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Almighty YHWH Brings The Increase Of Knowledge and Wisdom - Hebrews Who Are Stuck In Their Old Ways

Updated: Dec 18, 2022

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Almighty YHWH Brings The Increase - Hebrews Who Are Stuck In Their Old Ways - THE JEWS ARE THE ENEMY NOT THE WHITES

Right Under Our Ignorant Noses Washington D C The Capitol Of The U S Is Satanic Idolatry Jews And Freemasons Will Tear These Structures Down As Slave Labor

War Should Not Be A Full Time Occupation As It Is In America Since The Rothschilds Built The Pentagon And Kept It Alive With Their Atomic And Nuclear Bomb Lies

main video part 1 - Whites Are Not Jews All Races Unite Against The Jews Right Now In The Name Of Almighty Y H W H

main video part 2 - Whites Are Not Jews All Races Unite Against The Jews Right Now In The Name Of Almighty Y H W H

Fraud For Fourteen Years And Harassment And Gangstalking For Seven

Jews Will Come To Accept That Jesus Came Died And Rose And That This Is The Second Coming Jesus Comes Back And Tells He Own Story Greatest Story Ever Told

All Races Matter The World Will Come To The Accurate Knowledge Of Where Jesus Came From And His Complexion They Will Understand This Because They Already Suspect It Anyway Yeshua Is A Man Of Color

When Our Mashiach Comes All Gentiles Will Be Killed

I Cant Wait To See Blacks And Whites Working Together To Round Up The Corporate Jews And Freemasons That Put Us Through The Pain And Fear Of Their False Covid Pandemic

The Freemasons Are Going To Envy The Dead Soon Their Ordo Ab Chao Motto Implicates Them In This Very Destructive And Distressful Attempt To Sabotage Our Country God Will Avenge The Innocent

The American People Need Relief From This Freemason Ordo Ab Chao B S Right Now We Will Unite Against You A Holes And Make You Wish You Were Dead

The Freemasons Are Going To Envy The Dead Soon Their Ordo Ab Chao Motto Implicates Them In This Very Destructive And Distressful Attempt To Sabotage Our Country


Pathetic Freemason Celebrities Allow Jew World Order To Attach Their Names Posthumously To Covid Complications

The Jews And Masons Have Been Giving Us A Fake Government For Over A Century Our Constitution Was Supplanted By The Illegal Rothschild Federal Reserve

God Will Avenge Those That Have Suffered Emotional Distress During This Rothschild Created False Pandemic Freemasons Will Soon Envy The Dead

Every Criminal In Positions Of Power And Influence Who Pushed The Fake Pandemic Lockdowns Masks Pcr Tests And So Called Vaccines Have Been Dealt With And All Their Assets Confiscated And Redistributed


The Government Job Title Of Nuclear Power Plant Security Guard Means You Are The Doorman And Bouncer At The Freemason Party House No Women Allowed Unless Theyre Children

Nothing Is About Race As The Judeo British Jew Mafia Has Conditioned Us To Believe Its About Purity Of Heart A Spiritual War That The Anti Christ Jews And Masons Are Losing God Is Real

Deepstate Continue To Use Images To Prevent The Fall But It Comes Tumbling Down Anyway

The Same Power Structure That Gave Us The Sadistic Myth Of Nuclear Weapons Gave Us This False Pandemic Created With A United Front Of Corporate And Government Propaganda Formulaic Deception


The New World Order And Jews Use Open Borders And Race Mixing As A Weapon To Destabilize Society Partially Correct But Race Has Nothing To Do With Godliness

If Theres A Person That Even Seems Like A Leader They Are Targeted For Blackmail Or Harassment Death Threats Towards Families Until They Join Them

Great Britain Introduced Slavery Into America As Subversion Knowing It Would Lead To Christian Civil War They Then Brokered Arms To The Confederacy For Prolonged Conflict

The Judeo British Anti Christ Leads Humanity Away From The Words Of Christ Jesus

Jehovah Is Not Destroying The World Only Destroying The Ones Destroying The World

Covid Rules And Restrictions Were Never About Health It Was About Power And Control And The Government Used It For A Power Grab That Failed And Exposed Them Forever

Yeah So Bye Bye You Non Believers May All The Lies You Are Living Slap You Down In The Long Run So Go Back To Your Dark Caves And Rot In Shame You Cant Stop What Is Coming

A Lot Of Preppers And Survivalists Online Are Pushing A False Judeo Masonic Narrative Of Being Prepared For An Alleged Nuclear Disaster Nukes Are A Fairy Tale

Whites Are Not Jews All Races Unite Against The Jews Right Now In The Name Of Almighty Y H W H

