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100 Percent Proof Satanic Politician Occult Agents Are Using Gematria To Influence Humanity Sarah P

100 Percent Proof Satanic Politician Occult Agents Are Using Gematria To Influence Humanity Sarah L Palin 666 on the way back machine website (Sarah Louise Palin)(served as the ninth governor of Alaska from 2006 until her resignation in 2009. She was the 2008 Republican vice presidential nominee alongside U.S. Senator John McCain.Wikipedia)

The Fallen Are Pulling Out All Of The Stops To Keep The Truth Of Gematria From Being Revealed

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click below for main video (Occult Agents Are Using Gematria To Influence Humanity Sarah L Palin)

How Can Russia North Korea And China Be Considered To Be So Dangerous To The United

States When We Now Know Nuclear Bombs Are Nothing But Jewish Pseudoscience

A New Spiritual Awakening Of Humanity Is Happening Now As God Exposes The Lie Of Nuclear Weapons The Age Of Jewish Fear Mongering For Profit And Wars Is Over

So You Trust The Same Judeo Masonic Power Structure That Made Up The Myth Of Atomic Bombs To Tell You Theres An Extinction Level Pandemic Going On

When The Jews Devils Cia Could Plot In Secret They Were Able 2 Conceal Their Pathological Envy 4 Humans But With Holy Spirit Truth Revealing All They R Too Weak 2 Hide Their True Evil Nature Kharma Ha

Jew World Order Fake Pandemic Crisis Is Supply And Demand Manipulation Justifying Brutal


Never Again Shall We See The Treachery Of The Jews And Masons They Have Served Their Purpose In Gods Plan And Will Be Cast Out Like Dung Upon The Earth

Strange How They Dump Clean Statements Into The Rude World Search What Does That Mean Another Jew Control Freak Thing

Behold The Days Come Says The Lord That I Will Raise Unto David A Righteous Branch And A

King Shall Reign And Prosper And Shall Execute Judgment And Justice In The Earth King Ryen And His Queen Achaia

Never Trust The Governments Of Earth

Federal Jobs Are Judeo Defacto Fake Jobs Stealing Money From The Honest American People

The Local Politicians And Local Government Officials Are On The Same Rothschild Payroll As The Big Boys We Can Start By Interrogating Them First About All Of This

British Rothschild Banking Mafia Caused The American Civil War By Introducing Slavery Into

Our Country As Subversion Then Funded Arms To The South To Prolong The Slaughter

The Rothschilds Have Been Subverting Americas Christian Destiny For Centuries The British

Slave Trade Introduced Slavery Into The U S As A Precursor To Christian Civil War

Part Of The Reason Why Ur All Gonna Die Youre Still Not Paying Me

Occult Want To Finish Me On The Twenty Fourth Wow The Queen Death Ritual And All The Sep 24 Garbage Just For Little O Me I Am Flattered I Bet Multiple Devils Die On The 24th

All Of The Absurd Foreign Causes Being Forced Down Our Throats Here In America Serve As

Distractions From Seeing That We Need To Remove The Jewish Cancer From Our Own Country

Gods Children Are All Victims Of The Jews And Masons We Are A Multi Racial Army Of Brothers In Arms Against Them Now Go Tell It On The Mountain

I Am Breaking The Sybliminal They Hate It

The U S Government Is A Terrorist Organization Infiltrated By Jews And Controlled By Israel The Parasite Stealing Our Money Ever Since Their Fake Atomic Bomb Stories Were Hatched

So Tragic How Many Of Us Have Been Denied The Kingdom Of Heaven By Believing The Lies Of The Jews Presented As Our Daily Official Narrative So Many Souls Leave This World Not Knowing The Truth

N Y C Is Nothing But A Giant Jewish Publishing House That Has Made All Of Their Lies Into The Official Narrative For America

The Money The Rothschilds Steal From Us To Make Fake Clouds In Our Skies Could Have Given Us A National Tuition And Healthcare Fund For All Americans


Results by Jewish Gematria

The Wait Is Finally Over

Results by English and Simple Gematria

The Sign Of The Second Christ Coming

All Sports Rigged By The Numbers

The Cia Is Fearful Of The Second Christ

The Holy Spirit Visits Earth

He Will Never Have To Hide Himself Again

The King That Didnt Know He Was King

Its Time To Kill Some Fallen Angels

Everything Is Becoming So Unreal

Lord God King David Pisces Aquarius

Stalked American Crowned Royalty

All Of You Devils Shall Die At My Hand


When Bullies Like The Jews And Masons Cant Frighten You Anymore They Lose All Of Their Power Of You Amen Stop Fearing The Jew Bottom Feeding Parasite Losers Humanity

