Birthright Thieves Caught In The Act Of Trying To Steal Birthright From YASHARAHLA

Birthright Thieves Caught In The Act - Donald John Trump and the usa government was planning to steal the birthrights from the nation of YASHARAHLA THIS IS A FACT and this is one more reason why the fake plandemic lockdowns have dragged on for so long .... these devils are still trying .... ENDURE and pass the word on Family

Results by Jewish Gematria

How Drastic Do I Have To

Get Before You Finally Understand

The Heart Is Always True

Without Exception

The Whole Thing Is About

The Development Of The

Lord And Savior

And Laid His Mountains

And His Heritage Waste

For The Dragons Of The



Extraterrestrials Live In

Hollow Earth

How Will We Love Today

I Will Never Bow To Henry

A David

Elijah Will Remove The

North Pole The End

Neptune Is The Sun

Keep Me In Poverty You

Will Continue To Suffer

Making An Orgonite Tower

Buster With Polyester


They Think They Can

Continue Lying When I

Have All The Codes

Results by English and Simple Gematria

I Am Going To Rip Out

Satans Soul And Cast A

Bolt Of Lightning To

Shatter It In Pieces

Eve Has Chosen To Be An

Adoptive Daughter Of

Satan Instead Of Being A

Mother To Her Real Children

The Illuminati Members

Responsible For The

French Plane Sacrifice

Shall Meet A Similar Fate

The Crystalline

Transition Will Change

The Way The Human Body

Receives Sunlight

Magdelene Is Black Haired

Psychopath Betraying

Moshiach And Helping

Blonde Blue Eyed Antichrist

No Military Can Go Up

Against The Fierceness

And Veracity Of The

American Freedom Fighters

The Worship Of Money

Makes You Vulnerable To

Satans Contract On The

Dollar Bill

Zeus Demands That

Everyone Has The Right To

Own A Proportionate

Amount Of Land

Satan Is Using Sorcery On

All Of Us To Try And Make

Us Think We Are Lower

Than Him