How Come All The Big Lies From The Jews Are About Fake Extinction Level Threats Atom Bombs Climate Change Dinosaurs Viruses Plannedemics Destroy The Jew World Order For The Sake Of Our Future

All Who Stand With Jews Will Go Down With The Jews Amen Bank Of England And The Masons Are Going Down

Trust Absolutely No Supposed Prepper Or Patriot That Pushes The Nuclear Disaster Preparedness Theme They Are Masons That Know Nukes Are A Lie


Yeah Thats The Ticket We Can Demolish The Twin Towers For Silverstein And Portray It All As A Terror Attack On America Yeah Thats It Damn Jews

Each And Every Single Criminal Involved In Pushing The Fake Pandemic And All The Related Nonsense Are In Prison They Are Not Slithering Away Into The Shadows This Time They Are Done

Brokeback Mountain Is Jewish Hollywoods Breaking Americas Back With Promotion Of Homosexual Deviance As Mainstream Fun

Jews: Lying and Evil is Virtuous

An Exciting And Satisfying Future Awaits The American People As Thousands Of Bounty Hunter Positions Will Be Created To Track Down All Of The Treasonous Rothschild Traitors That Were Our Officials

University Of Virginias Ridiculously Inordinate Scripted Natzi And Confederate Stage Show Jew World Order Bearing False Witness Against America

Trump Is Not An American Biden Is Not An American Fauci Is Not An American Gates Is Not An American Kamala Is Not An American Bushes Clintons Are Not American

Jews are freaking out - I Cant Wait To See Blacks And Whites Working Together To Round Up The Corporate Jews And Freemasons

Dual Purpose Atomic Bomb Deception In Japan Stigmatize A Great Christian Nation For Vaporizing A Quarter Million Babies And Women And Make Us Believe We Won With Nonexistent Technology

God Allowed Satan To Deceive Christianity Because It Originated With Satan Not God

Realizing That Money Has No Intrinsic Value Will Leave Humanity Free Of Judeo British Bankers And Their War Profiteering Deceptions

jew confirms cancel council and Gang Stalking

Banking Family Wives Were Sewing Cloth Virus Masks Before The Alleged Pandemic Was Announced Publicly How Sweet And Homespun They Are Lol Rofl

The Talmudic Jews Have Controlled The Narrative By Owning And Controlling All Media Outlets Recording False Leaders And False Events As Our History That Gradually Stigmatize Christian Nations

Jeffrey Epstein And Ghislaine Maxwell Sentenced To The Second Death By Power Of The Holy Spirit

Jews Say Gentiles (Non-Jews) Are Slaves

Zachary Thomas Rozman Of Wethersfield Connecticut Is A Mossad Agent And He Uses Deep Fake Software To Appear As Mark Alan King

Feds Work Overtime And Still Destroyed By Davidic Bloodline

Hey Fbi And Cia I Am Here To Execute You

America Has Been Under The Satanic Spell Of The Anti Christ Jews Since Their Illegal Judeo British Federal Reserve Was Established


How Can An Illegal Judeo British Corporation That Is Americas Defacto Government Claim That People Called Sovereign Citizens Are Terrorists Because They Know The Federal Government Is Illegal

Pretending To Be A Friend To Get Information To Use Against Someone Is Evil And Wicked

I Am Attacking Billions Of Demons Right Now

Jewish message to all Whites

Love Does Not Tolerate Tyranny Next Time A Blood Sucking Leech Is On You Send Love To That Leech And See If It Stops Sucking Your Blood Do Not Love Your Parasite Enemy Jews

I Will Be Judging More Officials World Leaders Celebrities And General Population Including Vatican And Blood Thirsty Royals All Already Dead

Adam Shiff Second Death Sentence By Power Of The Holy Spirit

Nick Fuentes On Alex Jones Ye Started A Very Important Conversation Nick Fuentes And Ye Have Started To Unite Blacks And Whites Vs Jews

And For Sunday It Looks Like Its Going To Be A Sunny Day With Clear Skies Except For The Total Judeo Masonic Whiteout Of The Blue Sky And Sun - Jews Use usa military to block the sun

People Currently Employed Within The Treasonous Anti Christ Military Industrial Complex And Intelligence Deception Agencies Will Soon Have To Get Real Jobs Most Will Kill Themselves First

Senator Rand Paul Calls Out Fauci For Crimes Against Humanity Scapegoating Jews Are To Blame But Fauci Needs To Hang For His Role

The Jews And Freemasons Want You To Think America Is Some Kind Of Failing Experiment When In Fact They Are Sabotaging Our Beloved Nation From Within

The School Principal In Crozet Va With The Military Background That Facilitated Two Fake Student Suicide Deceptions In Two Different Schools As A Psychological Assault On Our Children

The Roman E M P I R E That Conspired With The Jewish Moneychangers To Murder Jesus Became Great Britain And The Same Murderous Anti Christ Tenets They Shared Then Are Still Being Exercised Today

Richard Spencer & "Are Jews White?"

