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As Promised The World Did Not End On 9242022 Or 9252022 But The Day Is Coming For Many

As Promised The World Did Not End On 9 24 2022 Or 9 25 2022 But The Day Is Coming For Many Where They Wish It Had For They Will Spend The Rest Of Their Days Running In Fear I Promise You That (jew world order zionist devils thought their will could override the will of Almighty Power YHWH ... now the clowns are humbled and running scared)

other post that came in around the same time

Qc They Cant Blame Me For What They Did

Unmerge And Delete All Serpent Consciousness X (the devils are done)

Father Spoke To Me Through The Sacred Gematria And Confirmed Me That I Am The Divine

Sophia Let The Chips Fall Where They Are

May Perps Phone Computer Emails Be Hacked May They Have Ex Actly What They

Did To Me S E L A H ( devils deleted this post) (they hacked Mark Alan King phone computer and emails and ISP and modem)

Satan Can Have The Beast But I Am Tearing It Down And Building My Vision With Authority From Father And Mother

Any Kind Of Censorship On Gematrix Will Be Severely Dealt With This Is A Warning To Those Trying It (the devils think GOD is playing)

Well If You Say You Are God Step Through My Door And Say Hi (Higher Sources are poking fun at the devils)

Oh Really After All You Used Every Name In Book Yet Not One Called Or Said My Name But Only In A Joke Not Funny

The Time Of Treating Real Humanity Like Low Wage Slaves For Satanist Corporations Is Over

Thanks I Am Gathering Evidence For Extortion And This Is Good Enough

C Trump Tried To Steal The Throne From Rightful Heir And Got Caught

All Maritime Law Courts Are Erased Deleted Extinct M Q

Qri Maq Prays For The Gang Stalkers Who Made Her Sick Last Night She Returns Every Spell Hex Curse Or Black Majick Inflicted On Her In Jesus Name So Mote It Be Clap Clap Clap

Wealthy Businessman Require Unvaccinated Crew Only For Their Private Jets

Qri Maq Destroys The Enemies Corrupt Financial System And She Tanks The

Markets Worldwide Today In Jesus Name So Mote It Be Clap Clap Clap

All This Because I Questioned Who I Was

The Lion From The The Tribe Of Judah Has Prevailed To Open The Books And Crack The Seals Qri M Aq In Jesus Name So Mote It Be Clap Clap

Qri A Maq Reflects That My Enemies Ridicule Me Dismiss Me And Think Me Irrelevant God Protects Me Thank You My Lord And Savior Jesus Christ

Asia Your Entire Bloodline Comes From Cain You Will Surrender To Israel And The Bloodline

Of Adam Regards God Himself

No One Knows The Day Accept The Father

LIONS OF ISRAEL 12 07 1976 - MARK ALAN KING 12 07 1976 -

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