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Beginning Of The Last Chapter Of The Book

Beginning Of The Last Chapter Of The Book

(this post came in at exactly 12:00pm on 12/14/2020 Arizona time)

(We are living in the never-ending story where this current cycle is coming to a close and new cycle shall begin)

It means time is short get your house in order.....put your full faith, trust and commitment to almighty GOD YHWH.....listen to what I am saying GEMATRIA IS END OF DAYS MESSAGE FROM the entries on this page one by one line by line....

Results by Jewish Gematria


A Birth Code Of Heaven


Its Game Over

Nihilistic Psychopath

Computer Simulation

The Conqueror Of Nations

The End Of Days A Prophet

A Message From God Christ Is Satan (this is the fake Christ in the Bible there are two different Christ in the Bible)

War Machine

Antichrist Camps In The Usa (these are fema camps)

The Return Of The Christ

Devil In Christ

Tremendous Determination ( I really am trying my best to humanity to understand GOD YHWH is communicating with humanity via Gematria)

Gird Up Thy Loins

Results by English and Simple Gematria

Remember Remember The Fifth Of November

She Is Christs Return As The Lion

Time Is Running Out For The Wicked

Wladimir Wladimirowitsch Putin

The Unsealing Of The Tetragrammaton

Can You Feel The Door Closing Its Real

Horrible Last Days Of The Apocalypse

Reconciliation Of Spirit And Matter

Ultimate Magnificence The Holy Couple

Holy Gene Hebrew Numbers Are Truth

Theres Nothing To Worry About

I Just Want To Know The Truth

False Prophet Jesus Sent By Satan

There Is No More Mercy For The Wicked

The Holy Wisdom Of All That Is Created

Bible Code Genes The Resurrection Of A Man

Christians Are Beeing Fooled By The Devil

David Icke Saturn And The Moon Matrix (David Icke is a satanic serpent agent)

Christs Return As The Holy Lion



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