Take Back Your Power Right Now

911 Never Forget The Treachery Of The Jews

Would Make A Great T Shirt

All Protest Should Be Held In Front Jewish Bankers Politicians Homes With Signs T Shirts

Saying Nukes Are Fake Jews Did 911 Jews Did Covid Scam

Jews And Masons Collapsing Their Own System Of Theft And Deception Thinking They

Will Escape Justice The Real Patriots Will Find You Thats A Promise

Trudeau given the British treatment 😂

God Did Not Give Us The Spirit Of Fear Jorgito He Gave Us Of Power And Of L O V E 13 7 13

They Staged Long Ago Put Dates In When They Wanted It To Happen Diseases They Placed In Things To Bring It Out Food Animals And Even Bugs They Placed To Have Humans Get Sick (shrimp, crabs, lobster all are bottom feeder sea insects) (Leviticus 11:42 Whatsoever goeth upon the belly, and whatsoever goeth upon all fours, or whatsoever hath many feet, even all creeping things that creep upon the earth, them ye shall not eat; for they are an abomination.) (King James Bible Whatsoever goeth upon the belly, and whatsoever goeth upon all four, or whatsoever hath more feet among all creeping things that creep upon the earth, them ye shall not eat; for they are an abomination.)

Healty Fed Parents Mostly Gain Healthy Children Who Then With Healthy Food Resist Many Diseases Do Not Sell Pils Give Them Clear Water And Clean Food Remember The Whole

World Is On Their Backs

  • Mark - Lions of Israel Feb 21

What Do Nuclear Bombs Climate Change And The Covid Pandemic Have In Common Answer They Are All Pseudoscience Threats Created By The U S Judeo Defacto Government

Betty White Died Of Cancer And Theyre Lying About It This Is What Betty White Wants William

Tell The World She Was A Wicked Satanic Witch I Have No Mercy Or Forgiveness Burn Witch


Hello Good Luck Revelations Jon Benet Ramsey Is Katy Perry What Am I Doing Are

Constellations Parts Of God Is A Bot A Bot If It Thinks It Needs Water

Hitler And The Rothschilds Built Israel With The Blood Of The Hebrew People

Rabbais That Molest Are Never In The News But Priests That Molest Are Front Page Why Is That Who Owns The Media Jews Jews Jews Jews Jews Jews Jews Jews Jews Jews Jews

Jews Jews Jews Jews Jews Jews Jew

(full page is here)

They Stole My Time My Energy My Essence And Generational Possessions And I Shall Kill Their Souls Because Of It

The Brits Targeted America For Subversion By Introducing Slavery Here They Then Supplied Arms To The South So There Could Be A Prolonged War

Compilation Of Royals, King Charles & Queen Getting Booed Around The World


A Genuine U S President That Loves His Country Would Not Facilitate Self Inflicted Christian Blood Shed On American Soil As Abraham Lincoln Did Rothschilds Supplied Arms To The South

Trump Is DEFINITELY The Antichrist. Televangelist: "God VERY UPSET Over Trump FBI Raid."

There Was No Cuban Missile Crisis Because Nuclear Missiles Dont Exist And Nobody Went To

The Moon Either J F K Was Part Of Both Jewish Lies Against The American People

The Satanic British Hand On American History And Current Events Continues Today Even Though We Proclaimed Our Separation From Them In 1776

The British Introduce Slavery Into America Then Abolish It In Their Own Country They Then Broker Arms To The South To Facilitate Horrendous Christian Bloodshed Lincoln Was A Tool For The Rothschilds

Synthetic Protocol All Occultists Satanists Illuminati Jesuits Freemasons And Luciferians X

Delete The Soul And All Incarnations Of Anyone Trying To Censor Me X

Delete Everyone Trying To Steal My Work X

Beware Of The Freemason Pastors That Support The Fraudulent Book Of Revelation As Genuine Prophecy It Is A 4th Century Doctrine Of War And Fear Not The True Good Word From Jesus Christ

We Plan To Put A Man On The Moon In This Decade As Part Of The Conspiracy Against Every Man Woman And Child And We Will Do Other Things Like Make You Think I Was Shot With

A Snipers Bullet

The Entire World Has Been Duped And Fleeced By The Jews It Started With Their Atomic Bomb Lie That They Had To Script A False World Leader Cold War Around Its All Been

Nothing But A Show

Father Please Bless And Keep All My Friends Safe As We Go Into These Last Days My Heart Is Both Excited And Sad At The Same Time Thank You King Mark Alan

LIONS OF ISRAEL 12 07 1976 - MARK ALAN KING 12 07 1976 -

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