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Abba Almighty God Lets Finish What They Started (CODE CRACK)

Abba Almighty God Lets Finish What They Started (CODE CRACK)

Results by Jewish Gematria

True Story By The Way

What Will Be Will Be

Guess What Satan Does Not Win

Steven Dishon Found Dead

From Spontaneous

Combustion (james shepherd aka steven james dishon)

The Holy Spirit Is

Determined To Punish The


The Wicked Think That The

Maker Took Them To Heaven

I Just Want To Leave

I Just Want God And Love

Two White Doves

Shadow Wolf Vs Abaddon

Eva Is Very Wicked (jamie abdullah aka latonya page)

Foolish Devils Do Not

Realize Their Time Is

Almost Up

Burning Alive The Zealots

And Erasing Their Souls

I Think You Want Me To

Miss You (jamie abdullah aka latonya page)(wicked devil is casting love spells)

Your Punishment Is Coming

Soon Steven Dishon (james shepherd aka steven james dishon)

They Had Sold Their Souls

To Swine For Pennies

The Crucifixion Cross

Symbolizes The Staff Of


The Maker Feels

Everything That They Do

To His Children

Overcome Satan By The

Blood Of The Lamb And Our


Cinnamon Had

Telepathically Attacked

Me And Then She Called Me

A False Accuser For

Exposing Her (jamie abdullah aka latonya page)

The Chemtrail

Dissemination Program

Creates A Negatively

Charged Area

He Feels Guilty And Im

The One Who Pays For It

Blond Haired Mentally

Deficient Fggtoa Who Eats

Pensies And Has No Game

And How Is That Supposed

To Help Make My Life


Zachary Arzmon Laughs At


Steven Dishon Is

Destructive And Hateful (james shepherd aka steven james dishon)

Results by English and Simple Gematria

Dont Let Anyone Or

Anything Come Between Us

Bible Jesus Is Actulally

Sananda The Evil

Pleiadian (This is the fake Jesus in Bible - not sure on this we will have to wait and see)

All The Wicked Souls Are

Cast Into The Lake Of


Aliens Created

Doppelgänger Twins Of

All The Elect

Is It Impossible

Considering Your Heritage

Jesus The Nazarene The

Dangerous False Messiah

And Their Souls Delight

In Their Abominations

Cia Is Made Up From Time

Travellers Like Ben


I Resist Much Of These

Lies They Are Not Of God

And A Mans Foes Shall Be

They Of His Own Household

Without The Love Of God

Humanity Is Doomed

God Is The Matrix In

Which This Is All


I Do Know That These

People Teach And Practice


Jesus I Rebuke You Satan

In The Name Of Jesus

The Vibration Of The

Sound Created The Waters

Loud Talkers Are

Demanding Attention


Austin Lee Meredith The

Gnostic Avatar Messiah (Robert Stebbin FAKE IMPOSTOR)

Meditation Connects You

To The Universe

The Book Of Isaiah Talks

About The Book Of The


You Will Make Me Zachary

James Carr President (FAKE IMPOSTOR)

Shame Unforgivable Sins

Chosen Of Almighty God

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