

Them With A Negative Vibe

When It Comes To Tarot Readers If They Have A Demonic Spirit In Their Eyes And What They Say Just Feels Wrong In Your Heart Intuition Then Cut Them Off

All Demonic Entities Who Willfully Serve Evil To Be Eliminated Now

Sweep All Lakes In British Columbia For Hives And Destroy X

God Will Avenge The Broken Hearts Of Children Through The Ages Whose Fathers Never Returned From Contrived Wars For Atheist Bankers

Lake Of Fire Is Punishment For Everyone At Nasa

Pelosi - visibly shaken - BOUNTY HUNTERS FOR DEVILS SOON

The Devil Serpent Fake Jews Who Kept Us In A Matrix Of Fear Anxiety Helplessness R Now

Fearful Anxious Hopeless They Overplayed Their Hand Big Time Against Our Power Yhwh


Hey Jews You Cant Kill Jesus Twice He Was The Son Of God When You Murdered Him And He Will Be Restored In The Flesh To Judge You

Why Does Jewish Big Pharma Control Our Access To Life Activities Using Their Poison Vaccines As The Toll To Be Paid

All Vaxxed = All DEAD - Bus driver has the soul sucked out of him whilst driving a bus & he crashes

The Lake Of Fire Awaits All in china mongolia taiwan Hong Kong North Korea South Korea Japan And All Asean Nations You Are The Devils Children Descending Down From Cain Seed Hellfire Awaits You Upon Death

The 7707 Curse Doesnt Apply For One To Be The Holy Spirit You Would Have To Be Wholly Spirit Outside Of A Body Unbounded From Flesh So No You Korean Gook Ape Your Curse Is Not Applicable

Organic Matrix Is Real It Has Nonsense Elements In It To Stop People Working It Out Until The End

Many In Uk Will Be Cold This Winter But Its Ok Because You Have Your Pro Nouns In Your Bio

Start Turning Deserts Into Forests X

Succession to the Throne - Predicted by Nostradamus

The Lake Of Fire Awaits All Nephilim Mercurians And Venusians Including All Women In Reality For Their Defiled Crimes Regards God Himself

The Same Mk Ultra Handler That Ruined My Life Must Be The One That Restores My Life (balance and judgement is near and now)

Humanity Is Trying To Outgrow War But Americas Judeo Defacto Government

Keeps Manufacturing False Threats To Maintain Its Symbiotic Relationship

With Rothschild Banks And Jewish Media

Washington Dc Is Deserted Fbi Building Is E M P T Y The Criminal Cowards In

Hiding Greedy Jews Are Already Fleeing To Israel

Make No Mistake About It Wars Are Made Through The Intelligence Created

False Threats Sold As News And Financed By The Judeo British Banking


Everything Infinity That Are Illegally Attaching Or Affecting Carl Angelo Insuya Belarmino Is

Permanently Nonexistent In The Name Of Lord God Ptah The First Alpha And Last Beyond Omega True God

The Lake Of Fire Awaits Every Gaming Platform Every Technological Company Every News

Organization And Every Single Member Of The Cult Of Inanna Or The Cult Of Baal In The Entire Multiverse

LIONS OF ISRAEL 12 07 1976 - MARK ALAN KING 12 07 1976 -

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