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Let me Impart to you a story

with all its splendour and its glory

about a story in all it's glory

never written

ever sung

or even whispered.

The story of the moss man the one who

got there too late....

BUT you are the story!

it's splendour and the glory!

never written

ever sung

or even whispered.




Taking breath in this material sky oct 13

1989 Melbourne Australia @ 7:06 am, my

mother and father assigned me the name

Tom Nicholas Carroll.

I'm picking up what ya putting down and I

hope people might be smelling what I'm

selling.In efforts to be clear and forward my intention is pass my most

confidential knowledge.  Feel it is important to add my part into this collective bubble. I’d be the lowest form of life if I if I kept my thoughts and opinions secret as I’d be at the fundament core of my being a hypocrite. i hope this explains the essence of my sentiment

I ask only of your pity while I try to express the ego that drives my personality.

(thank you 😐🕉💚☪️☮️☸️✡️🔯🕎☯🛐⛎♉️♊🆔)

So what’s the cut of my jib?

Sex age location:- male, 33, my country:- 38.12243° S, 145.18594° E.

My tribes/country’s totem animal guide but affectionately addressed as mascot: yellowtail black cockatoo

my spirit animal- snake but like worm with teeth. With honesty tribally don’t respect it more than the fundamental shitness of a snake.

my baby mumma and baby are first people aboriginals. they are respectfully First Nations. where it’s offensive to even explain coz I’m not that I can’t speak of about there culture. I can only explain and comment that fundamentally they are different. there not Indian or indigenous that’s not there language there Dreamtime isn’t like there equivalent spiritual religious at all. just don’t go there, just trust me there is like a omniscient copyright scenario…

I’m like legit wizard status as my credentials is coincidental control. I will reveal the math and proofs of this statement in due course.

Previously (fridaythe13 studios) was my original intellectual and artistical brand. obviously way too many copyright conflicts.

2012 rebranded as (blue snake studio) with all intellect propiatary in honour of Anantashesha in honour of Naga king Vasuki.

my clams to glory is about a fictional character The moss man no one had ever heard of ever from all multiverses of time no one ever heard of. long short he is grounds keeper of eden and his duty is to literally give the title of garden. anyway obviously he has to be outside known existence in the void of of ending of existence and the beginning of existence.

basically the nucleus of this fictional character play. that hyper elusive paradoxically  redundant nonsense character like faster than lightning and slower than moss…. just yeah whatever that’s mine.

my story

I’m a wordy birdy

was a tale for fairy’s, the most beautiful

nightmare I could possibly create.

out side the sphere of "once upon a time

& the end"

a dumb poet “like I didn't even know it”~:proprietary author of

this well thought out nonsense.

like a string through a pearl necklace

pervading through all spheres, dimension

and beyond, im inspired to express humbly my attempt to reaveal my

secret in full.

for my heart hurts to witness such

liberated souls stuck between the dualistic

illusion of up/down left/right hot/cold

night/day light/dark write/wrong yin/yang

trap that the most transcended souls

suffer. one does not exist without other, so

when the superior being exist so too the


“blessed with the most terrible


The perpetuate the eternal war just

by there superior glance of reality.

i prey for my brother and sister become

TRANSCENDENTAL to the three fold

energies of material nature and remain

situated throughout ALL and beyond.

just like a candle can light unlimited other

candles but does not loose any potency

by sharing its light.

My desire is that people approach me and take advantage And maybe share this eternal inexhaustible light.

demand nothing less than a win/win! exploit every bit as you can! Because if you can, means your self resized, for I, nor anyone else can teach anyone anything period. we only know when we actually realise ourselves, I say “this is this” only pretenders with intelligence of a parrot regurgitates mindlessly “this is this, this is this” but the the wise soul understands perfectly “this is that and that is this” by his own understanding

for I risk absolutely nothing but only gain


I’m am a servant of a servant of a servant.

I pledge allegiance to the enemy of the ignorant scoundrels of demoniac nature. “When saints talk of Jesus I may know it, but if it’s practical I’m all for it.” difference of perception secondary if we share a common goal.

dishonour is worst than death.

I value moral and character highest currency. commonWEALTH  can makes cents.

so make every word a song every step a

dance and measure time in breaths.

chant the maha mantra or your holy name

for god




After all we are off to war..

The moss man

The moss man

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