Freemasonry Is The Anti Christ And Anti American Enemy Of The People Their Goal Is To Collapse Our Religion And Democracy For Atheist Judeo British One Globe Authority

If Everyone Would Understand It Is All Phycological Warfare It Would Be Game Done But It Is Done On So Many Different Levels It Is Incomprehensible

Useless Nypd And Useless Fbi We All Know Jews Did Nine Eleven So Why Have No Arrest Been Made

What Kind Of American Leader Would Allow A Christian Civil War To Occur On American Soil When All He Had To Do Was Expose Great Britain And The Jews For Imposing Slavery Upon America

Nothing Matters Because Everyone Is Going To Keep Saying And Doing Whatever They Want Theres No Rhyme And Reason Its Just Chaos Of Perspective Bias And Misinterpretations

The Judeo British Banking Purpose Has Been To Sacrifice Millions Of Trusting Christian Men To Satan By Deceiving Them Into Dying For Contrived Threats To Freedom

Rabbi: "Jews Should Marry Jews"

The American Civil War Was Planned By The British Rothschilds They Introduced Slavery Into A Christian America Through Cash Incentives Then Brokered Arms To The South So Prolonged War Could Take Place

Help God To Set Humanity Free From The Judeo Masonic Anti Christ Bankers Make The Writing On The Wall Nuclear Bombs Are A U S Government Lie

Most People Know Deep Down The Coronavirus Pandemic Is A Very Immoral And Expensive Deception Used By The Judeo British Bankers To Manipulate Supply And Demand

The U S Military And So Called Intelligence Agencies Are A Bottomless Money Pit They Even Have To Create False Conflicts And Illusions Of Danger In Order To Keep Stealing From Us

Jesus Will Come And Show Us That The Wealthy Are Not Actually Wealthy At All Their Money Will Be Worthless And Their Goods Dispersed Among The Poor

The So Called D C Sniper Was A Total Judeo Masonic Farce That Caused People To Experience P T S D After The Concocted Muslim Bad Guy Story Was Over

The Ones That Believe Our Illegal Defacto Government Over The Words Of Jesus Christ Took All The Covid Vaccines Into Their Veins

The Alleged Holocaust Was Created By The Judeo British Rothschild Bankers By Using Photos Of Typhus Victims In Prison Camps Flood Gates Of Jews Opened Flooding America

The Pentagon Was Built As An Altar For The U S Military To Worship Baphomet Founded Nine Eleven Nineteen Forty One False Flag Nine Eleven Two Thousand One

Great Britain And France Got Their A S S E S Handed To Them By The Former Black Slaves In The Haitian Revolution American Blacks Will Do The Same To G B For Bringing Slavery To America As Subversion

Although All Races Matter The World Will Come To The Accurate Knowledge Of Where Jesus Came From And His Complexion They Will Understand This Because They Already Suspect It Anyway

But Then I Learned About Things Hidden From Us And How The Jewish Cabal Used Race Religion Politics Money To Divide And Scare Us Into Slavery

We Now Clearly See Our Own Government To Be The Satanic Deceiver Of The People Amen Real Americans Havent Been In Office For A Long Time

What If We Enslaved The Entire Zionist Jewish Race Forever They Can Be Slaves Or Be Put To Death Seems Fair That Is What They Had Planned For Humanity They Are A Cult Not A Race

We Really Need To Investigate The Jewish Race For Subversion Manipulation Of Governments And Try Them For Crimes Against Humanity

The Final Solution Is To Remove Every Jew From Every High Level Position In Media Government And Business Jews Are A Parisitic Disease To Society And Jesus Knew It

T Shirts With A S Generated Fake Atomic Mushroom Cloud And Einsteins Head Inside Of It That Reads Jews Are Not A Race Or A Religion They Are An Anti Christ Cult (this post was removed)

Cant Reason With Sodomites Jews Or Hybrid Races They Are Soulless Devils

Do Not Fight For My Soul As I Belong To My Heavenly Father I Stand Firm In My Knowlege And Will Not Bend Like The Willow Tree For Iam Has Spoken Step Down You Will Not Win God Always Wins Comply Or Su

The Jews Are Not Actually A Race But If They Were They Would Be Considered To Be A Mutant Race Of Psychopaths

So Called Jews Cannot Accurately Claim Anti Semitism Because They Are Only A Satanic Cult Of Wealth Hiding Behind Race And Religion

Ghetto People Love To Complain As Well They Should Jews Stole Their Identity Their Wealth Their Hopes And Dreams Their Children And Lives

Rand Paul Issues Update On Fauci Weve Got Him Redhanded And He Wont Get Away Jew Need To Go After The Source The Jews

God Knew What He Was Doing When He Created Different Races He Knew The Jews Would Expose Their Wickedness

Great Britain Is Rome They And Their Jewish Moneychanger Bank Of England Have Been The Cause Of All Human Misery Death And Suffering Throughout History

We Have Been Deceived To Believe We Should Want To Be Like The Soulless Celebrities The Jews Create For Us In The Music Industry And Hollywood

Jews Want Genocide Of Any Race That Is Not Jewish Dont Believe Me Read The Talmud Or Protocols Of Learned Elders Of Zion Amen You Are Blessed For This Truth

Jews Try To Keep The Masses In Panic So They Forget About The Crimes Against Children And Crimes Against Humanity

Freemasons And Jews Tirelessly Pit The Races Against Each Other With Planned False Events And News Lies

The C I A And F B I Are Fake Job Institutions Created By The Judeo British Banksters


Hitler Was Hired Or Installed By The Wealthy Judeo British Bankers To Brutalize The Common Jews With The Intention Of Stigmatizing German Nationalism And Creating Illegitimate British Israel

Jews In America Found Guilty Of G E N O C I D E Through Vaccinating The Unsuspecting Public With An Array Of Carcinogens And Neurotoxins

Yearly Flu Shots And Now Covid Shots Build Up In The System To Cause Dementia Big Profits For The Judeo British Corporate Racket Of Memory Care Facilities

Epstein FBI List: People involved in child sex trafficking (Donald Trump, Mike Bloomberg)

Discovering Realizing And Accepting The Truth That Atomic And Nuclear Bombs Have Been A Government Lie Negates Your Obligation To Pay Taxes And Fight Wars

All Races Of The World Need To Unite Against The Jewish Puppetmasters Causing Our Cultural Wars Amen The Jews Are The Anti Christ And Want Us To Think They Are A Race

Amy Grant Is An Illuminati Male To Female Transgender Who Infiltrated The Christian Church Pretending To Be A Woman Amy Is Married To Vince Gill A Female To Male Transgender A Country Artist

Anytime Something That Has Too Many Names For The Same Thing Most Likely Its A Freemason Hoax Atomic Nuclear Hydrogen Neutron Bomb Coronavirus Covid Nineteen Novel Covid Virus Omicron All Total B S

We Must Break Free From These Jews And Their British Banking Mafia They Are Crushing The American Spirit With False Events

Whoever Causes One Of These Little Ones Who Believe In Me To Stumble It Would Be Better For Him To Have A Large Millstone Hung Around His Neck And To Be Thrown Into The Sea

All Jew Hollyweird Movies About Christ Are Whitewashed Christ Is A Man Of Color Jews Lied Irony Is Jews Killed Negro Yeshua Christ Then Stole Identity

We Must Round Up All Of The Lying Pentagon Brass And Phony Government Officials For Their Part In The Jewish Nine Eleven Deception And Sadistic Pandemic Lie

The Flood Of Gods Truth Is Upon Us All Government Military And Corporate Occurences Have Been Instigated Or Fabricated By The Illegal Jewish Federal Reserve

When All Of This Freemason Sabotage Of America Is Finally Out In The Open Boy Are The Rest Of Us Gonna Have A Good Time Chasing Them Down The Streets Like Calf Roping At The Rodeo

Hey Guys Have U Heard All The Military Jets In The Past Month Yeah Psych War On The American People

Military Families Will Be Vaporized For Their Husbands Crimes Against Humanity Nuclear Bomb Mythology And Nine Eleven Fake Terror

Conscientious Objection Statement I Have Concerns That Our Taxes Are Being Stolen By An Illegal And Hostile Foreign Entity Called The Federal Reserve And Used To Deceive Us With A False Government

Jews Keep Us Working Useless Pointless Jobs Because They Want Our Minds Enslaved Too

Antichrist U S Government Has Its Roots In The Satanic Alliance Of Roman Warlords And Jewish Moneychangers

Money Will Have No Value And The Intangible Can No Longer Be Maintained For Sale Electronic Media Networks Cannot Function Without Money Most Will Embrace It And Find God Again

The Jews And Freemasons Really Had Us Going For A While With Their Atomic And Nuclear Bomb Lies Intelligence Agencies And Pentagon Shouldnt Exist

Jesus Said Im Going To Leave You For A Little While And See How You Do Then I Will Return To My Vineyard To Judge Those Who Have Betrayed Me


Jesus Will Return And Show Us Theres No Such Thing